10 Glamorous Wedding Ideas for Your Luxurious Big Day

10 Glamorous Wedding Ideas for Your Luxurious Big Day
10 Glamorous Wedding Ideas for Your Luxurious Big Day

The main goal behind a wedding ceremony is to have your love celebrated with the people you love, cherish and hold dear to your heart. On one hand, it’s all about turning your wedding ideas into reality. But, it’s also about giving your guests the bests experience they will remember forever.

This is especially important in the Instagram era when everyone wants to show their friends how much fun they’re having. So, why not give your guests an array of instagrammable moments at your wedding? Let’s dive into wedding day ideas that will turn your ceremony into a truly luxurious event.

Assign Seats With a Signature Drink

Upon arrival, your guests will expect a traditional seating chart that will guide them to their table and their seat. Instead of this, you can set out a table with drinks served in flute glasses. Each glass will be filled with a signature drink with a name tag and seat location attached to it. Your guests will be ready to toast and find their seats with ease.

Go big with flowers

Nothing spells l-u-x-u-r-y more than lavish white flowers. Make a statement with flower arrangements. Choose white flowers that are in season and decorate each table with a tall centerpiece. For additional luxury vibes, you can have flower petals thrown everywhere.

Her majesty, the cake

The wedding cake has to be tasty and beautiful, so go for something custom-made. You can also focus on how the cake is displayed. You can decorate the cake area with white flowers and create a romantic feel with a string of twinkling lights.

Add a touch of luxurious velvet

The venue is important, but the beauty is in the details and how you set it all up. Sometimes one detail plays an important role in creating a luxurious vibe. Without it, the venue would look boring. We’re talking about adding a touch of velvet. Set up a seating area with comfy velvet chairs in light rose or rose colour. These go lovely with a white flower arrangement and create a marvelous statement.

Get creative with the lighting

If your wedding venue allows it, go big with the choice of lighting. Low-hanging crystal chandeliers will turn every venue into a ballroom. Alternatively, you can go for string lights, and cover the ceiling with them. This will create a romantic ambiance and give out the vibe of a starry night. Both choices are an elegant way of lighting up your ceremony when the sun goes down and you still want to dance.

Prepare a grand entry

Every couple pays a lot of attention to their grand entrance. This is important because they will present themselves to their wedding party for the first time as a married couple. Everyone will cheer and raise a glass to a newlywed couple so the party can begin.

If you want to make a grand entrance, choose luxurious wedding car transportation. The best examples of this come from Australia, where people choose classic wedding cars in Sydney to arrive in Hollywood-like style. Dazzle everyone at your wedding with a Jaguar convertible or a Rolls Royce Sedan or any other similar choice.

Fireworks for the grand exit

If you’re entering your wedding reception in style, you should make a grand exit as well. You can unleash the fireworks and wow everyone with a brightly lit sky.

Splurge on wedding favors

Wedding favors are considered a thank-you message to everyone who came to your wedding ceremony. It’s a thoughtful gift and a means of conveying how much you appreciate your loved ones who support your union.

If you want to avoid having a ton of favors left behind all around the venue, go for something useful. Edible wedding favors will either be taken away or eaten before the cake. Go for custom-made chocolate wrapped in a personalised thank-you note. If your guests are situated at a hotel, make sure wedding favors are delivered to their door. This can be something they will use to get ready or relax after the ceremony.

Section for the ladies

If the ladies want to change their toiletries, freshen up, or just take a break from the dancing, provide them with just the perfect area. You can create a ladies’ lounge with velvet seating, champagne glasses, and basic toiletries for freshening up. Everyone needs a break from the dancing and a chance to chit-chat in a comfortable velvety lounge filled with flowers.

…and for the gents

If you’re taking great care of your ladies, you should also think about the gentlemen. They need their lounge as well. If you fill it up with cigars and whiskey, this will be something everyone will be talking about. They can also use this lounge to take a break, freshen up, and have honest conversations with other men over cigars.

Final words

If you want to make your wedding ceremony a luxurious affair everyone will remember, think about incorporating some of our ideas. It’s not about choosing the most expensive detail, it’s all about choosing the right one like velvet chairs, the right wedding transportation, and luscious flower arrangement.

You can also include an instagrammable spot where everyone will take pictures and selfies. For example, a wedding arch decorated with white flowers and intricate details will serve two functions. It will frame the moment when the couple says yes and also frame many lovely photos of your guests.