6 Social Media Management Tools

6 Social Media Management Tools
6 Social Media Management Tools

There are various parameters, based on which the social media tools are made use of in adopting a robust social media content strategy. Here are a few discussed below:

Firstly, the tools must support the majority of the social networks, widely in use, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Secondly, getting started or the learning process must be more comfortable and faster. Thirdly, the content must be monitored and responded to directly from the platform. Fourthly, content planning, and sharing must be simple. The analytics and reporting must be easier to understand for any social media optimization company. Then, team coordination and communication must be efficient, and lastly, the price must be economical with a space for free trials, on offer.

Based on the above basic parameters, a few social media management tools are hereinbelow:

  • Sendible

Sendible is the tool that makes engaging with the audience easier, enables brand monitoring and helps to track results from one dashboard. It has a priority inbox that stores social messages and profiles these into a single stream for easier identification and taking appropriate action. It enables content scheduling and content curation. One of the most important features is its ability to analyze social media shared content and to recommend content most likely to attract a high following.

Another feature is RSS Auto Posting that allows publishing of quality content on social networks regularly from the blogs. The various organizing instruments such as smart queues enables organizing publishing dates, content recycling and community calendar, amongst other features.

Its pre-designed templates help any SMO services company in the creation of in-depth social media reports for clients. There are more than 250 modules available to create one’s statement to be sent via email regularly.

It helps in linking more than 20 websites or social medial platforms, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogger, etc. Being powered by Google, Sendible, through its advanced analytics, helps in getting RoI Analytics integration.

It has a range of subscription plans on offer that rely on several users and services required. It has customized solutions for larger organizations as well.

  • AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is an affordable tool meant for teams and agencies for any thriving SMO company. It is straightforward to operate and maintain. It works more or less similar to an email inbox that combines all the content at one place for more natural communication. Additionally, automated moderation rules can capture spam.

It also allows scheduling the tasks in advance and programme the posts to run periodically and sharing of favourite content repeatedly, which is enabled by queue function.

It is also time-saving through detailed performance reports, which enables doing away with checking each social media account. The period reporting date range can also be selected, and tap can be kept on conversion rate, customer service, community growth, etc. The while-label option allows custom branding for clients. The reports can view on-screen and if need be, downloaded to PowerPoint.

It works well with Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It comes with a wide range of customizable plans for SMO service providers.

  • eClincher

The one intuitive tool of eClincherenables managing pages, multiple accounts and groups, being beneficial for teams, agencies, media managers, marketing professionals, etc.

It has a Unified Social Inbox that collects social media messages and notifications at one place which disappear from the list after being responded. The Live Social Feeds allows monitoring of social media activities in real-time. The need for visiting each native platform and each connected social media profiles can be seen in one place and accordingly responded.

It also allows SMO service provider in proper scheduling of posts to multiple platforms that can be viewed as a smart calendar. The built-in image editor and integration ensures creating eye-catching imagery. It automatically shortens the scheduled post when it includes a URL. It also has Social Analytics module that allows monitoring social media activities impacting website traffic. It connects Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Blogger. It has a wide range of subscriptions for individuals, teams and SMO services companies, alike.

  • Hootsuite

It enables automatic scheduling of effective social content as also the management of social profiles on a single dashboard. An SMO service provider uses multiple streams and not inbox for engagement management, which is available for each social network for content monitoring.

The posts are scheduled through Auto Scheduling round-the-clock on social media. It also allows filling up the gaps by adding new posts, once any SMO company has recorded the content.

For team management, the team responses can be tracked, and performance resolution takes places via Facebook and Twitter. The reports can export in numerous formats such as PDF, CSV, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

It connects with major popular social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. It comes with a range of plans for consumer-specific requirements with Limited Free Plan, including Message Scheduling.

  • Sprout Social

It is a team specific tool providing engagement, publishing, analytics and collaboration. It has a Single Stream Inbox for all messages at one place. The words that it includes can be manually marked and hidden from the inbox to concentrate on current work requirements. As far as teams are concerned, the messages can be categorized by adding custom tags, filtering inbox and sharing the workload.

It allows scheduling, queuing, and publishing of messages to each social network from the browser extension, mobile apps, and web app. Its tool ViralPost allows the posting of messages at best times for maximum engagement. The shared content calendar can be used by any SMO services company to view and manage social posts across multiple networks.

It provides in-depth analytics and reporting allowing viewing networks, a profiles on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It comes with four monthly plans with a 30-day free trial.

  • Buffer

Bufferis a free social media tool with a lot on offer, coupled with the convenience of use.

It has a one-page modern interface to upload text, images, and videos, but the Instagram image galleries cannot be uploaded directly from the tool.

It connects with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter but needs to upgrade for posts on Pinterest.

It provides real-time analytics, but one needs to upgrade it to a paid plan for better reach and details. It also allows an SMO company in easily tracking the success of one’s marketing campaigns through Google Analytics integration.

The subscription depends on the nature of activity such as publishing or analyzing social media accounts as each are differently priced, depending upon volume.


Sensible has all the essential features and feels very refined.

eClincher can be said to be meant explicitly for overall features and includes both, the social media inbox and streams, as well.

Sendible and eClincher appear to be the most cost-effective from a large number of social accounts.

Sendible and AgoraPulse can be for team collaboration and cost-effective.

Sendible appears to be more refined and user-friendly in some areas, but AgoraPulse scores over it due to the added benefit of Facebook apps for social media contests.

Sprout Social possesses excellent team collaboration features but lags in its cost that may go out of control as the plans.

It’s significant to select the requisite tool for a particular purpose and budget.

Description: Every business needs to transform and evolve with social media marketing tools to thrive in this field. Here’s a list of top social marketing tools that are going to help you keep going.