Top Hair trends of 2021 !!!

Top Hair trends of 2021 !!!
Top Hair trends of 2021 !!!

2021 is about to make its grand entry, and everyone is celebrating the farewell of the year 2020.

Hands down, 2020 has been one of the most twisted years in the history of humanity, but, with the ending of this year, everyone is keeping high hopes for the next year.

It’s rightly said that changing your hair is a personification of changing your life. A woman changes her hairstyle when she is about to bring an evolution in her life, and I believe that 2021 is going to be the year of great change and high ideologies and also bring more business to parlour and salons as well which took a severe hit in this pandemic.

A change in one’s hairstyle not only amps up their looks game, but also adds an essence of freshness, change, and positivity towards the future.

While the entire 2020 passed away in mundane, messy tied hair-buns or braids, yearning our frequent visits to not only to our best friends but also the best friends of our hair- our hairstylists, 2021 brings along with it the opportunity to again experiment and play with our hair, bringing them back to life!

Well, this calls for a quick catch up with some long-forgotten as well as new-in-market hair trends, which we can resort to when we next visit the salon nearby or even try at home! 

So, let’s have a look at the hair trends for 2021 that we can add to our bucket list:

Trendy Hairstyles of 2021

  • Twist it out

While it is long we have tried experimenting with our hair, it is not a bad idea to start with something which is both super easy as well as glamorous and is sure to give a subtle and glamorous look to our hair.

Twist out is one of the most simple methods to attain a wavy texture without any natural or artificial heat imposed on the hair.

As easy as it sounds, it just requires you to install twisters all throughout your hair and allow them to sit overnight. Just remove them carefully in the morning and you are all-ready with gorgeous wavy hair to flaunt all throughout the day!

  • Blunt bob and textured bob

Short hair seems to be the vibe of 2021, as the experts claim. While we already can see all around us cutting it short, from our friends to our favorite influencers, Bobs are predicted to be the charm of 2021.

Also, adding texture to the Bob strands can make the look even interesting as well as out of the box. The texture can also be added to the natural trends and attained in minutes by simply applying a dime-sized amount of hair mousse, evenly through the damp strands followed by scrunch and go!

  • Bangs – side swept and curtain

For all those adventurous souls who chopped their own bangs during the lockdown, you can be happy to know that Bangs are genuinely set to be the trend of 2021!

Side-swept bangs are going to be trendy for serious, highlighting your looks like a pro. Those with bigger foreheads can certainly opt this trend, as it shifts the focus from the forehead to the eyes.

Not only this, Curtain-bangs with their long sides and wispy ends are also a supremely good option for framing your face perfectly.

  • Bob with choppy layers

Bob haircut is not the only way you can go stylish! If you want to glam up your look continuing to treasure your long hair, then lobs with choppy layers are your rescue.

This look is suitable for thin as well as fine hair and also welcomes texture in the strands, to give your makeover the complete feels.

Hair colours

  • Silver purple hair

It is all the rage right now, from Hollywood celebrities to college-going students, everyone is aspiring to have this hair colour. A very poppy, quirky, and trendy colour, this will set your personality in just the right mood.

  • Rose brown hair

It is a hair colour that can never go out of the trends. Inspired by Disney princesses, this magnificent colour looks great in braids and open hairstyles. Something to go for, if you want to look stylish but also quite feminine.

  • Grey hair

It is a hair colour that people have started picking up from the splendid K-pop bands. A much-celebrated hair trend, it is making noise amongst the youngsters. 

  • Milk chocolate layers

Colour trends are stealing the limelight today. Light white coloured streaks of hair give a voluminous effect to the hair, along with highlighting the brown colour of the hair. This hair-color is an interesting new trend that could be given a try.

Hair accessories

  • Hair clips

Old is gold, right? While fancy hair clips have been the charm for our hair during our childhood, it does not mean that we can’t rock them equally enough in our adulthood.

Barrettes can beautifully add a chic touch to your hair-dos! Wear them criss-cross or on the side of your hair, or clip back a few strands with the rest of the hair left open and you are all set to look chic and cute at the same time.

  • Hair extensions

While both short and long hair looks are at par when it comes to the hair trends for 2021, hair extensions are the way out with which we can switch to any look we wish to try all throughout the year!

Hair extensions can be a win-win situation with long hair in the day for your chic look and short hair at night for that long-awaited party.

  • Lace front wigs

The lace front wig is gaining prominence in the beauty world, as it is a protective way with which you can allow your hair to experience any hair colour, cut, texture or style.

With these wigs, you can keep your natural hair safely tied back, and at the same time rock any look you wish to.

So, now that we have an insight into what can be the most trendy hair look for 2021, it is time to prepare for it and dive into a new look and a more confident personality! Pick your own look or hair trend and play with your hair, keeping it safe and healthy.