Import PST to Gmail In Bulk Without Outlook Configuration

Import PST to Gmail In Bulk Without Outlook Configuration
Import PST to Gmail In Bulk Without Outlook Configuration

Do you have a lot of PST files that you can’t open because your Outlook account isn’t configured? Do you wish to use the PST files in a different account instead than Outlook? This account, Gmail, can be of great assistance to you. So, if you find this advice useful and want to go ahead with it, we can help you import PST to Gmail in bulk.

Keeping PST files on a local drive can be inconvenient because you can’t open them without Outlook and can’t manage them correctly.

Thus, storing PST files in a Gmail account can be extremely beneficial, not just for opening them, but for a variety of other reasons. So, are you interested in learning what Gmail can do with your PST files? Take a look.

Why to Import PST to Gmail?

Gmail is the account that provides the most flexibility in terms of data access. Thus, if you import PST to Gmail account, you can browse your PST files on any of your devices.

If you save your PST files on a local disc and the drive fails, you risk losing all your data. However, by storing your PST files on Gmail, you can improve the security of your data because it is stored on a cloud server.

Thus, these are the primary benefits of exporting PST to Gmail. Therefore, allow us to describe the procedure that will bring you to your destination.

PST to Gmail Import Tool: A Complete Data Migrator

DotStella PST File Migration Tool is designed specifically for Outlook PST file users. It supports exporting PST files without Outlook to a number of other platforms, including Gmail. It’s really easy to use, as it has one of the simplest interfaces available and is compatible with any version of Windows.

It enables you to manually select PST files from the device. Therefore, if you are not configured with an Outlook account, this is not an issue, since this application is capable of executing a variety of tasks while taking into account a variety of user scenarios.

As such, let us begin by outlining the capabilities of the instrument. So, we’ll begin by demonstrating how to use it to import PST files to Gmail. As a result, we provide clear instructions and ask that you carefully follow them by double-checking what each stage requires.

Check out the Step-by-Step Process to Import PST File to Gmail

  • Download the PST file to Gmail Import Tool to the device you have your PST files on. Now install the software accepting to some general terms and conditions.
  • Now launch the PST to Gmail migration tool in order to import PST file to Gmail.
  • Click on the Open tab and then click Choose from a Folder.
  • Browse the PST files that you wish to migrate in Gmail.
  • You will now see that the left panel of the software has been updated with list your selected PST Data.
  • We strongly suggest you to preview your PST files prior to migrating them into Gmail.
  • Now click the Export tab and then select Gmail from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the PST files for conversion by checking the boxes shown before them.
  • Include the email heading and enable other options for a better output.
  • Enter your Gmail account credentials. Following that, click the Save button.

Thus, you are now fully aware of how the utility assists you to import PST files to Gmail.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the other features available with the PST to Gmail Migration Tool. We’d now want to demonstrate the capabilities of the tool to you. Thus, by reviewing them, you’ll learn why the tool is one of the best for you and for importing PST files to Gmail.

PST File to Gmail Migration Tool: Why Use it?

  • Gives you dual options to select data. You can either select accounts or folder manually.
  • Allows you to import PST to Gmail in bulk in the same process without any restrictions.
  • Import PST files’ attachments, contacts and other related properties simultaneously.
  • You can consider this app as a PST data viewer as it gives you a preview of your PST file.
  • This PST file to Gmail Migration Tool allows you to view your emails in, hex and raw view.
  • It allows you to add the email header of all your emails while migrating them into Gmail.
  • You can find any specific email or other properties from a specific time period using filters.
  • It is completely secured and maintains the integrity of all of your PST-associated properties.

In Conclusion

You may now import PST files to Gmail in the most straightforward manner possible. The PST to Gmail import Tool can assist you in completing your project. It is an extremely efficient tool that requires only a few clicks to import PST to Gmail in bulk. As a result, if you want to complete this task fast and easily, consider using the PST file to Gmail Import tool.

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