Is It Feasible To Invest In Co-Working Spaces?

Is It Feasible To Invest In Co-Working Spaces?
Is It Feasible To Invest In Co-Working Spaces?

A co-working space is when you arrange to share an office space with several workers from different companies. The commercial industry is moving towards the direction of opting for co-working spaces. 

In traditional times, offices mainly had a formal atmosphere. Traditional offices included cubicles, closed-door policies, and strict rules and regulations imposed by the companies. The timings were rigid, and there was not much scope for improvement and growth. Employees were extremely hard-working but took time to adapt to new technologies.

Modern times, however, have shown an immense change in the way offices run. Nowadays working in an office is built more towards productivity and results rather than how long you stay in the office. A higher learning graph is observed as firms set individual and organizational goals for every employee.  

There is also a massive growth in the way employees operate within a company. More and more companies and businesses are onboarding remote employees or freelancers to their projects. That way, hiring and employee retaining costs have reduced.

More than that, with remote employees, companies need to spend zero costs on the infrastructure. Remote employees, in a way, save time and money on commute and lifestyle choices. They end up being more productive and fruitful to the company they are working from home for. It’s a win-win! 

Having a lively and simple environment at work is what employees look for. And most of the co-working spaces shine in that aspect. Remote workers and freelancers easily get attracted to the office design and aesthetically pleasing layout of a company. These aspects give more value to a comfortable working environment. Hence, more and more potential employees wish to be a part of the same. 

Work from home and freelance jobs are becoming increasingly popular, however, they are also not something everybody prefers going for. Along with the advantages of working in your own comfort and space, there is also a lack of privacy and personal space due to the presence of family members. Hence, you also need to consider a formal workspace where employees can come and peacefully complete their work. Several employees also choose to work from the office as they believe working from home isn’t a wise option for them. Check out our new blog Top 10 Actors In India.

There are numerous benefits one can derive from investing in co-working spaces. 

Saves Cost

Sharing a space of work with the other companies enables you and your company to save an ample amount of cost. 

Common Infrastructure Facilities

These shared spaces also offer the convenience of using common infrastructure facilities. Co-working companies together can invest in shared equipment, utilities, and receptionists. That way, the cost will also be saved to a larger extent. Both the parties win in this scenario as companies need to try and cut down their expenses as much as possible.

Some companies also have common refreshments and parcel acceptance services in the co-working spaces. That way, the hospitality and services provided by the companies for employees and visitors get shared. 

Changing Dynamics

As Generation X looks forward to retirement, Millennials and Generation Z are soon going to take over a larger chunk of the service industry. More and more millennials are attaining that stage of knowledge and experience generally required for higher positions in companies. Also, the current generation is tech-savvy making it easy for companies to incorporate new technologies. 

Millennials prefer being a part of co-working spaces as they offer more free working environment. Moreover, increased collaboration within shared companies boosts productivity and sales. And as we all know, increased sales lead to increased profits. For any company’s survival, sales and profits are a must.  

Hence, investment in co-working spaces in India and other parts of the world are becoming increasingly feasible. 

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