Indoor Plants for your Interior Design

Indoor Plants for your Interior Design
Indoor Plants for your Interior Design


Designing your interiors is a turnkey project, where it’s like a dream come to a moment for many middle class individuals. They invest their lifetime saving amount to construct their home. 

During this process, there are two major factors you must consider. 

  • Interior Design
  • Livability inside your home.

Here we will go through the livability concept. Which is very important for you and your family to live a peaceful and harmonious life. 

Interior Designers in Chennai project the livability concept in a simple way. It’s nothing but growing plants and trees of reasonable height. 

So How are we gonna make it? It’s the homeowner’s decision. The need to spend money is very minimal. But homeowners need to take many steps to maintain the plants. 

The Spending amount will not be more than Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000. But the usability is really high 

Benefits of plants in your Interior Design

  • NBC Recent studies suggest that indoor plants can increase the concentration and productivity by 15%
  • Whenever you see your indoor plants, psychologically it reduces the Stress Level.
  • Environmental Research and Public Health conducted 23 participants which helped them to identify that indoor plants will sharpen attention.
  • Many Plants have this natural capability of curing diseases. That’s the reason every hospital room has indoor plants
  • It Increases Productivity by 12% because of reducing stress. 
  • Plants in Indoor will reduce Volatile Organic Compounds i.e, VOC’s
  • Apart from all of this, the most important beneficial thing you get is “Plants protect you home from Pest, Molds and insects as well”
  • Indoor plants will purify your air and reduce pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene. 
  • Air Purification happens based on the size of the plants. If the plant is big then it can purify your air by 7 to 8 times of a normal plant. 

The above are the benefits of growing indoor plants in your home. 

Let’s talk about the types of indoor plants for your home interiors. 

There are hundreds of indoor plants available in the market. Here I would like to share about a few plants which are very important.

  • Madagascar Dragon Tree.
  • Dracaena Corn Plant
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Monstera

Benefits, Uses as well and its future trends

Madagascar Dragon Tree:

This plant is considered as one of the most important indoor plants which can go to a maximum height of 6 to 8 feet. These plants are slow growers, we cannot expect the growth immediately.

Care : 

  • If cared for well, this plant can live for more than 10 years. 
  • Madagascar trees need minimal light and we must water them at least 7 days at a time
  • Make sure not to allow your kids and your pets near them. The plant is more toxic than the normal one.  
  • On an average the plant needs 18 to 24 degree celsius. 


  • It cleans the air and removes benzene, formaldehyde and toluene from the air. 

Dracaena Corn Indoor Plant:

This plant was never found until the 18th century. Researchers found it in a dense African forest. Usually this plant can grow upto 4 to 6 feet. And it looks similar to a Palm Tree. 


  • This corn plant needs maximum humidity. 
  • Their age is very short and they can live upto 2 to 3 years. 
  • Dracaena prefers rich soil, we must at least add fertilizers every month for a decent growth. 
  • It needs bright lights, fluorescent lights will not be enough to grow Dracaena. We must keep plants near the window or outdoors, but too much sunlight can damage plants as well. 

Air Purifier:

A Single Dracaena Corn Plant can remove

  • Total ug/h of Benzene – 1264
  • Total ug/h of formaldehyde – 853
  • Total ug/h of Trichloroethylene – 1137

Bamboo Palm:

This plant cannot be related to real bamboo. You will find some similarities but these two plants are totally different. The scientific name is Dypsis Lutescens. 

Few see this plant as a luck symbol, it eliminates negativity. This is the only plant in the list which is not toxic for pets and kids. 

This plant is listed in Nasa’s Air Purify Index. Usually, this plant can grow upto 3 to 5 feet


  • Like other plants, bamboo palms don’t need heavy care. Water them once the soil is dried. The plant takes moisture from the air and uses it as its food. 


  • Apart from the tropical look, bamboo palms are great air purifiers.
  • They remove toxic’s like tobacco smoke, Lubricant smell, Garage smell as well. 
  • Growing Bamboo plants can cure throat infections & visual disorders as well. 

Monstera Indoor Plants:

The Scientific Name of Monstera is Monstera Deliciousa. The plant came from the dense forest of Mexico and Panama. Apart from the above plants, monstera can give fruits as well. The fruit looks like pineapple but it has a delicious taste. 

For Example, Monstera is a little bit different from other plants, it can withstand heavy rainfall. Because of the holes in the leaves. 

Indeed people make Mimbre furniture out of monstera 


  • Finally we need to find a place which has both sun and shade. Too much sunlight will yellow the leaves
  • Monstera does need some but watering them weekly is a great option. 
  • Growth rate of monstera is rapid, so make sure to keep the plant in a bigger pot initially. Often changing the pot will kill the root of the plant. 

Benefits of Monstera:

  • Accordingly its a great air purifier which will humidify the air conditions.
  • Monstera has a unique leaf pattern, which cannot be seen in any other indoor plants. 
  • Infact this plant is tall & it can elevate the design of your interiors to the next level
  • This plant’s fruit is very delicious and is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B. Never eat the fruit without proper guidance. 
  • For Instance Monstera Plant can cure rough diseases like arthritis and even snake bites. 


At last Growing plants inside your home would give you tons of benefits. At the same time, it saves mother nature as well. 

If you take Chennai as an example, air pollution affects two zones differently. If you take North Chennai the air pollution is high when you compare it with south Chennai. 

The only difference is people don’t plant trees in the north at the same time. Indoor plants culture is growing tremendously in the South zone of Chennai.

End of the day it’s our job to save mother earth. Let all the interior designers across the world take the mission of saving our mother nature. It’s equally important for us to balance home interiors with mother earth.