Ways to Find an Offshore Development Team

Ways to Find an Offshore Development Team
Ways to Find an Offshore Development Team

Outsourcing software development is the new norm for web developers to build software products. By outsourcing your project, companies will obtain qualified experts, a large talent pool, high-quality web solutions, and the latest technology development. The key to outsourcing success is finding the right offshore development team that has enough expertise and experience to help you meet your specific business goals. But the question is how do you find offshore developers which you can rely on?   

If you’ve decided to find offshore developers for your software project, you can potentially gain a high-quality product and save a lot of money. Businesses opt for remote developers instead of in-house development teams to gain quality code. To ease your work, we have compiled a guide on how to find and manage an offshore development team for your business. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Why hire an offshore development team?

Setting up an in-house development team for your business is a challenging task. It requires a huge amount of time, effort, and overhead costs to hire dedicated experts and professionals to manage them. So, businesses choose to focus on their core business activities and hire offshore development teams to take care of the software engineering process. 

Here are just a few reasons why it is beneficial to hire offshore developers:

  • Access to a Wide Pool Of Great Talent across the globe
  • Alleviated HR, administration, and infrastructure pains
  • Scales your business easier
  • You can choose different types of corporations depending on the level of control you want to keep
  • You can focus on other important tasks
  • Implements new and modern technologies easier
  • You can build your development team according to your business needs
  • Opportunity For New Incentives And Projects

However, make sure to take into consideration a few aspects to find, hire and establish successful projects with an offshore development team. So, let’s begin with how to find the most suitable outsourcing destination for your project.

How to find Offshore Developers for your Project?

1. Tech Company Directories

There are various online directories available for searching offshore development companies for your business such as Good firms, G2, Clutch, ITFirms, Upcity, and much more. All these tech company directories bring together software development contractors and create a list of top offshore companies. While searching, you can drill deeper into specific areas of expertise and obtain the company that does specifically what you need. 

2. LinkedIn Network

As we all know and are aware of LinkedIn. It is a global platform that is accessed by almost every professional offshore development company. Organizations who are in search of new talents need to know about this global platform which will help you to find a headhunting tool for clients and recruiters according to your business requirements. LinkedIn might not be the main resource for searching offshore developers, but it may be of great assistance.

Using this network, you can access the geographical situation of any business enterprise. You can also look for the employees’ data and their experience in working with the company. While contacting any offshore development team, make sure to review their recent projects and their activities.

3. Tech Talent Marketplaces

Although software development projects are said to be consuming the planet, web developers and technological resources are still scarce. It is a challenging task for major IT companies to hire the best engineers. The problem with solutions is how to ensure work will be productive and hire an individual who is a good fit for your development team. 

To escape from such issues, a marketplace for offshore tech talents comes to the rescue. It allows you to connect with individual developers at agencies with required companies who are looking to add one to their tech team through outsourcing. On the other side, the tech marketplace features profiles of each developer at the organizations in which it has collaborated.

4. Freelance Website

If you are a startup and a newbie in the market, then the first thing that comes to your mind is budget. If you have a limited budget and a small project, then you can always tend to look at freelancer sites. There are various online portals where you can contact an offshore development team and post job requirements. The one who will be interested in your post will connect you. 

Here are some of the most popular freelance sites:

  • Upwork and freelancers

Upwork and freelancers are the two most commonly used resources for finding offshore development teams. There is a rating system that can help you to get a proper understanding of their work quality. It handles the administration aspect of your collaboration with employees and allows you to focus on your core business activities. 

  • Toptal

Toptal is the best platform that will allow you to connect and collaborate with the development team before and during the project. It helps you to integrate businesses with potential contractors and build a strong bond between the partners. 

  • YouTeam

YouTeam is a marketplace for on-demand staff augmentation and to find the best candidates amongst developers. It helps tech companies to extend their development teams and ensures that the applicants have evidence of competency.

5. Connect with the Tech Community

Apart from freelancers and the tech marketplace, you can also connect with the tech community to find offshore developers for your business. You can make a post on any social platform describing your project requirements and situation. Share the post with your friends who are in the same field and ask them to share their experiences.

You can use Quora and Forums by applying search for any specific keywords. By doing so, you’ll get many responses from interested people, and then you can get in touch with them. But before hiring offshore developers, make sure to have a look at their previous work and ask for feedback on their performance.

6. Through Local Consultant

Numerous consultants concentrate on putting you in touch with the offshore development teams. They negotiate the rates of offshore developers and deal with them. These could be useful to you if you are not experienced in team management or areas related to IT.

Despite this, attend conferences and trade fairs, where you’ll find offshore development teams and make contact with the tech community to gather more information about remote workforce employment.

How to hire IT specialists for your business?

Step 1: Define your business goals

Before contacting any offshore development company, define all your goals and project requirements. It is an important step, but unfortunately, many businesses don’t take it seriously. 

Make sure you’re clear about – what type of developers do you need? What type of product do you want to create? What is your proposed budget? It is essential to identify such queries at an initial stage. Your requirements list and goals should be as precise as possible. 

Step 2: Evaluate the required skill set for the project

After defining your business goals clearly, now the next step is to evaluate the skill set required for your project. What skills should your development team have? What are they expert in? How is their level of knowledge? There are different types of developers such as web engineers, frontend developers, backend developers, mobile app developers, full-stack developers, and more. So, make sure your vendor’s skills match your project requirements. 

Step 3: Plan your budget

Lastly, discuss the cost of the project development and make sure that the development company that you’re contacting describes the services and infrastructure covered by the general costs.

Final Words

Hiring and managing an offshore development team is a challenging task. So, here we discussed 6 different ways to find offshore developers that will help you to overcome your business challenges and leverage your development team.

Are you planning to hire offshore developers? If so, then what are you waiting for? Go and grab the best offshore development company and start your project today!