Common Myths of Cracking Competitive Exams

Common Myths of Cracking Competitive Exams
Common Myths of Cracking Competitive Exams

Whenever someone talks about some of the competitive exams like Mppsc, we immediately imagine students studying all day long or joining the best coaching in Indore for Mppsc without having any fun. There are some straightforward ideas attached to these competitive exams, which might have been true a few years back, but with a few changes, it is time to break these myths and misconceptions about competitive exams.  

Every student has a different approach to study and prepare. Some students can study for 3-4 hours and clear the exam while some might study all day for the same. The number of hours you study does not count when you are preparing for the competitive exams. As long as you stay 100% focused on your study, cracking competitive exams won’t require extensive study schedules. 

Many students join best coaching in Indore for Mppsc to start preparing for this competitive exam after graduation. Therefore, it is good to know how to prepare for competitive exams and what one should not be doing while preparing for these exams. 

Myth 1: Study for hours will bring success

For many parents, the study for 10-16 hours will bring success. This is where the most significant mistake lies. The number of hours does not decide the success or preparation. It is the quality of time that you will spend while preparing for competitive exams. It’s not about learning. It’s always about understanding the topic and concept behind it. If the subjects are appropriately understood, and the fundamentals are solid, then the applicability of those principles and fundamentals becomes easy. So, just spending hours together in front of lots of books doesn’t guarantee success. It’s the quality time that one spent matters. Of course, regular practice of mock exam questions helps a lot rather than hours of hard work. 

Myth 2: Don’t give much time to extra-curricular activities  

If you want to crack Mppsc or any competitive exam, you should stop playing, hanging out with friends, pursuing hobbies, and venturing out for parties. This is what most parents often end up telling their children.

Do you think this is the mantra for success? Clearing competitive exams is not just about knowledge but also the presence of mind and mental frame. It is about quality time, interest, and being healthy. It is also about being happy too. A comfortable and healthy mind is better prepared to take the stress easily than a stressed mind. You don’t have to stop doing things which you were doing as regular activities. 

A plan that clearly says what time you will study, how long, and what topics you would be learning. With each learning, how would you assess your knowledge also matters. Mock tests and regular practice questions, especially online, would help because they provide a birds-eye view of your preparation. The dashboard reports they provide shows your weakness and strength. So, continue doing what you are doing but don’t forget to maintain disciple and use the right tools to learn, practice and prepare well for exams. 

Myth 3: Comparing with peers brings motivation

Somewhere is someone doing better than you? Parents mostly say to their children’s that “see, how your classmate is doing well while you are not focusing on studies”. Whether it is your parents or yourself, it’s not a good idea to compare you with others. Your competition is with yourself, not with the others. Know how many marks you need to score or to clear an exam. You have enough time to plan and work towards it. You can leverage the online mock test series platform to check your progress.

Just because someone is doing better during preparation in the coaching center does not mean that they are better than you. What matters is whether there is progress in your practice regularly. Finally, what matters is how you spend those 3 hours in the exam hall and encountered questions with confidence that makes the difference. So comparing with others is only a waste of time and effort.

Myth 4: You must know everything under the sun  

Not true. The Mppsc has a clearly defined syllabus that candidates must follow to prepare for the test. Topics revolve around essential issues related to our history and culture. Standard books are readily available in the market also. 

Myth 5: Only academic toppers can crack the exam

If you look for the Mppsc exam toppers, you will find most students with average academic performance throughout their life. Being an academic success is in no way a prerequisite to crack the competitive exam. Only the Mppsc exam marks count to be selected, and there is no minimum percentage required in the degree exams.

Myth 6: Cracking the exam depends upon luck  

Hard work will make you lucky, but this is not true as luck comes to those who have dedication and puts in genuine efforts while making the preparations. Only luck can never assure success to anyone.