Advanced SEO Techniques to Double Your Search Traffic

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Advanced SEO Techniques to Double Your Search Traffic
Advanced SEO Techniques to Double Your Search Traffic

Either you are making your own blog or are blogging for someone else’s blog you need to follow some advanced SEO tips to become a pro blogger. Understanding the Search Engine optimization properly and using certain tools and techniques can make your blog rank on SERP. You need to make a proper plan that will provide you with effective results. You need to follow certain tips and tricks to get friendly service. Going with the right on-page and off-page techniques is mandatory.

Here are some of the advanced SEO tips for bloggers that will definitely help you to get the desired ranking.

Go with Proper Keyword Research

Start your blogging with proper keyword research. Make it part of your planning. You can use different tools for making productive content. Look for what the audience is willing for. Use the words that are easy to find and have a properly dignified meaning. Make your content simple and readable. Use easy language that the readers can understand. Adjust the searched keywords in your content, but remember that you don’t stuff it, or else it will ruin your content.

Focus on Low Competitive and Long-tail Keyword

Rather than going for the high competitive keyword try to go for the low competitive keyword that is easy to rank. Choosing those simple keywords can make it easier for you. One easiest thing is to search the keywords from the tools and pick the appropriate one from the list. Using long-tail keywords and phrases is also a great idea as it will catch up with the products or services that you are selling. You can use three to four words phrases to make the meta description more dignified.

Go for an Effectual Content

One of the most important things in SEO is the content. Whether it is web content, a guest post, or an article the words should be easy and simple to understand. Writing effective content is necessary to provide an eligible ranking to the website. You can use the words in titles and headings so that the content can look more advanced and get a preferred ranking on the search engine result pages. Using the keyword once or twice in the content is good, do not use it again and again or else your content will look stuffed.

Add Internal Links

Adding some links to the content will help google to crawl the post and give it an eligible ranking to the website. Give link on the searched keyword so that when someone searches for it, your website can be showcased on the search engine pages.

You need to renew the link of the site before it expires or else your content will not be crawled. If after some time the URL gets expired make sure that you fix that broken or dead link as soon as possible. You can either remove the link or update the link as per your choice.

Improve Speed

The most important factor of advanced SEO is speed. If your website is slow then there is a possibility that you lose your visitors. In this technological era, people demand high speed and immediate results for which they prefer for sites that open in just a few seconds. You have to make sure that your page or website opens within fifteen seconds so that the visitors remain constant and you even get an increase in the visitors that can lead to a higher ranking.

Optimize the Images

Prefer images that take less time to load or it is preferable to use limited images in the post that will take less time to load. Use favourable images that look desirable with your content and can provide a better explanation to the readers. Your blog should include at least one image so that it looks eligible to see and simple to understand. Find a good image and add it to your blog under or above the required information. This factor matters a lot regarding your content.

Making the Website Mobile-friendly

As nowadays each and everyone has a smartphone, they prefer a site that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

A mobile-friendly website just makes it all. This helps to boost your ranking a few times. On average, nearly sixty percent of searches are done on mobile phones, so now you know how important it is to make your website mobile-friendly. Either it is an e-commerce website or a business website they become more popular when they open in their cell phones.

Using Infographics

The collection of imagery charts and minimal text, known as infographics makes it easy to understand the website and content. It is believed that you remember things easily through your sight sense. Making a chart of things that you need to remember will make it easier for you to understand it properly and easily. These infographics are more favorable as compared to the verbal presentation. Add suitable infographics, making it more favorable for the visitors.

Competitors Analysis

Focus on what your competitors are targeting and how they are ranking on the search engine result pages. Another thing to keep in mind is what the audience is willing for. Provide the most desired products and information to your audience so that they can visit your site whenever they need it. Make a proper plan and analyze it to get the best results. Look for the targeted keyword and use it wherever necessary.

You can use certain SEO tools or can take the help of some SEO companies that have expertise in this work, you can choose according to your city as many cities are now providing the services. The popular SEO and digital marketing course in surat, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and other cities are experts in this work and provide you the best results. So if you have any doubt so you can choose this. Usually, business persons opt to choose SEO services so that they can get the desired results. If you are a blogger then just follow the tips mentioned above and you will surely find changes in your results.