What To Do If You Are In The US After 90 days With An ESTA?

What to do if you are in the US after 90 days with an ESTA

Travel to the US is accompanied by a lot of restrictions and the CBP and DHS are usually very strict at imposing them. This applies to everyone who travels to the US. While citizens of all other countries need a Visa for traveling to the US, those under the VWP require an ESTA. The ESTA is not a Visa, but you can request ESTA for America (esta aanvragen voor amerika) at estavisumamerika. If you are traveling for tourism or business purpose. However, with an ESTA, you can stay for only 90 days in the US at a time.

You must keep this in mind when you put up your ESTA request. If you need to be in the US for a longer period, you will need to have a Visa, even if you are from a VWP country. You can, however, visit the US repeatedly with an approved ESTA America, and each time you can stay for 90 days or less. You shouldn’t break this rule at any cost because the consequences can be severe. You can be booked for an illegal stay, deported to your country, have your ESTA denied, and entry to the US in the future may become difficult.

Emergencies and unplanned overstays with an ESTA

You may be a law-abiding citizen and may have made plans accordingly to exit the US before the period of 90 days is over. But no one can account for emergencies and unforeseeable events while making an ESTA request (esta aanvragen). Accidents, natural calamities, illnesses, man-made situations, and others can delay your departure by days and you may have to overstay in the US. This can be a concern to you. However, you should know that if you had to extend your stay in the US beyond the 90-day limit because of an emergency of any sort, you needn’t be much worried. You can simply present the associated documents of proof to the authorities and explain why you had to overstay. You will most likely have easy access to the airport for a flight back home.

However, it certain cases, you may have to explain yourself. There is no need to fear this. Remember that the authorities simply want to verify whether the overstay was genuine. Usually, when you request ESTA for America, it is suggested that you keep your itinerary as short as possible. It is best to some time in hand for contingencies. This can save you from unnecessary hassles.

What to do if you need help?

If you are traveling with an ESTA America (esta amerika)and have overstayed in the US, you will be questioned by authorities at the airport. If you are detained, you may have to seek help. Your embassy is where you should go. Your embassy is supposed to help you in any way possible when you are stuck in a foreign country. They will get in touch with the US officials so that you are allowed to travel back to your country safely. However, this may affect future ESTA approvals. If the authorities feel that you have overstayed on purpose, you may not get an ESTA approval in the future. So, try to head back home as soon as the purpose of the visit is fulfilled.