10 Cool Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers

10 Cool Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers
10 Cool Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers

There is nothing harder than coming up with a birthday party theme for your teen, especially if they are in the middle of their teen years. They are too old and too cool for classic pirate and price themes and not a lot of them will want to have their lame parents there. With that being said, birthday party ideas for teens are always welcome. So, if you are currently struggling to plan out something that your teenager won’t think is super lame, here are 10 cool ideas you can do.

Organise an Insta Party

We all know that teens are all about having that perfect Instagram feed. SO why not let them fulfill their Instagram dreams and throw them a party where they will be able to take some of the best photos. Provide them with a bung of cool outfits, makeup, and hair styling products and then let them have their fun photo session. You can get some fun props and backdrops at your local dollar store and all the teens will love it. Just make sure that the pictures they are taking are approved by all the parents first.

Challenge Party

If you have teen boys, there is nothing they will love more than seeing who is the toughest in the friend group. Set up different challenges that they will need to do such as guessing things blindfolded, apple bobbing, polygons, or even something as fun as the egg roulette. Even though it will mean that your house will be a bit messy the boys will definitely have some fun. Something that you have to look out for when you are creating a party like this is ensuring that no kid has allergies to the ingredients that you are using. Another thing that you should think about is not having too many people over as you need to make sure that you can keep things in control.

Hold a Dinner Party

If your teen wants something chill and relaxing with just a couple of friends, what is better than throwing them a cute dinner party. If they don’t want to go out to a fancy restaurant, you can make a fancy restaurant at home. Ask all the guests to put on their best fanciest outfits and serve them some amazing food. Get everything from their favourite food, desserts as well as sparkling juice to be served as champagne. Be the chef and server that night and it will be super fun. Make sure that you are ensuring that no child has an allergy or food sensitivity to what you are serving them.

Make A Dance Party

For those who have teens that are into dance and being silly, why not host a dance party birthday. The key to not making a lame party is choosing the perfect playlist. If you are not sure what type of music is popular right now, think about hiring a DJ. You can add a tone of different fun games that you can play such as limbo, red light green light game, and many many more. If you play the right songs, they will play any game and have fun.

Glow in the Dark or Neon Party

Something that both genders will have a lot of fun with is a glow in the dark or neon party. All you will need are black lights. We all have things that glow in the dark, decorations as well as food that will light up under the light. There are so many fun things they will be able to do or just let them sit, talk and dance. Make sure that there are enough glow sticks, bracelets, and necklaces for every kid who is coming to the party. Another thing that you can do to make it more fun is telling them to put on outfits that will react to the black light. But that is not all, if you want to take it up to a whole new level, you can hire professional face painting to do cool face looks that will glow in the dark.

A Classic Sleepover

No matter how old they are, sleepovers will never go out of style. These are great if they like to lay low and want to have just a couple of their closest friends over. Give them good movies, snacks, takeout as well as some amazing desserts they want and you will have the happiest teen ever.

Game Night Party

If you have a teen who likes to play board games, you can make a game night birthday party. Make sure that you have their favourite game and get their friends who you know will want to play a game like that. Get snacks, fizzy drinks as well as their favourite junk food.

Movie Night

For those parents who have teens that don’t like to have a lot of people over, why not host a movie marathon of their favourite saga. Get their closest friends and provide them with enough snacks such as chips, popcorn or wherever their favourite movie snacks are. If you don’t want to pay a subscription fee just for one movie night, there are ways you can download movies for free.

Beach Picnic

Something that has been really popular, especially around places that are near beaches is beach picnics. All you need is a beach table and some chairs as well as a place where you can make a bonfire once the sun is down. Serve simple finger foods that they can easily eat and share and a nice dessert of their choice before whipping out the more kits.

A Shopping Spree Party

Who doesn’t like getting new clothes, especially in their teens? This is a great way to let them find their style while having some fun with their friends in a mall. Once they get tired take them to the food court and let everything have their favourite fast-food meal and continue shopping. Keep in mind that you should ask the other parents to send their kids some money so they don’t feel left out during this whole day.

As you can see, there are quite a few things that you can do for teen birthdays, but the most important thing that you can do is ask them what they want. There is nothing better you can do than give them a choice and listen to their opinion.