Ethnically Diverse – Big Fat Indian Weddings

Ethnically Diverse – Big Fat Indian Weddings

Marriage symbolizes the essence of culture, where traditions are followed long ago instilling a sense of connection to someone’s roots. In this blog, I have mentioned only four ethnically diverse, but it does not mean we have only these traditions to celebrate the rituals of the wedding. We also have a beautiful Rajputana wedding, which is really awesome. If you want to know more about ethnically diverse or something else feels free to contact our best wedding planners in udaipur.

Every ritual and ceremony is a unique way to bless the couple, where families gather to celebrate the Association of Holy Marriage. India is a melted pot of tradition, some of which are the remains of thousands of years.

Traditions Vary From Family To Family

Even if their religion is the same, traditions vary from family to family, and the state to state, making Indian countries diversified culturally. One thing that can be called general for all Indian marriages is an important amount given by marriage.

Understand the Client’s Cultural Orientation before Starting the Planning Process

As a wedding planner, it is very important to understand the client’s cultural orientation before starting the planning process. Marriage in India is as diverse with its various cultures. Some conservatives, some relative liberals, and some strict. Bollywood has given new life to these traditions by projecting marriage as an exciting, unique, and hard affair. After this example, most people now choose weddings that reach more than a few days with each function get the same amount as special interests. From planning to the execution stage, each step reflects the uniqueness of culture. There are many cultures that celebrate big fat marriages. Some of the best known are as follows –

  • Marwari/Sindhi Wedding
  • Gujarati Wedding
  • South Indian Wedding
  • Fusion Weddings

Marwari / Sindhi’s wedding

Along with nature, Marwari and Sindhi culture has several traditions that match easily. Each function is a reflection of their respected tradition. As a wedding planner, remains loyal to this section are the most important part of work. Marwari’s marriage, managed by my fancy marriage, stands out because of its magnificent splendor in Udaipur, a popular city for wedding destinations. It is a massive production with many places and complicated movements spread across the various themes, from the Sufi Dream theme to the Mehendi function inspired by the Nathdwara with the Shrinathji Center statue stored in the Blessing Center – all the details are carefully made to add more Charm for marriage.

Theme Was Built To Please Guests

Each theme was built to please guests highlight the importance of these factors at Marwari’s marriage. It was a big fat marriage that was successfully executed.

Gujarati Wedding

As a wedding planner, we get all kinds of demands that range from curiosity to unrealistic. In one interesting marriage we followed, a Gujarati client asked him apart from the usual marriage related matters, they want an aura thanks to being the center for each function.

It was decided that a kind of music or song, nothing was too hard, would always play in the background during the ritual. As expected from a great big Guajarati marriage, there are many Garba, music, dancing and having fun.

Wedding Ceremony

But we decided to raise the block by doing an Aarti of Ganga maa living like a wedding ceremony happened. Decorated with ethnic decorations and surrounded by the splendor of celebrations consisting of music and dance, the new start for a happy couple was showered with direct blessings from the gods.

The wedding came a full circle when the mother-in-law pulled the groom’s nose to greet him into a family like a son, who was an old tradition between Gujaratis. If it is marriage Marathi, then the brother-in-law will pull the bride’s ears as a warning to take care of his sister.

Different traditions here express the same emotions: – Love.

South Indian wedding

Many people have confidence that South Indian marriage is usually very conscious and tight without much space for creativity. Anyone who has been present, or executed, South Indian marriage knows how wrong this idea is.

The core of marriage is to celebrate the unification of two people and family in front of their loved ones. Hyderabadi’s marriage managed to inspire the culture of two of the most popular destinations –

Mysore – for nobility and Tirupati for its sake. It realizes typical ethnic and cultural traditions for South Indian weddings. It was a 6-hour long ceremony with several rituals with the bride and groom changing her clothes for different customs during their functions. It was a very different experience from a typical wedding destination because each of the habits itself had a lot of scope for creativity.

It is planned and executed as the splendor of the kingdom; marriage is a giant and complicated affair with beautiful flower decor like Lotus motifs, with a dinner setting inspired by Tirupati and Mysore Palace.

Fusion wedding

With fast urbanization, India witnessed an increase in multi-cultural marriage as a bond of caste and religious intolerance. It adds another depth layer when it comes to planning a wedding. Marriage is also a union of two families, which is why when it comes to fusion marriage, it is important that no culture is underestimated in any way.

Most of the marriages executed by the luxury of my marriage at 30+ exotic purposes have become fusion marriages. Every time, it presents a unique challenge that adds to the level of experience and other expertise in our portfolio. For a long time, Fusion’s marriage has become a trend because they generally tend to combine rituals (and fun activities) from other cultures. For example, it is not unusual to see the practice of stealing the groom’s shoes by the brothers, even though it is a custom Punjabi and there is no Punjabi family side!

Luxury weddings

Luxury weddings are not new for India, and consider love for marriage that we as Indians have a great big wedding will only be fatter. That is the respected tradition that helps improve the quality of wedding events.