What Home Plants Symbolise?

What Home Plants Symbolise?
What Home Plants Symbolise?

From filtering toxins, a source of oxygen, food, to herbs, and more! Plants have and will always be a gift that will keep on giving. If you are looking for the perfect plant gift to express the deepest feelings and emotions to your loved ones, then it would help to know what home plants symbolise. In this post, we share what home plants symbolize? Take a look.

Air plants

Air plants represent creativity and freedom. The plants are quite decorative are some of the most popular options to decorate small spaces. They can be hung in decorative trays on the walls, cupboards, vertical gardens, and balconies. Because of their ability to absorb water and nutrients via the scales on their leaves, the plants are quite easy to maintain for those worried about damaging their furniture and rarely spend time at home. The freedom part is that the plants thrive without being planted in soil. So, let your loved ones know how much they mean to you with a stunning air-purifying plant to decorate and attract creativity.

Bonsai trees

Bonsai trees are miniature plants grown under monitoring conditions to manipulate their shapes and sizes over a long period of time. The trees represent patience and harmony. So, express love and happiness to your near and dear ones with a hearty plant that brings peace and tranquillity. With the generations of tending to the plant and sharing the knowledge, you will also become part of the long heritage to come. Take the Bonsai plant surprise a step further by presenting the gift in a personalized vase. Check out trending customizations on online florists and social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Prayer plants

Prayer plants represent focus and devotion. Looking for a plant to express love and best wishes to your religious loved ones? Well, search no further for the perfect plant to convey the deepest feelings and emotions. The name Prayer Plants is derived from how the plant’s leaves move upwards at night like someone praying. The amazing movement of the prayer plant aligns with people who are always organized and never miss prayers. Take the prayer plant surprise a step further by having the plant potted in personalized levitation and self-draining pots and vases.

Snake plants

While Money Plants attract Money – Snake Plants chase snakes away. Snake plants represent innocence and persistence. They are an ideal gift for clean freaks or someone who is meticulous in everything they do. The plants are some of the top air-purifying plants and caring for the snake plants is relatively easy. The plants can be grown in pots (sand or water) as climbers or pruned to adorn the desk, cupboard, and many other interior spaces. Just make sure that you do not wet the leaves when watering the plants.

Pothos plants

Pothos plants represent perseverance. They are an ideal plant to gift loved ones who have an unswerving focus to see their dreams come true. The plants are fast growers reaching up to 40 feet long and 6 feet wide. With the gigantic plant shape and appearance, entailing their determination – your loved one’s home environment will have a refreshing aura. Surprise your loved ones with a small pothos plant in a personalized pot.


Looking for a thoughtful gift for that one person who always thrives no matter what? Think succulent plants! These plants symbolize loyalty and endurance. They are consider loyal because the plants will stick with you even if you do not tend to it long after most plants have failed. They thrive in hot/desert climates and do not require external assistance.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the meaning of most plant gifts. Surprise your loved ones and express love and happiness by simply ordering home plants from online florists and gift stores. Search for a reputable store offering a wide variety of plants with customizable pots and various other gifts.