How to get the holiday work permit in Australia?

How to get the holiday work permit in Australia?
How to get the holiday work permit in Australia?

Do you want to work abroad in a multicultural and dynamic context? Do you like difficult challenges? Aren’t you afraid of moving thousands of kilometers away from Canada to make your dreams come true? If you answered yes to all these questions and you love living in hot countries all year round, Australia is the perfect place to work.

In this complete guide on how to work in Australia I will list the reasons why it is convenient to live in this country, which are the main languages ​​that are spoken, which are the permits and documents required to work, which are the most requested professions, therefore which are the job sites on which you can apply for open positions.

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It pays to live

Before leaving for such a distant journey and starting a new life on the other side of the hemisphere, you must carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of such an important choice. What is good for you may not necessarily be good for others and it is true that many Canadian have made a fortune in Australia, but not everything is so obvious, quite the contrary.


• Liveability. According to a study by The Economist updated to 2017, Melbourne is the most human-sized city in the world. Among the top ten there are also Perth and Adelaide, which are always Australian cities, confirming that the new continent lives better than elsewhere;

• The job opportunities. Unemployment in Australia is very low: it stands at around 5%;
• Meritocracy. In the labor market there is a rule according to which those who deserve go ahead. It is not difficult to come across very young managers who have been able to demonstrate their skills right away. On the contrary, it is possible to start a career even after the age of 30 or after the age of 40;
The nature. The natural spectacles that this huge island is able to offer are priceless;
• The culture. Australians are very friendly, they are not cold at all and in this they are very similar to Canadian;
• Health care is public and free. In Australia it is called Medicare and has a 2% tax that applies to the income of residents and citizens. Those with an income of less than approximately A $ 21,000 are exempt from paying the tax. Medicare does not cover dental costs and ambulance transport, but many residents take out private insurance for this.


• Remoteness. Canadians is not just around the corner. It is located on the other side of the world. Air flights last from Rome to Sydney over 20 hours and from Milan to Sydney over 21 hours. Both with a stopover. The distance could also be relative, if the air costs were low, but unfortunately for such a long flight the expense is very important. This will not allow you to go home often unless you have a high enough income;
• The tongue. English is spoken in Australia and, although this language has been taught in Canada for many years since primary school, not everyone has a good knowledge. The ideal would be to leave in Australia having at least a good foundation and then perfect the language there;
• Getting a work visa is not easy. Australia is known for its strict entry policies and you must have an employment contract with a company that sponsors you.
• The cost of living is higher than in Canada, but not too much and in any case adequate for what you earn. Salaries are related to the cost of living, the minimum wage is about $ 15 per hour. Salary rising for qualified professions.

What languages ​​are spoken

Australian English is spoken, which internationally is ironically defined as Strine, it is a variant that does not differ much from classic English. Chinese and Canada are also widespread, due to the migratory flow that took place in the last century. However, this does not mean that you just need to speak Canadians to move to Australia: basic knowledge is more than necessary.

To go to Australia, you need:

• Entry visa;
• Candians passport or passport from your country of origin.
• There are different types of visas:
• Travel visa;
• Study visa;
• Working Holiday Visa (WHV).
Visa for work (Sponsorship Visa), which in turn is divided into specific visas for each type of work. This is the visa you can get if you have already found a company that wants to hire you and sponsor you.

You can apply for a visa directly online, through the Australian Government website, here you can enter your requirements and also find out what type of visa you need to apply for in your case.

The Service Center for Europe (ESC) can also help you: fill out the online form to request information on the visa (select the shortcut) or write via email or call the Visa Office.

To move to Australia, you need a company that sponsors you, that is an employer who can demonstrate that they have entered into a contract with you and therefore needs your presence in Australia. This way you can easily get the Sponsorship Visa.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find work even before leaving.

• The Working Holiday Visa;
• The Skilled Worked Visa (Visa for skilled work);
• Tourist accommodation work or au pair work with an Australian family.

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Working Holiday Visa (WHS):

It is a visa that costs only 365 Australian dollars  that you can only apply for if you are not yet 31 years old.

At the end of the first year, if you have not yet found a company to hire you and sponsor you, you can renew it for a further 12 months, as long as you are willing to work on a farm (the so-called “farm”). In fact, in farms there is a high demand for work and the government grants an additional year only if you are willing to work for at least three months in the agricultural sector.

Thanks to this visa, you can stay in Australia for two years, enough time to look for accommodation, improve your English and finally a permanent job. It is the system most used by young people all over the world. You can apply for the WHS directly online before leaving, on the National Visa website; where you can also find other useful information.

Skilled Worked Visa

In Australia there is a list of so-called “authorized professions” and if you belong to one of these, you can move even if you do not have a sponsor (ie a company that sponsors you) by applying for the Skilled Worked Visa. The following are part of the authorized list.

• Cartographer;
• Chemist;
• Dental hygienist;
• Engineer;
• Optometrist;
• Veterinary.

For more information you consult with us

The following requirements are therefore necessary:

• Degree in the aforementioned subjects;
• Certify with the IELTS test,
• Work experience of minimum three years;

The cost of the visa for qualified personnel is higher: they are 2,499 US dollars, about 1,600 euros. You can apply for the SWV directly online before leaving, on the National Visa website; where you can also find other useful information.

Tourism or au pair work
However, you will need to find an employer as soon as possible to hire you on a permanent basis and sponsor you.

Most requested trades
In Australia, too, there are professions that are more in demand and others less. If you are on this list, you have a better chance of finding a well-paid job:

Job offers
To find work in Australia, start with these 10 websites:

• APS Job. Government site for working in the Australian public administration;
• Harvest Trail. Government site for a job search in the “farm”, Australian farms;
• Job search. Government site for searching for various jobs;
• Gumtree. Site for finding jobs of all kinds and which also allows you to buy objects or find a home;
• Hotel careers. For job search in restaurants and hotels;
• Jobaroo. Ideal for looking for a seasonal job, useful for obtaining the Working Holiday Visa;
• Job For Traveler. Also dedicated to seasonal jobs.
• Jora. It is an ad aggregator;
• Seek. To search for jobs in all sectors.