5 Advantages of Using A Professional Resume Agency

5 Advantages of Using A Professional Resume Agency
5 Advantages of Using A Professional Resume Agency

A survey shows that 40% of hiring managers spend under 1 minute reviewing each resume. Therefore, the document you submit needs to be both easy on the eye and informative enough to present you as a valuable candidate. Since making a persuasive requires more than just writing skills, many professionals turn to expert resume writers these days.

So, why is it a good idea to rely on the assistance of a professional resume agency? Firstly, such agencies staff resume writing professionals who composed hundreds of resumes and already know what works for getting you noticed and what doesn’t. And secondly, the best services offer personalized help meaning that the writers create a resume to show off your unique strengths. If you’re not sure if a resume company is right for you, check out the five reasons you might not have considered.

5 reasons to use a professional resume agency

Spotless, error-free writing

Did you know that 59% of recruiters because of poor grammar or spelling errors? Other deal-breakers include an unprofessional email address, cluttered formatting, and including personal details. Writers of a resume agency are well familiar with modern resume standards. So, they will help you avoid the most common mistakes that even highly-qualified applicants make. As a result, you’ll get more consideration and more chances for an interview with a company.

Optimization for applicant tracking systems

The majority of large and mid-sized companies use ATS systems to optimize the applicant selection process. This type of software scans each resume for certain keywords, and if the resume doesn’t have them, it gets tossed. Only the resumes that passed the selection are seen by a human hiring manager. Resume writers are aware of how such systems work and can adjust the text to help you pass the software checking. They use specific keywords, use a certain document structure, number of sections, and more.

An insider’s look is always a plus

If you don’t work with resumes daily, you probably are not aware of what recruiters pay attention to in the first place. For example, did you know that the ideal resume length is no longer than two pages? Did you know that clichés like go-getter, result-oriented, and hard-working make a terrible impression? And were you aware that recruiters value progressive work experience, big brands, and numbers? A resume consultant will evaluate your resume against these – and many other – criteria, recommending what to add and what to remove to strengthen the document in general.

Focus on tangible results rather than job duties

One of the most important resume trends is keeping the document focused on the candidate’s achievements, not daily tasks. Employers want to see numbers: sales increased, money saved, processes optimized, interns trained, and more. Figures show that you are willing to exceed expectations and care about the results of your work. Share your accomplishments with a resume writer, and they will present them in the right place and using the right words. They will create an impactful, vivid impression about you and inspire the recruiter to pay more attention to your candidacy.

Save your time and energy

The reason why resume writing is so stressful is that the outcome of your job search depends on it. Moreover, simply creating a list of your past jobs with responsibilities and college degrees is not enough to get a strong resume. You have to tailor the resume for a specific type of job, use specific language and take many other details into account. Given that you have lots of other things to do (including distributing that resume, corresponding with employers, and interviewing), why not save your time and entrust resume writing to professionals? This will relieve you from stress and give you confidence since you’ll know that your resume meets employers’ demands and describes you as the right person for a job.