13 Ideas That Will Surprise Your Guests at the Wedding

13 Ideas That Will Surprise Your Guests at the Wedding

How can I surprise my guests? How do I liven up my wedding? I want an original wedding! These are two questions that many of you ask yourself. The options are multiple and very varied. There are games, tests, raffles, performances… everything you can imagine can be done, the limits are up to you.

It doesn’t matter if the wedding is intimate or crowded, each of the following original wedding ideas can be adapted to the occasion. And, best of all, fun is guaranteed. Without further ado, I leave you a list of ideas to liven up your big day and that any guest will enjoy.

Live Band

Hasn’t it happened to you that when you listen to a band, a concert or a live show, you get goose bumps? This is a great idea to liven up the wedding. Choose a jazz, rock, country group or band, a flamenco group, a tuna, a brass band, a live performance by a specific musician, … The style that you like the most. The live group can be at the ceremony, at the cocktail party, at the first dance, …


Hire a cartoonist to draw a portrait of each guest at the wedding cocktail party. The guests will love it, they will also take a souvenir of your wedding that they can always frame and remember.

Ring-bearing Owls and Owls

Can you imagine that at the ceremony, a hawk, owl, eagle, owl,… arrives to bring you the rings? It sounds crazy, but it exists and it is possible. If you get married in autumn, winter, in the snow, in a forest, on a camping site, in the middle of nature, a themed wedding,… this idea is excellent for you. Guests will enjoy the bird’s flight display, as well as being amazed when they arrive at the altar with the rings. Can you imagine their faces? If you like the idea, you have to look for a company that makes Falconry for weddings.


The awards ceremony consists of the couple giving an award to the most elegant, award to the most fun, award to the most original guest, award to the single gold,…

Define 5 awards, the bride gives the awards to the men and the groom to the women. The bride begins by awarding the prize to the most elegant, nominates 4 candidates who will have to approach the presidential table and stare at the guests. Next, the bride says the name of one of the nominees, and the guests vote for whoever they want to win the award with applause. The one who receives the loudest applause is the one who wins. The groom continues to award the prize to the most elegant. And so on, until all the awards are finished.

Prizes can be a bottle of wine and a band. Likewise, according to your style and way of being, you can give one detail or another. The ideal time is to do it at the reception before dessert is served.

Cocktail Show

If you like original surprises at weddings and you like cocktails, hire a Barman who knows how to perform acrobatic movements while preparing your drink. If you dare with the idea, don’t forget to ask the Barman to create a special cocktail for your wedding. Another idea is to put several show-cooking bars in the cocktail where the guests can see how the food is cooked in front of them. This idea always enchants all the guests. They will be amazed!


This option is only suitable for fans of social networks. Define a hashtag for your wedding that is unique, preferably one that is not in use, for example, #bodamarinakim2020, and put a sign with the hashtag at the cocktail entrance to inform all the guests. Leave the following instructions explained: the guests must tag all the photographs they take with their mobile phones with the hashtag defined in your choice’s social network. At the end of the night, the funniest photograph will be awarded a surprise gift.

This idea is great because this way you will collect funny photos that will be a good memory for posterity. Laughter is guaranteed


Among the funny ideas for weddings is the BINGO. The guests live this game as if they were playing the lottery and were going to win millions, that is, with passion and dedication. There is tension and laughter among the diners at the table because comments such as “I am missing two numbers”, “I do not like anything”, “Why do my numbers never come out?”, “This is rigged”, “A my insurance doesn’t touch me, I’m jinx “,” Guys, I’ll take the prize. ” Can you imagine? Laughter is guaranteed.

The game consists of leaving as many ballots at each table as there are diners. Only two gifts are given, one for the line player and one for the Bingo player. You and your partner will be the ones who will sing the numbers, one will turn the cube where all the numbers are and the other will say them into the microphone.

For the line, you can give a bottle of wine and whoever wins Bingo… if you are big fan of the Game of Thrones series, you can give the complete series. You can also give away: a party kit, a desk set, a weekend getaway, a romantic dinner for two, a spa, go-karts with the bride and groom,… The ideas are endless!

Bingo must be done at the banquet, the ideal is to do it before dessert.

Projection of Your Life

In many weddings, they put PowerPoints with photographs of the bride and groom from small to old. I propose the same idea but with a variant, instead of explaining your growth process through photographs, it will put a video telling your love story. That is, how did you meet, how did you realize that this person was for you and what anecdotes you have lived together until the time of the wedding. You can make this video with photos or with personalized drawings (comic, manga, …). We all love stories and more if they are about love.

A Song for Every Table

This game is played at the banquet. It consists of leaving the name of a song on each of the tables, each table will have a different song. At the banquet the DJ will randomly play the songs and when the song is played from each table, the guests will have to get up and dance in the most creative and fun way possible. Before the entrance of the cake, the couple will decide which table has been the winner.

Give a Song

When I discovered that you could give a personalized song as a gift, it seemed like a great idea. You can give it to your fiance, your parents, your sister, make a song as a wedding invitation, the guests to thank them for having attended the wedding, your best friend for always being by your side, you can create a song for when you deliver the bouquet, or dance the first dance, to the future parents,… In short, it is a perfect gift for your best friend. It seems like a great idea to me, besides being cheap.

You just have to choose what type of song you want, customize it to your liking, choose the style and the professional singer who will interpret it. If you go blank when it comes to customizing the song, they give you several options to adapt it to your love story. I had planned to write a post about it but could not fail to mention this great idea in this post.

Helium Balloons or Light Bulbs

Every original and romantic wedding should make a release of balloons with helium or light lamps. This moment becomes an unforgettable and romantic moment for all attendees. Both ideas are beautiful and fantastic to end the night. The ideal time to do the balloon release is after the first dance.


At most weddings, there are Photocalls but there are usually no Photo Booths. It is the surprise at weddings that guests like the most! You can customize it according to your wedding’s aesthetics, add logos to the photos, choose templates, format, typography and combine everything with the album, wedding gifts and invitations. The good thing about this idea is that 2 copies of the photograph usually come out, one for the couple and one for the guests. The idea of ​​the Photo Booth inside a retro Volkswagen is just great.


This idea, like the option “give a song” is to have a detail, in this case, with your partner. This idea is for you to do behind their back, in secret, so that the surprise is very big on the wedding day. It consists of choosing a song, preparing a very simple choreography, recording it, and posting it on YouTube. You will send the link of that choreography to all the wedding guests, telling them that it will be a surprise for your partner and that they have to know the choreography since everyone from the wedding will go in unison. When the song starts, on your wedding day, put a chair in the middle of the room and seat your partner. Start dancing and little by little more and more guests get up until all the diners are dancing.


If you do not have much idea of ​​choreography, there are dance companies that help you with the planning and even on the wedding day, they are present to guide the guests, the effect is incredible. Above all, record it!