How to Import Thunderbird MBOX Files to iCloud Mail?

How to Import Thunderbird MBOX Files to iCloud Mail

Summary: If you want to import Thunderbird MBOX files to iCloud Mail in just a few simple steps, read this page. This article describes how to use IMAP settings to import numerous MBOX files directly into iCloud. To find your final migration solution, you simply begin scrolling down the page.

User Query

Hello, I have a large number of MBOX files that I have collected while using the Thunderbird account. Now that I’ve switched from Thunderbird, I’d like to import those MBOX files to iCloud for some reason, but I’m not sure how. So, can someone recommend a good solution for importing MBOX files into iCloud Mail?

How to Import Thunderbird MBOX Files to iCloud? A Best Solution

MBOX Converter Tool is one of the best and trustworthy software for importing Thunderbird MBOX to iCloud. This software for Windows provides a simple process for integrating multiple MBOX data directly into iCloud without the requirement for account creation.

It is a cross solution that may also function as an MBOX viewer. In contrast to the iCloud account, the app provides a range of storage alternatives for your Thunderbird MBOX. To understand how the tool works, it is advised that you read the whole set of instructions below.

Step to Import MBOX Files to iCloud Mail

1. Download the tool, install and then launch the software.

2. Add MBOX files or folders into the software panel.

3. Now, select IMAP from the list of saving options.

4. Enter your iCloud credentials, and IMAP server name. After that, click the Save button.

You will be notified once all of the files have been imported. We would now like to provide you some more information about the tool. The following are some of the tool’s features; read them to learn more about the tool.

Discover Some Traits of the Tool

1. Support for MBOX: The application supports all the MBOX files no matter which email account they were extracted from. You may export MBOX files from Thunderbird, Gmail etc.

2. Simple UI: The tool for importing MBOX files to iCloud has the easiest-to-use user interface, so you’ll have no trouble utilising it.

3. Bulk Migration: The utility may import many Thunderbird MBOX files into iCloud at the same time. When using the tool to immediately import a large number of files into iCloud Mail, you won’t have to worry about any constraints.

4. Preview Function: This application can be used to assess all of your MBOX files before importing those into your iCloud mail. For forensic purposes, MBOX files can be thoroughly inspected utilising tools such as hexadecimal view and raw mode.

5. Search Function: You can use the application’s search function to find particular text or emails.. You can find these items by utilising the search tool. You can search for them using any criteria you like, such as a specific time window or email address.

6. Standalone: The application is purely independent and doesn’t force you to download additional settings in between the task. This tool is all you need to import Thunderbird MBOX to iCloud securely.

7. Device-compatibility: The application is specifically designed for the Windows compatible devices. You may use the tool on any Windows OS version like Windows 11 and any below edition.

In Conclusion

You may Import Thunderbird MBOX files to iCloud Mail while preserving data integrity. The MBOX to iCloud transfer tool is a specialist application with a variety of functions. This software has a demo version that allows you to export a few MBOX files at first.