7 Living Room Trends for 2021 – here’s your decorating guide to get started

7 Living Room Trends for 2021
7 Living Room Trends for 2021

2020 was a rollercoaster and even though 2021 is no better, you are used to staying home and following social distancing norms. You have adjusted, adapted, and even flourished. You might even be thinking of giving your home a makeover, especially your living room. This room might be acting like your makeshift office, classroom for your children, and playroom when everyone needs a break.

When it comes to decorating and living room trends in 2021, you can be sure that the global pandemic is impacting décor choices and will continue to do so. Spending time at home has made people discover a newfound appreciation for their living spaces and this is reflecting in this year’s décor trends.

Looking for some fresh ideas that will help you get the most out of your living room? Take a look below.

  1. Frilly, Whimsical Details

Bid adieu to the sleek, stark pieces that have been around since 2010 and lean into grand-millennial, whimsical touches. For instance, pleated lampshades and such artistic pieces not only provide softness but also add a bit of warmth and drama.

You can also expect to see concrete ruffled tables or even ruffled slipcovered sofa at the sofa shop in Kolkata. The upholstery might be in a dream-like pattern and color. If you don’t wish to fully commit to this trend just yet, you can participate by getting whimsical side tables, cushions, coffee tables, or such pieces of furniture.

  1. Everything is about Comfort

After what everyone has been through in 2020, comfort is the one thing that is on everyone’s mind. It doesn’t matter whether you have a spacious living room or a small living room, your focus is going to be to make it cozy and comfortable. For that, you can fill it with comfy textiles, soft edges, earthy neutrals, and organic prints. The living room ought to be a place where you can unwind and relax. It should exude comfort. So, when it comes to furniture pieces, you can think of oversized ergonomic chaises, low-slung sculptural cloud sofas, elevated bean bags, and furry upholstery. These pieces are not only going to invite you but also help you make a design statement in the process.

  1. Natural Elements

Staying locked up for the most part of last year and also the better part of 2021 must have made you appreciate the beauty of the outdoors more than ever. Since you must be yearning for some time outside, you can bring the outside palette inside your living room by investing in natural elements. You can find ways to bring in more natural light. You can open the windows of your house and for your privacy, invest in good quality curtains. Also, you can make use of the window sills to grow plants or have a kitchen garden. You can incorporate greenery in your home by getting houseplants or you can be creative with it and have a wall dedicated to plants. Moreover, you can be close to nature by investing in furniture made of rattan, wicker, bamboo, or wood.

  1. Multifunctional Furniture 

Now that you’ve seen that your living room can also serve as your office room and also a classroom for your children, you know that your furniture pieces have to work hard. This is why the growing trend is multifunctional or multipurpose furniture pieces that are making people rethink their living spaces. With such pieces of furniture, your living room can become flexible and can be accommodated to all of your needs. Your living room will be transformed into the workhorse of your home and not just a room that is used to entertain guests.

  1. A bit of Wall Art Dedicated to Wanderlust

Maybe it’s finally time to frame those holiday pictures and hang them up on your wall. This is what most people are doing as they miss going out on family vacations and holidays with friends. So, they are taking out all of their old pictures, framing them, and dedicating one wall to just wall art consisting of picture frames. You can get the picture frames in creative, artistic design so that whoever visits your home, gets stunned. 

If not picture frames, you can also get wallpaper that represents traveling and dedicate one wall in your living room for that. You will get wallpapers in myriad colors, patterns, and designs.

  1. Plenty of Texture is Key

The bold colors and patterns are being skipped this year in favor of textured, subtle details. Upholstered pieces like ottomans, chairs, and sofas are big this year as these kinds of details help to add warmth and personality. By using different textures and layers, you can even create a living room cum dining room. You can get a dining table set in Kolkata and to separate the two rooms, you can use a rug or carpet. Even if you have a separate dining space, you can still use rugs to make your living room appear warmer.

  1. Statement Art

Less is more, especially now when people want their living spaces to be de-cluttered so that they can breathe and make use of the extra space as reading corner, for practicing yoga, and so on. As such, homeowners are inclined toward investing in one or two statement art that will stand out so that the living room décor looks plush and fabulous without much effort or the need to get too many pieces of furniture. For example, you can get one modern chandelier and hang it in the living room so that all the attention is on the chandelier. Living room trends are hugely affected by the current scenario. If you have been thinking of giving your living room a makeover, this guide should provide you with some inspiring ideas to get started.