Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300 – A Key to Fulfil Your Dream to Marry Your Australian Partner

Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass

If you have obtained Australian citizenship, or the Permanent Residency Visa, or if you have become an eligible New Zealand citizenship and want to marry your Australian partner (also applicable for same-sex marriage), you will have the option to sponsor him or her for a Partner Visa Subclass 300. Here we discuss all the conditions and what you should do to make a successful visa application.

Conditions For This Visa

Specific conditions for the Visa Subclass 300 are as follows.

a. Including children in a combined application is allowed.

b. Your sponsor should not have any previous offense charges or convictions.

c. You and your marrying partner should be at least 18 years of age, and you have to take the responsibilities of sponsoring your partner. Suppose you had come to Australia with a Woman At Risk Subclass 204 visa at any time within the last 5 years, and now you want to sponsor your partner with whom you have a relationship before obtaining that visa, and you had not mentioned it to the Department of Home Affairs.

d. Both of you two should have met in person after you have crossed 18 and have come to know each other privately by meeting in person. The Department of Home Affairs is stringent on it, and meeting in person does not mean meeting with your love through social networking platforms like WhatsApp, WeChat, or Skype.

What Should You Do To Get The Visa Smoothly?

In such partner visas, you have to prove the genuineness of the relationship. Partner Visa Subclass 300 is a prospective partner visa on which the Department of Home Affairs focuses. To make the job smooth, you can contact ISA. ISA can provide you with a qualified migration consultant in Perth. You may follow the steps we discussed here.

Before You Apply

For all kinds of visas, fulfilling all the health conditions is mandatory. Before you apply for the visa, you must take all the health examinations. In other ways, you may wait for the Department of Home Affairs to call you. Various health check-ups that you have to go through include checks for Hepatitis B, tuberculosis, and other contagious and chronic diseases.

You have to decide whether you will take help from any migration agency to smoothen your visa application process. Immigration and visa consultants prove to be highly beneficial because they have years of experience handling various types of cases. ISA can help you find a suitable migration agent of Perth, with whose help you can minimize the chances of committing common mistakes and omissions. The most important fact you have to keep in mind is that you have to inform the Department if you wish to help immigration services.

Arrange Your Documents In Proper Order

Following documents will be required at the time of application. Ensure that you have got all the documents in your hand much before your Subclass 300 application process starts.

a. Identity documents: Your primary identity document will be your current passport. Besides a passport, a national ID card can also be uploaded. You must make sure that you have uploaded those pages of your passport that include your name, residential address, parents’ names, and date of birth. If there is any variation in the name, you should consist of solid evidence of that change.

b. Documents about the relationship: Two people you have known for a long, should submit valid declarations in the Form numbered 888. They should confirm that they have also learned about you and your relationship with your partner. These two persons should also be older than 18 years of age.

c. Additional documents that confirm the relationship: Additional documents include written statements that will provide the history of your relationship, including your first meeting and the proof that you will want to marry your partner when the visa remains valid.

d. Documents about your former relationships: Were you in any marital or a de-facto relationship in the past? If yes, then you have to provide evidence of divorce or breakup in the Form of separation documents or statutory declarations. 

e. Character documents: All the applicants whose age is more than 16 years have to submit necessary character certificates. Character assessment is included in Form No. 80. You have to fill up that Form.

f. Dependents aged less than 18: If you have any dependent whose age is less than 18, a consent letter for him or her should be submitted. Don’t worry; you can get this consent form in Form No. 1229, which you will need to upload with your application.

g. Dependents aged more than 18: With this visa, you can also add your dependent children even if they are above 18 and below 23. But there are few conditions that you should comply with. Your children must be full-time students and entirely dependent on you for their various financial needs. If any mentally or physically challenged child is conditional on you for survival, there is no age restriction.

At The Time Of Visa Application

When you apply for Partner Visa Subclass 300, you must not be inside Australia for any reason. It is one of the mandatory requirements to be granted a visa.

What Will Be The Outcome Of Your Visa Application?

There are two direct outcomes that you can receive – approval and denial.

a. If your visa application gets approved, you will receive your grant letter in written form. You will get the visa approval number in the letter, which you will use for further procedures. You will also get the start date of your visa and other conditions.

b. And if your visa application gets rejected, the Department will detail all the reasons and the following procedure to apply for a review. ISA Migrations is always there to help you with any query. They have a team of Immigration Agent Perth who can help you.