Freelance Jobs Helpful In This Covid-19 Period

Freelance Jobs Helpful In This Covid-19 Period

Various employment projections in India, suggest that nearly half of the young working population will be freelancing by the end of the year 2025, and with time this trend is expected to grow massively. India is a developing economy and with the setting-up of lots of various startups, most business owners have landed into a situation to prefer freelancers over full-time employees, making it a financially motivating decision for organizations. Few questions that are asked regarding freelance jobs in India are:

Q. What are the 5 highly demanded freelance jobs

  • Content Writing Jobs: Freelance content writers have a great edge to work with different clients. So, if you are the one who has competitive writing skills and know-how to be creative and unique in writing then this is the best job profile for you. Content writing is classic work from home job which allows candidates to work from remote locations and take-up various projects which are paid differently. From copywriting to journalism, blogging to social media there are content writing jobs for candidates with different experiences.  
  • Social media Marketing Jobs: Social media marketing is in growing demand these days and there are various startups that look forward to hiring creative and skilled social media marketers. This job requires a candidate to have good knowledge of social and digital marketing. One who wants to take up this job should have a good knowledge of content curation, graphic designing, bidding, social media applications, etc. The candidates who are hired for such profiles are solely responsible for doing online reputation management as well.
  • Data Entry Jobs: If you have good typing skills and can type a minimum of 60 words per minute, then this is the right type of freelance job opportunity for you. There are various companies that hire candidates to work on organizing, segregation, and presentation of data. Data entry is one of the most demanded freelance opportunities as most recruiters do not bother for much of educational qualification for this job and hire candidates who are either 12th pass or have done their graduation.
  • Transcription Jobs: Transcription is again one of the highly paid job profiles. This job is divided into three major categories these are medical, legal, and market research. If you are the one who has good typing skills and have eye for detail then this is the right career choice for you. This job role requires candidates who have active listening and comprehending skills. To become a transcriber, it is important for a candidate to get a relevant subject related degree or diploma to get great transcription jobs opportunities in India.
  • Online Tutor Jobs: With various EdTech. companies entering the Indian job market. Online tutoring has now become a great freelance job profile in India. Most of these clients hire candidates who have great knowledge of subjects and have post-graduation degrees in specific subjects. Online teaching has now gained a great reputation and has become one of the highly paid Freelance job profiles.

These are the top 5 freelance job opportunities in India you may opt to create a successful freelance career.  

Q. How has technological development led to growth in demand for freelancer jobs?

In recent years, we have seen a tremendous shift in technology used in businesses. With advancement in the use of software such as, virtual computer screens, video conferencing, chat applications, cloud computing, collaborative software etc.

In present scenario, working from remote locations have become highly feasible, this altogether has made it easier for the companies to hire, manage and contact manpower. In today’s world a freelancer just requires a laptop and a valid high-speed internet connection to take up major projects.

Q. What are the Benefits of Freelance jobs?

  • Traditional Working Hours are Outdated: The culture of 9 hours of mandatory office timing is now outdated. With liberty to work as per your convenience in freelance jobs employees are becoming more aware of the 9 hours pitfall and are taking up such jobs to enjoy flexi-hours, unlimited PTO etc.
  • Better Work Life Balance: In contemporary world, employees’ personal lives and social dynamics have transformed. Today we need more time with our families-friends. To maintain this freelance job opportunities, provide great work life balance which one may enjoy.

Q. Why does companies hire for freelance jobs in India?

The freelance employees provide greater benefits to the organizations, these are as follows:

  • These employees are hired to handle a specific specialized domain.
  • ROI is better for companies when they hire freelancers, so this creates better hiring opportunities for freelancers.
  • This allows companies to reach global candidates.
  • Lack of benefits and overhead can decrease the hiring cost.

Q. How can you be aware of fraudsters and scams in freelance job industry?

Behind these legitimate work from home or freelance job opportunities, there are various fraudsters who call various candidates and offer them freelance jobs. So, it is important for you to be aware of the work at home scams. Here are the few steps which will help you to protect yourself from these scams, these are as follows:

  • Research well about companies before you commit.
  • Do not send money, account numbers, social security numbers, pan card and aadhar card details or any other details that allows anyone to steal your identity.
  • Beware of organizations that ask you to pay for registration fees or ask you to buy some sort of kits.
  • If it sounds too fancy, then you should know it can be a lie.

So, if you are the one looking for a freelance job opportunity in India then read these guidelines and ace in your career.