How to Apply For Online E Visa in India?

How to Apply For Online E Visa in India?
How to Apply For Online E Visa in India?

India has impressive architecture and environmental sights, iconic places like the TajMahal in Agra, and the winter Weather Mountains in the Himalayas.

Want to visit India and thinking it’s difficult to get the visa! It’s no longer complicated to apply visa for India! As of 2020 & 2021, there have been three tourist visas for India that you may use for – 30 Days, 1 Year, and 5 Years.

How often does an Indian visa cost? Prices seem to differ a lot to get the visa. Here’s step-by-step guidance on applying for an Indian visa online so that users can get an Indian e-tourist visa no matter where you’re from. That’s how to have a visa for India from the UK or from almost every nation and us!

Many nationalities (except Bhutanese and Nepalese citizens) will require a visa to visit India in the context of electronic Indian access (e-Visa) from November 2014.

What is the e-Visa of India?

The Indian e-Visa is for tourists traveling to India on a brief sightseeing tour, seeing friends or family, short-term healthcare, or informal business activities.

The five forms of eVisa are just as follows: e-Tourist e-Business, e-Medical Assistant, or e-Conference.

This visa is applicable for 30 days, one year, or five years from the date of your arrival in the country and requires a double entry visa (for e-Tourist or e-Business), a single entry visa (e-Conference), or even a triple entry visa (e-Medical). It is indeed non-extendable or non-extendable.

People can request and pay online between 4 to 120 days before their arrival date in India; however, no later than four days before arrival, or else the request will not be accepted.

That eVisa is applicable for entry via 26 designated airports and five marinas in India, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Goa. The complete list of airports and seaports allowed for eVisa could be seen here.

Who will be eligible to obtain an e-visa from India?

  • E-visa is given to visitors entering the country for leisure, short-term business trips, medical care, and family visits.
  • The Passport must have two blank pages and a period of validity of at least six months.
  • Prints of the valid ticket, together with the length stated in the form.
  • A specific visa is required for infants and young children.

Tips Before You Apply to an Indian e-Visa

It is necessary to complete your visa application absolutely and precisely. Otherwise, it may be denied.

Before actually applying for online e-visa for India, please ensure the following:

  • The validity of the Passport. Your passport will be active for a period of 6 years.
  • Visa Pages, Your Passport must have at least two blank pages of visa processing.
  • Available funds. You must have enough funds to remain in India (this is seldom questioned), as well as a ticket home or an onward ticket.
  • You’ll also be required to have the following information on your computer:
  • Personal photograph. This is supposed to be a new, clear picture of your face only with a white background. The format of JPEG is needed.
  • Image of the Passport. It should be only your main passport page containing your name, date of birth, nationality, etc. The PDF file format is needed. If you need help update the picture of your Passport to a PDF

How am I going to get it?

The immigration process can sound complicated but don’t worry. It’s relatively easy! Here it is subdivided into four short steps:

1. Please apply online. You may need to use your application with a personal photo in the passport section.

2. Pay your Visa Fee. Credit or debit cards are approved for payment online.

3. Get an e-Visa. The Visa will sent to you via e-mail.

4. Visit India now. You’re going to need to print the Visa and take it with you at the time of your trip.

Applying to an Indian Visa Online Application Form

When you have all these papers, you can request a tourist visa. The very first stage is to fill out an online visa application form. The online application process for an Indian visa requires applicants to indicate their information, including name, date of birth, address, and much more. Be sure you check in all the required fields in the form. A document that is not correctly filled out can lead to denial. Also, verify that the details you enter in the form must be correct and in the format you like as stated in the form.

Details on the signature and type of Visa required must be compatible with any listings made on other related and valid documents. It is recommended that the applicant should thoroughly review and verify the details entered on the e-visa application form before submitting it. It is crucial because no changes to the data are allowed until the form has been submitted.

When the form has been appropriately filled out and submitted mostly on the website, you will then need to schedule an interview with the Indian Mission or the Indian Diplomat within your nation at the appropriate time. This phase is not right for e-Visa applications.

Printing of this material, together with the e-application form, fees, and supporting documentation, must be sent to the Indian Mission mostly on the interview date. Throughout the case of an e-Visa, the Indian Board of Internal Affairs shall accept the application for just a visa upon confirmation of the data. The user will receive an eVisa by mail. If some fee is required to pay, this can be produced using the approved e-payment method.

Collect your Visa upon approval

At last, after receiving a travel visa either via the Embassy of India or online, it will take about three working days for the application to be processed. Once authorized, you can receive your Visa from the corresponding Indian Mission Office. Candidates for the visa to India can obtain it directly from their email Id.


You will need a visa unless you decide to visit India for holiday or business purposes. The Indian Government has made applying for a visa easier by implementing an e-Visa or an online application for an Indian visa. The all above step-by-step guide helps you easily be used for an Indian Tourist Visa.