3 Things to consider when choosing your violin as an adult beginner

3 Things to consider when choosing your violin as an adult beginner
3 Things to consider when choosing your violin as an adult beginner

Do you want to learn how to play a musical instrument as a hobby? A good suggestion is learning to play the violin. As an adult, you may think that you are too old to learn the violin. However, that is not true since there is no age for learning something new. In fact, there are plenty of violin lessons Singapore adults classes. Hence, you will still have violin learning opportunities even as an adult.

The main violin lessons Singapore requirement for most schools is having your own violin. As a beginner, you need to understand that there are several types of violins. Not every violin type is suitable for you. Thus, in this article, we’ll discuss the 3 things to consider when choosing your violin as an adult beginner.

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Violin craftsmanship quality and size

Wood is the main material used in creating violins. The combination of the string and the wood material used in the violin plays an important role in producing sounds. For that reason, it is essential that you choose a violin that has good quality wood material.

Most violin lessons Singapore adults schools advise students to choose violins made from solid wood. The most common quality violins are made from spruce and maple wood. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the violin structure has good symmetry. A slight tilt in the symmetry of the violin can already affect the sounds it produces. Therefore, make sure that the violin is built accordingly. 

The size of the violin plays a good role in the comfort of playing the instrument. It is vital that you take your age, body size, hand shape, and physical strength into account when choosing a violin size. The wrong violin size can have some negative effects. One of them is playing technique problems. The technique is important in learning the violin. If you play an ill-fitting violin, you won’t be able to develop the proper technique. Furthermore, it can also lead to injuries along the chronic neck, back, and arm. Thus, the violin size should not be underestimated. The best advice given by violin lessons Singapore mentors is to go for a smaller violin size if you have doubts in choosing. 

Violin prices

Ideally, everyone wants a great quality violin at the lowest possible price. However, violins are not economical. A beginner student violin can already cost at least S$150. Furthermore, as you progress in violin, the violin lessons Singapore adults instructor will require you to upgrade. A handmade intermediate violin can cost around S$500. While an advanced one can cost you over S$1000. With those prices in mind, you may be asking yourself if it is worth it to buy a violin. 

There are violin lessons in Singapore schools that recommend students to not spend so much on their first violin. This means that if you are only a beginner, buying should only be your last resort. A good option is to borrow a beginner violin from intermediate violin students. However, you should definitely consider buying once you have reached an intermediate or advanced violin level.

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Where to obtain a violin

There are two ways you can buy a violin. It is either you buy them in a music store or buy them online. Many violin lessons Singapore adult teachers recommend buying a violin in the store. This is so that you will have a chance to try it out. However, this advice is more targeted on students who will buy an intermediate or advanced violin. If you are only a beginner, there’s not much difference if you buy in-store or online. Moreover, violins sold online are relatively cheaper compared to those sold in-store. 

However, there are instances that buying online is the only option for a student to obtain a violin. In that scenario, it is recommended to check whether the online violin seller has a return policy. This is very helpful in case if you got a violin that can’t be tweaked for improvement and isn’t playable. Another tip that violin lessons Singapore tutors give is taking the violin to a music shop for adjustments. 

Another way to obtain a violin is by renting. This is a perfect solution for those beginner violin players. Less investment is made with the option especially if you are uncertain if you want to pursue the violin. However, many violin lessons Singapore adult instructors don’t recommend this for those who intend to play the violin for a long time. That is because a one-year violin rent is already equivalent to the price of a beginner violin. Thus, make sure to figure out whether you will stick with playing the violin or not so you can choose whether to rent or buy.

Learn the violin with us

Violins are expensive so take your time in deciding what violin to go for. You can ask your violin lessons to Singapore teachers for suggestions. This is so you will become more confident in choosing your violin. Are you looking for violin lessons for adults? Head to Violin Lessons Singapore for more information.