Some Smart Ways of Getting the Most of Instagram as a Social Media Platform

It presents a tremendous marketing opportunity for all sorts of businesses across multiple industries and of varying sizes. However, several businesses are not yet active on Instagram or, for that matter, any other such powerful and marketing-friendly social media platforms. There are some paid, as well as some organic opportunities via Instagram that feature the targeting options of Facebook. Instagram ads are generated in three specific formats that are carousal, pictures, and videos.

Generate a Perfect Schedule & Stick to it

A great way of making the maximum use of Instagram is chalking out a posting schedule and sticking firmly to it. 

Instagram is not intrinsically formal. Moreover, organizations can expect certain relaxations about when they would be posting. However, you just cannot forget that scheduling is of pivotal importance for Instagram and all other social media platforms. You could create a posting schedule as per your convenience because there seems to be no strict or formal format regarding this. You could start by posting once in a week or every few days and observe how it goes. If you get some incredible social media outcomes, you could consider sticking to the set schedule, but if the outcomes are not as per expectations, you could consider tweaking the schedule.

Use Top-Quality Pictures Exclusively

You may assume that it is okay to share low-grade uninteresting images from time to time. You might have come across a really fumy meme you wish to share with your bosom friends online, but then it looks hazy and may look very bad. Make sure you would never share low-grade poor quality pictures or memes. You may consider using high-resolution top-grade photographs of your products or behind-the-scenes. Use everything top quality. You must consider clicking amazing quote pictures. You may opt for high-resolution and high-quality photos of your products, click exceptionally enticing pictures using smartphones, and ensure everything is top grade. You could generate amazing memes or quote images using Canva.

Use Relevant Hashtags & Use Them Frequently

Hashtags serve as lifeboats in terms of Instagram engagement. Hence, you need to use them frequently. As per, you must use hashtags. We understand that the proliferation of hashtags seems to be incredible. We realize that what had started on Twitter has been spreading across other social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Google Search, Instagram, and practically everywhere. Experts recommend using, which is a wonderful tool for examining relevant keywords or hashtags. You must start by typing in your specific primary descriptor word. You could see it as a host of similar words for use. Do not hesitate to use lots of hashtags. Quick Sprout demonstrates an astonishing statistic: Instagram posts having 11 hashtags usually obtain 71 percent more engagement. 

Embed Instagram Videos & Photos on Your Website

Another brilliant way of getting aspired outcomes from the Instagram account is embedding your videos and photos into your website. You could seamlessly do the integration using blog posts or getting a plug-in that would be connecting with your account. You may share and strategically place your pictures on your website’s side panel somewhere. This could be an excellent way of promoting your new account to regular visitors to your website, establishing your followers. Moreover, you could buy real Instagram likes online to boost your followers.

Identify & Utilize Some Helpful & Competent Instagram Apps

Instagram apps are the best for leveraging the power of Instagram. You should give importance to apps that help in boosting your presence. You have easy access to a plethora of apps for enhancing your photos. You could easily enhance your photography and get exceptional engagement and interaction from customers.

Instagram Ads are a Fantastic Boost for your Marketing Efforts

Free to use platforms like Instagram need to show ads to keep themselves afloat. Not all platforms do it well, but Instagram seems to have it down perfectly, as most users have agreed that their ads are non-intrusive for the most part, and quite often are relevant and interesting to them. This is exactly what you want as a marketer since users are likely to be more interested in your ads and always have the option to just scroll past them if they aren’t. Instagram’s ads platform brings forth a host of new ad formats that you can use, along with solid controls over reach and targeting, as well as for analytics tools for measuring the progress you’ve made over time.

Remember, No Links in Captions

When you’re talking about a specific subject, it only makes sense to want to leave a relevant link in the same post. Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can do on Instagram, since the platform won’t turn any links in post/video captions into actual clickable links. The result is a useless dud that will distract from the content of your caption and might even irritate your visitors if it is a very long link. The way to get around this is to have a landing page link set up in the “Link” section of your bio. You can then post about whatever you want and leave the call to action in the caption, saying anyone interested should follow the link in your bio.

Constant Vigilance over Analytics is the Right Way Forward

Instagram provides a lot of analytics, and these can be expanded upon using a host of third-party tools as well if you are so inclined. You must keep tabs of your analytics on a periodic basis so that you know exactly how well your brand is being perceived and how your marketing campaigns are going. See which posts are popular, how people engage with your profile, and look for ways you can tweak your strategy to get even better results. Keeping tabs this way is absolutely necessary, because it’s easy to lose track of the direction in which your marketing is going, and soon your results are nowhere near what you expect.


Instagram is easy to grasp and get started with, and you can spend a lot of time and money on marketing, but at the end of the day, it is all about the content. Remember to stay true to the visual core of the platform, and make fun, attractive, and appealing content to actually reel in followers. Once you do have a loyal audience, remember to do right by them and actually serve them value through your content.