The 8-step Guide to Hire React Native Developers for your Start-up

The 8-step Guide to Hire React Native Developers for your Start-up
The 8-step Guide to Hire React Native Developers for your Start-up

Mobile applications are the king of this internet era. The exponential growth on the internet has made them rule all the industry sectors. Besides, business owners want apps that work on iOS and Android platforms and offer visibility to a broad audience.

Hiring React Native developers is the right choice. The React Native technology allows you to develop scalable and budget-friendly mobile apps. In addition, the developers have enough soft skills to add success to your brand.

React Native Apps are easy to update, maintain and support. If you have chosen React Native as your technology and are looking out for suitable developers, keep reading. This article will help you hire the best React Native Developers by following 8 simple steps.

8 Step-by-step Guide to Hire React Native Developers

To find the most perfect React Native developer for your start-up, you have to follow a few steps to analyze, test, and finally hire the right one. 

Step-1 – Create Job Description

An attractive job description attracts the best React Native developer. So try to make the job you are offering and working for your company as attractive as possible. Moreover, before you start framing the job description, be clear about what you expect from your candidate.

You can split the requirements into two; Must-have and Nice-to-have. In this case, you will be able to scrutinise the candidates and hire the best React Native developers for your business. 

Undoubtedly, a Job Description is the first thing your candidates will have in contact before they apply. So it is essential to allow your tech to review the Job Description.

Step-2 – Sourcing – Confirm the Place to Find React Native Developers

There are several locations in which you can post your job description and attract potential candidates. However, below are a few better and reliable places you can post and hire a React Native developer.

  • Referrals – The power of hiring React Native developers through referrals is extraordinary. All you need to do is ask your development team to share the requirements with their friends.
  • Remote Development Companies – There are many React Native App development companies that offer developers for hire. However, if you have good research skills, you will find the perfect React Native App Development company that offers React Native developers for hire.
  • Recruitment Websites – Recruitment websites are one-stop solutions that help you recruit the best talents. But, all you need to do is post your requirement along with the job description. 

Step-3 – Determine the Cost to Hire React Native Developers

Setting a budget to hire React Native would help you find the developers that fit your business needs. The standard and cost of the React Native developers differ from country to country.

Therefore, set the hourly cost you can afford for your developers and look out for places that come between those cost bracket. Countries like Ukraine, India and China offer the lowest cost per hour developers. However, the developers in India have excellent standard and good quality of work.

Step-4 – Set Benchmark for Coding Skills

Benchmarks help you identify the right talent and hire without any discrimination. So, invite a developer from your team to take the test and fix the mark achieved in the result as the benchmark. By following this, you will be able to scrutinise the potential developers effortlessly.

You can also use several tools to set the benchmark considering the difficulty level of codes.

Step-5 – Shortlist your React Native Developers

Shortlisting is the most tedious process while hiring developers. However, without shortlisting, hiring the best React Native developer is impossible. Below are a few factors by which you can shortlist your candidates instantly.

  1. Reviewing CVs
  2. Telephone/video interview
  3. Check portfolios
  4. Check communication skills
  5. Hard skills and soft skills
  6. Adaptability and quick learning

Step-6 – Technical Screening

Technical screening is inevitable while choosing developers. Every developer assures quality coding. However, the question is, can they really code? If yes, how well can they code?

Technical screening helps you to validate the expertise and experience of your React Native developer. You can give them a set of tech questions to answer or give them a small part of the project to analyze how they work technically to achieve a successful result. 

You can also leverage the help of platforms to offer a fully secure testing environment for your potential candidates. 

Step-7- Soft Skills Interview

The React Native developer must not only be equipped technically but also with the right soft skills. Because Soft Skills help the developer to sustain an organization. However, most of the recruiters overlook these skills.

To understand the soft skills, you have to conduct a non-technical interview. During this interview, your HR team can evaluate the React Native candidate’s behaviour to find if they will be the best fit for the company.

A few of the questions are as follows:

  • Tell me a situation when you….
  • Describe about the time when you…
  • Do you have any experience in…

Step-8- Technical Interview and then Hire

The final step to Hire React Native Developers for Your Start-up is a technical interview. Members of your development team participate in this interview to interview the definitive list of candidates. A React Native developer must be proficient in cross-platform app development. 

Therefore, all the technical interview questions will be focused on problem-solving and understanding the efficiency to build Android and iOS apps. Moreover, a technical interview gives you the space to check the candidate’s hands-on experience. 

You can also ask the candidate to live coding interviews to make the technical interview process easier for the candidate and you. If all the above process ends up successfully, you can hire the best developer experienced in React Native app development.

Wrapping Up

The process of hiring React Native developers can be a tedious process. However, if you follow the above-mentioned 8-step guide, you can effortlessly hire React Native developers in a few moments.

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You can get a free 1-week trial to test the expertise of the React Native developers and then hire them at a pocket-friendly cost. What are you waiting for? Follow the step-by-step guide to start hiring and save 60% of the development cost.