Empirical Wedding Venues Near Mumbai in Your Budget

Empirical Wedding Venues Near Mumbai in Your Budget
Empirical Wedding Venues Near Mumbai in Your Budget

After the Corona virus pandemic, a huge meeting looks difficult for the next part of 2020.Here are 10 empirical wedding venues in near Mumbai in your budget.

Although happy to have a whole guest list at your wedding, it is also recommended to rethink your choice and res picture the possibility of your wedding day. A small wedding is the order of the day, for the safety of everyone involved in your wedding.

The good news is that there are many beautiful choices that we can offer to you to have a wise and charming intimate wedding.

As the best wedding planners in Jaipur, we really care about the welfare of our clients. We recommend reaping your day by making it a beautiful little and intimate dealing. A small marriage can still be an extraordinary matter if planned with attention to detail and by making it a great experience for you and your guests.

A ‘wedding experience’ can be done behind your home, on a small courtyard, on the side of the river or lake, in the forest, or even in the midst of trees and other natural surroundings.

The idea behind the wedding experience is that we can improve our beautiful environment and give nuances and unique charms. Unique because not many people have a wedding forest or lakeside wedding; and charming because your wedding will be a reflection of your personality and will be comfortable and affair lovingly with the close and loved ones.

As a wedding planner, we will help you bring your vision to stay alive by creating something truly extraordinary.

We will weave miracle threads in the existing palette that nature has offered us and created an amazing background for your wedding vow.

In Maharashtra, there are many extraordinary choices to choose from. We have given you a list of our top 10 choices for a comfortable and very beautiful wedding within a short distance from Mumbai or Pune.

  • Atmantan – Pune
  • Anandvan Resort – Bhandardhara
  • Amanzi Resort – Pawna Lake
  • Malhar Machi – Mulshi, Pune
  • Savannah Lake Resort, Nashik
  • Forest Hills by Tala
  • Tooth Mountain Farms – Karjat
  • Khanna Farms- Karjat
  • Sula Vineyard, Nashik
  • Glass house villa, Nashik


(Peace and beautiful marriage)

The Atmantan is a beautiful accommodation near Pune which is famous for its luxury and well-being. They have quite beautiful grass with extraordinary backgrounds to meet the wedding of your dreams. They offer delicious food, curated menus and can host a wedding of 50-80 natives easily.

Guests you will enjoy hospitality, bedrooms, stretch of property and beautiful weather, especially in Monsun and winter.

Anandvan Resort

(River natural beauty)

Bhandhardara is one of the most beautiful locations in Maharashtra with beautiful mountain views, green plants around and spelling rivers and binding lakes. Monsoons in Bhandardhara are what are made of dreams.

We as a wedding planner highly recommend Anandvan Resort in Bhandardhara for a small and big wedding ceremony.

The rooms are neat, delicious food, enough space to have a variety of functions, beautiful views of water where you can have beautiful meetings and most of all extraordinary hospitality.

Amanzi Resort

(Lake side experience)

Guests can feel joy by breathing fresh air. House to Lake Lake Pawnna, the small town of Pawonna offers beachside views, waterfalls, and amazing greenery. This is the perfect background for nature lovers to get married.

Amanzi Resort is a good luxury property for around 50 to 100 weddings. Some functions can be owned in different places and guests can enjoy the wonderful food offered by the hotel.

Malhar Machi

(Lake’s side experience in the middle of greenery)

Malhar Machi is a well-known property for nature lovers. Surrounded by forests and look magical with lots of trees. Simple, affordable, and most suitable for small 50-100 people, especially if you are traveling from Pune.

Savannah Lake Resort

(Lake side with nature in abundance)

Nashik is home to Indian vineyards but also a lover’s natural paradise. Amazing water views, lawn, and multi-cuisine make Savannah Lake Resort in Nashik among our main choices for wedding destinations that have a great exercise experience for it.

Also, the proximity of Mumbai makes it a convenient choice because it only needs about 3 hours to reach this beautiful property.

Bukit forest

(Marriage in dense forest)

Forest marriage? Yes, please! We can’t tell you how much we love the idea of ​​the wedding forest with flora and fauna and only the trees around until the farthest corner can be seen eyes.

The hill forest by tala as the name suggests is one of the wonderful choices for the weddings forest. It’s affordable and comfortable, the remote gives you a lot of privacy.

Mountain mountain agriculture

(Stay in a big and beautiful house that can serve weddings 20-25 people)

This is a hidden gem of Maharashtra! The place is so beautiful, very charming and near the city, it is definitely hard to find. Owned by Cucu Ramanand Sagar, the creator of the Ramayan series, this particular place is ideal for weddings of 30-40 people. You can have a Boho style wedding by the courtyard, have a billiard party with margaritas and sangrias that run, and also have a magical night fire! Pensive !!

Khanna Farms

(By the lake, by agriculture)

Agriculture Khanna is owned by a loving partner who welcomes guests with hands wide open. If you are looking for a small wedding of 30 guests, this place is with water and can offer a very beautiful background for its functions. There is a living nearby and if you have a bigger meeting, we can help you accommodate your guests in more than one property.

Sula Vineyard

(Vineyard wedding)

The vineyard’s wedding is a big trend abroad but in India, it has not been explored as a fancy and beautiful wedding place. However, we felt that the Sula or York in Nashik was a very good nature to explore and considered for a small wedding. It won’t really be miraculous to have a background of water far behind, the wine is right behind, under the starry sky, sipping wine and says your oath with the people you love!

Glass House Villa

(Mountain and river views)

Glass House is living in a magical house in Nashik. As the name suggests, this house has an open plan and a large window overlooking the green and river courtyards.

Lawns will make a beautiful unique background for your wedding and the guests will even enjoy the rooms that are neat and clean with great views of the natural environment.

While you choose who from these luxury places you want to consider for your wedding experience, leave all the settings to us from decoration to logistics to execution… We will keep you taken care of! Contact our wedding planners in Jaipur for more help.