Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tools For Promoting Your Products Online In 2021

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tools For Promoting Your Products Online In 2021
Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tools For Promoting Your Products Online In 2021

Social media is undoubtedly an essential part of our lives these days. The social platform was started with a simple motto to connect people globally, but now it is used for multiple purposes such as brand marketing, social sharing, etc. Today about 80% of the U.S. population have their presence on one or another social platform; hence it becomes the best medium for brands to quickly reach a vast audience base.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Great social media marketing doesn’t happen overnight. It is not just a sprinkle of different methods and a pinch of evergreen content. You need to put in; you need strong efforts to win the market and stay ahead of the business competition. Best social media marketing is just like an effective strategy that helps you achieve your targeted goals, hence build your social media marketing strategy effectively.

Also, measure and manage your brands’ presence on social media, helping you to have a strategic vision. It also allows you to know whether you need to update your social media marketing strategy and keep it updated as per the current practices, trends, and tools.

Social Media Management Tools: Check Why it is Important for Your Business

Today more than 77.6% of brands use social media to promote their business. Facebook is a top platform that is being used for marketing purposes. There are various ways that brands can consider to make their presence more robust and influential on social media platforms. They can even make use of social media management tools to promote their brand online. Advance features and functionalities of the tools make it easier for users to manage and handle everything more efficiently and provide an effective result to brands as per their desire.

Social Media Management Tools

Find whether the social media management tool is efficient and productive to provide you with the desired result. Get some answered such as:

Do the social media marketing tools help you manage your social account?

Are you getting better after using social media marketing tools?

Is social media marketing a tool that has helped you to make the multiple account managing processes easier?

There are few essential features that you need to find in social media marketing tool, these include:

  • Multiple accounts management;
  • Analytics;
  • Monitoring;
  • Scheduling.

Few criteria are being considered, especially when it comes to rating each social media marketing tools online; these criteria include:

  • Overall user satisfaction;
  • Product direction;
  • Easy-to-learn;
  • Customer support;
  • Usability;
  • Ability to meet brands’ needs.

Best Social Media Marketing Tools: Check Which to for Your Marketing Campaign?

Social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies for brand marketing. It helps you grow your brand’s visibility and create awareness without investing more money in various methods. However, when it comes to scaling up social media campaigns, you need some extra effort. You can not dominate social media without a perfect marketing tool in your arsenal.

Excellent social media marketing tools help you find more content to share. Use it to schedule posts at a perfect time and measure your brand’s campaign’s effectiveness. It also provides you with actionable insight to improve your social presence online and drive more customers towards your brand in no time.

1. Animoto

It is a social media marketing tool that helps you create professional-quality videos for marketers on social media. Animoto is the best option for creating engaging content. It offers you storyboard templates and a drag and drops design that is easy to use and simple to handle. You do not have to use the templates; instead, you can use the creative blank canvas to create a marketing video. Plus point of using Animoto is that it enables you to add text overlays throughout the video content you make.

More than 85% of video ads are being viewed without sound. And Animoto provides you with the flexibility to create a promotional video with sound as well. You can create a video showing the proper use of an app like instacart to guide users and make effective use of the platform for making purchases. It’s proven as a life shaving marketing tool that helps you stop scrolling numerous thumbs.

2. Venngage

Creating engaging content is a time-consuming task. You not only have to source the data but also need to compile the same on eye-catchy design. Venngage makes it easier for you to make a graphic design that helps you write a great post along with graphics.

Best Social Media Marketing Tools: Check Which to for Your Marketing Campaign?

Venngage is a common and most used tool for streamlining a content marketing portion. Reports show that creating visual content is one of the top priorities of marketing. More than 50% of marketers agreed that they would prefer to add visual content as it lessens their marketing efforts to a great extent.

3. Canva

It is one of the best social media marketing tools which every marketer would love to use. It helps users create stunning images for their marketing campaign; you can use it to jazz up content, so people share and like your post more than the traditional approach. The simple process of adding engaging and attractive images to your Tweet will boost retweets by 150% or more.


Plus point of using Canva is you do not need to possess talent as a graphic designer. Social media marketing tools offer you excellent graphics and ready-made templates which you can use at your convenience. It merely means you can easily create attention-grabbing images in just a few minutes. It also helps you generate customer images, including:

  • Feature images for articles and blogs;
  • Ebook covers;
  • Photo collages;
  • Presentation slides.

Canva is loaded with premium collaborative tools, making it easier for you to handle multiple things with ease.

4. Brand24

It gives you insight into what your targeted customers share about your brand. Brand24 provides you with instant access to specifying your brand anywhere on the web. It uses famous publishers and social media, making it easier for you to identify social influence people. The segment can easily be mentioned by positive, neutral, or negative mentions.

The survey shows that more than 67% of customers use a social network for customer support. You can use Brand24 to track conversations that are revolving around your competitions and make it in a positive way for your brand. It is a fantastic research tool that makes it easier for you to provide complete power to cater to your customers’ requirements efficiently.

5. BuzzSumo

It is a perfect and useful tool that helps you discover popular and new content on the web. It makes it faster for you to plug into any topic or select a keyword that enables you to drive more traffic and clicks to your brand. You can receive a breakdown of a popular trend in your business sector.

More than 60% of marketers find it challenging to create creative content; it eliminates the guesswork and timely research involved in finding winning topics. If you want to go viral with content? Then BuzzSumo gives you a list of influencers who share keyword-related content. Use engaging research ideas for content marketing as it helps you connect with top influencers in the market.

Summing It Up

Level up your social marketing campaign with the right social media marketing tool. Ensure you invest in the right marketing tool, helping you drive lead and success for your brand. Feature-rich tools help you optimize your social campaign and achieve more success in no time. There is an end number of tools that you can use to level up your social media marketing campaign.