Tourism in Australia: don’t forget the ETA !!!

Tourism in Australia: don't forget the ETA !!!
Tourism in Australia: don't forget the ETA !!!

Australia is a beautiful land that makes you want to be visited. To do this, however, it is important to be well informed about the procedures necessary to avoid running into problems of any kind. On the Australian website, you will find all the useful information for the visa, a basic element for entering Australia: the ETA.

Australia is the sixth country in the world with an area of ​​almost 8,000,000 sq km. It is characterized by a fascinating blend of native vegetation and fauna. Among the most characteristic plants is the omnipresent rubber tree or eucalyptus, present with about 700 species. Other common plants are acacia, banksia, waratah, and shrubs such as callistemonigrevillea and saltbush. Endemic animals include the kangaroo, koala, and emu, as well as platypus, echidna, possum, wombat, and dingo. In Australia, the seasons follow one another in reverse order from Europe: summer begins in December, autumn in March, winter in June, and spring in September.

Known as Down Under, the official name of the Commonwealth of Australia, Australia is the sixth-largest nation in the world. Completely surrounded by the ocean, it is formed by the Mainland which includes the mainland and the main island, by Tasmania and other smaller islands, and by Heard Island

The visa to enter Australian territory:

In Australia there are very precise rules regarding stays and, to begin with, it is appropriate to make a difference between the Australian eta visa and the eVisitor visa for Australia. These are related to the types of relationships that exist between Australia and other countries. A further difference is related to the reason for which access to Australian land is requested. Visas are valid for one year during which it is possible to travel back and forth from Australia; the stay cannot last more than three months unless the permit is extended upon request. The two types of permits differ according to the type of passport one possesses and therefore the country from which one comes. We must never forget that these visas do not allow you to work, but are essential for tourism. British residents in the USA must apply for the eVisitor type of visa, an electronic residence permit that allows you to travel to Australia. There are two types of visa:

  • Australia tourist visa: useful for those who want to take a vacation, study, or visit friends or relatives;
  • Australia Bussines visa: useful for trips where negotiations have to be concluded or to attend seminars or conferences, never to work.

Tourism in Australia:

Once the problem of the visa for Australia has been solved, the age, which allows you to stay in this beautiful country and which can also be requested directly online from the website, you can start planning your holidays down to the smallest detail. Australia is full of places to visit and activities suitable for any type of traveler.

It is, in fact, possible to go to cities like Sydney, Melbourne or to places like the Great Barrier Reef, Kangaroo Island, or the Great Ocean Road.

Australian Cities:

Sydney is certainly one of the most popular cities for tourists for the mixture of contemporary, modern, and ancient, historical elements. It juts out into the south-eastern part of Australia and offers many, wonderful beaches on which to lie down and relax. It has a pleasant climate throughout the year and many suggestive places to visit such as the historic center which boasts about 200 years of history.
Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, is the best city to live in thanks to its great capacity to host people of all races and religions. In this wonderful city, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is possible to find impressive architectural monuments that give character to the place and street art is very much alive with a considerable number of murals. Is the ETA ready? So a good trip!