How to cancel the auto-renewal subscription anytime?

How to cancel the auto-renewal subscription anytime?
How to cancel the auto-renewal subscription anytime?

Auto-renewal is a special feature given by many paid programs and tools. This feature is available for the plans which provide a monthly or yearly license. Using the auto-renewal feature; the plan gets renewed automatically before the expiry. People use the auto-renewal feature to prevent license expiry. Once the plan expires; the user has to renew it manually. But if he is using the auto-renewal plan; his plan will get renewed and he will get notified later. It is a reliable feature to keep your license active. But many times, users don’t prefer the auto-renewal subscription. When the user doesn’t want his license to get renewed automatically then he can cancel the auto-renewal service anytime.

Cancelling auto-renewal service before subscription expiry

When you don’t want auto-renewal then you should cancel the subscription before the expiry date. If you don’t, then your plan may get auto-renewed and you will see the payment on your account. Once you cancel the auto-renewal plan of your license then you can renew your setup whenever required. You need to pay for the program only when you are using it.

How to turn off auto-renewal for Avast?

Avast has auto-renewal which renews the antivirus license. When you don’t require the antivirus plan on the device then cancel the auto-renewal. Otherwise, you have to pay for your Avast license even when you are not using it. Go to the Avast antivirus account and cancel the auto-renewal service.

  1. Open the Avast website on the browser
  2. Click on Account and enter your login details
  3. You will get the Welcome screen; tap on the Subscription window
  4. Choose the Avast subscription you want to cancel
  5. Hit the Unsubscribe button
  6. Avast auto-renewal cancellation confirmation wizard will be displayed

Tap on the Confirm button and then finally hit the Got in button. After canceling the auto-renewal plan; the user will be notified by email on the associated email address. If you see the subscription window now, the expiry date will appear. You can use Avast antivirus premium tools until that date. Then, you can either renew your license or can use its free tools.

Cancel your subscription after auto-renewal

Many times, users forget to cancel their auto-renewal feature. He gets to know about the license when the plan gets auto-renewal. But many programs have a refund policy. When the plan gets auto-renewed but the user doesn’t need it then he can cancel it and get his refund. The refund policy for auto-renewal may vary. Some programs offer refunds within 15 days whereas many programs have a one-month refund policy. You barely get the refund policies in the monthly subscription plan. Whereas, most of the yearly subscription offers the refund. When the auto-renewal occurs; you get the email. Whenever you see the auto-renewal email; you must cancel it immediately.

  1. Open the account page of your program
  2. Log in with your credentials
  3. Navigate to the program’s subscription window
  4. Hit the Cancel button next to the auto-renewal

After canceling the subscription; contact the technical team. You may have to provide the refund details. If all the details are correct and the plan is under the refund then you will get your money on the account shortly.

Renew setup manually after cancelling auto-renewal

When you have canceled the auto-renewal; the license will expire. Now, the user can renew his plan when required. If you want to use the program after 1 or 2 months; you can renew the license. You don’t have to create a new account for the license. Go to your program and check the subscription window. You will see the Renew button. Tap on the button and then you have to complete the payment. Afterward, your program will get renewed and you can use it on your system reliably. When you renew your program license before it gets expires; the days remaining of the previous license will sum to the new license. You can activate the license anytime and use the program whenever required.