KunFayaKun App: Connect your desires & find deals

You wake up with the thought of buying Green Syngonium or any indoor plant to adorn your work table. You think about it throughout the day and probably search for it on the web thoroughly. You may even think of connecting your desires to the people around you.

Well, this might help you get some valuable suggestions. However, your recently discovered desire deserves to have a discreet platform that can fulfill it. Today, we are here to discuss this whole process of finding the apt platform to help you fulfill your day-to-day desires at affordable prices and in a more concise time. 

What’s the matter with a desire?

Well, it all starts with a desire. A desire to meet your day-to-day demands or a wish that needs to be fulfilled. A desire to have a life full of happiness or to fulfill an extra-ordinary requirement, just like an indoor plant adorned on your work table. A desire adds fun and new experiences to your daily life. Sometimes, you cannot stop thinking about that one desire. 

The significance of having desires

The word ‘success’ may sound a bit overrated for some. On the other hand, success may mean all the worldly possession for some. Holding a successful position does not necessarily mean owning the largest sum of money or material possession. Having little desires that make you happy are very important to lead a satisfying and successful life. The more you think about it, the more you will want to do something to fulfill them. This will help you in having a good and positive purpose in your life. After all, we all wish to lead a life that is full of happiness as well as challenges. 

The more challenges you bring in in the form of desires, the more likely you are to drive towards fulfilling it and achieving happiness by trying to discover desires and fulfill them. 

Connect your desires and find the best deals on the KunFayaKun app

  • Connect with people to find the best deals

The KunFayaKun app understands the value of having desires and the need to fulfill them by connecting with people around you. Thus, it provides an appropriate platform that allows its users to find the best deals and offers for their desires posted on the app. 

  • An easy path to reach the right destination

It does this by connecting users with Angels Present on the app who are there to help common people fulfill their desires. The app is made with the aim of providing a reliable, convenient, and efficient platform to post desires and get offers. The app does this by ensuring a swift online experience through its user-friendly interface. It provides a simple path to reach and connect with the Angel Role that later comes up with their best offers according to the desires posted by the consumers on the KunFayaKun app. 

  • Let us understand it with an example

Let us understand this process of posting a desire and getting offers with an example. Say, you are looking for an affordable decorative and motivational piece to put up in your study area. You desire to have it because you think it might help you in concentrating on your studies and will keep you focused. Instead of wandering on the web for hours, finding the perfect piece, comparing prices on various websites or online stores, you can simply look for the same on the KunFayaKun app. The most favourable reason being the convenience of the app. You just need to post your desire on the app and wait for the best offers to flood in. The app thus offers an efficient platform that helps connect users with the source of the offer that is, Angel Role. 

  • Share all the necessary details and post your desire

Once you have decided to go ahead with this platform, you need to fill in some necessary details. You can share your requirements, location, desires, and wait for the offers to come from Angel’s end. You can share your desire in the form of a video, image, or text. That is, the KunFayaKun app provides the features of multimedia. The efficiency of the KunFayaKun ecosystem is thus commendable. 

  • Add your desires to get started

You can start your journey by signing in on the app using your Gmail account, Apple account or your Facebook ID. The app then allows you to go to the homepage and add your desire in the desire search box. In this desire search box, you can type your desire and choose the required distance within which you want the trade to happen. After doing this, all you have to do is simply wait for Angels to connect with you. 

  • Consumer Role & Angel Role

The KunFayaKun app provides outstanding service to its customers in a number of ways. It helps them avail of the best deals and offers with valuable features of the app for conveniently placing their desires and receiving the best possible offers from Angel’s end.

Its two crucial parts are Consumer Role and Angel Role. These two help function the app smoothly. The consumers can keep checking the available offers on the app. They can keep track of the Angels Present section of the app. The app provides a chat feature that helps connect users to their desires with the help of Angels. 

Consumers can click on the “Love”, “$” sign to show that they are up to take the offer and are interested in buying it. On the contrary, consumers can block the offer by clicking on the “X” sign. They can even block the Angels. All of this consumer behaviour and actions can be viewed by Angels. While adding a desire, no consumer can ask for ‘sexual, copyright, or violent’ content. The same goes for the Angels. 


The KunFayaKun app thus helps consumers get in touch with Angels in their area and get the best possible deals for themselves. Every desire of consumers is given due importance by the platform. Hence, it makes it a sought-after platform to seek desires from.