How to Become a Travel Blogger and Earn Through It for a Side Hustle?

How to Become a Travel Blogger and Earn Through It for a Side Hustle?
How to Become a Travel Blogger and Earn Through It for a Side Hustle?

Travel blogging is among the most popular ways for writers and travellers to express their passion for travelling. At the same time, it has become a smart way to earn money as the extra income and gradually turn it into a prime one.   

What is Travel Blogging?

We call the person who writes articles related to travel as a Travel Blogger. To guide people about travel and give them information like where to travel, how to travel, which are the best places happen in travel blogging.

How to Create a Travel Blog? A stepwise process

Creating a travel blog is very easy. To create a travel blog, you have to buy a domain name and also buy good hosting. This way, only you can easily create a professional travel blog.

You have to follow some methods to become a Travel Blogger. If you want to become a Passionate Blogger that wins the hearts of the readers, then follow this Step-by-Step Process.

Step 1 – Find out your prime interest

You need to know that what is your Passion. Many people across the world are working against their minds, due to which they are not happy. There is no point in living like this. You should know your passion then you can win in any field.

You should not forget that if you want to earn later from the blog, you may also need to invest some money. But do not worry, as either you can use a little part of your savings. Besides, there are also small loans available in the loan market, even for poor credit people. You can try to explore installment loans with no credit check by direct lenders online.

Step 2 – Travel blog with the right domain name is very important

Now you know that you want to do blogging, then you should choose the name of your blog. It is vital to select a good and catchy name for the travel blog. While selecting the name, choose the word which is easy to use and is friendly to the tongue of the people. Selecting the name of the blog means getting the domain registered, choosing the best domain.

The domain name has a long-term use because, for search engine optimisation, you need a proper domain name. It is better to take a professional suggestion if you are not aware of how to choose the right name for the travel blog. Domain names are affected by the latest trends also, such as travelling after covid has a different picture.

Step 3 – Select the suitable hosting for Travel Blogging

When you choose the domain name, you have to build your website. Further, you will have to buy hosting. Many companies give the facility of hosting for free on the Internet. If you are a beginner, then hosting can also be very beneficial for the blog business.

Somewhere, companies provide hosting for free. They also offer you good hosting for the same thing at a low price. There are different plans of hosting, which you can choose from your choice. As soon as you have purchased the hosting, remember that the domain name should always be linked to hosting. To do this, just change the name of your Domain Servers with your Hosting Servers. Then that blog website is possible to create simply.

Step 4 – Customize the blog properly

You have to customise your blog like add images to make it more attractive. And it is also possible to set up a gallery, due to which good traffic will be generated on your blog. You should have a blog website with a good background.

Here again, you may need to put in some more money. No, you may not require taking a loan, but it is also not wise to empty to savings again. At least explore the loan market, as there are deals of unsecured loans by direct lenders all across the country. The funds are available online with no location bias. It means remote, rural, and urban. They fund you everywhere.

Step 5 – Write High-Quality Articles on Travel Blog

Learn to write the first post If you are writing a blog for the first time. If you want to know where to start, then take an online tutorial on how to work on the first blog post. Once the blog set-up is complete, write top-quality travel articles on the blog. It helps grow your website, which will generate traffic for the blog and bring money.

Through this, more and more people will be able to get information on your website. Even while writing an article, you have to take care of things like what is the topic. Explain the topic advantages and disadvantages, pay attention to Grammar and make your article user-friendly.

Step 6 – Do Keyword Research for Travel Blog

Before you write a post for the travel blog, you must do Keyword Research. The multiple keyword research tools available nowadays are helpful to create significant backlinks and also drive traffic. Once your blog gets popular, you can get things done correctly. As soon as you start writing articles, traffic will be generated on the website, due to which the blogger can earn a lot of money.

Keyword research may need some special and professional assistance. Hire a professional SEO company to work on the keywords. Once you understand the tricks, do it on your own and save money on taking service from a digital marketing company.

How to earn money from travel blogging?

You can earn all the money by writing a blog. Today people are earning millions from blogging. To earn money by travel blogging, then follow all the methods given below.

Earn through Adsense

You can call it the easiest way to earn money from travel blogging. This is a way due to which bloggers get the full benefit of their website. You can show ads on websites by using Adsense. It brings the blog website to the notice of the world, and more revenue can be generated without any further investment. Isn’t that a significant investment?

Earn from Affiliate Marketing on Travel Blogging

Affiliate marketing is also an excellent way to earn money from the website. It is a method to promote other products on a blog. Then you will get a good commission from the owner of the product, due to which both the blogger as well as seller will get the benefit. Affiliate Marketing is also like that if you want to do Affiliate Marketing of Amazon, you can do that too.

All you have to do is promote Amazon’s products on the website. Join the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program to promote the products. It is especially beneficial for beginners.

Travel Bloggers also earn through sponsorship

If you want, promote your own products or even products of any Non-Assured Company. Products related to travelling, such as travel blogs, camping tents etc., present a great idea. There are many companies out there that give money to promote Travel Related Products. All you have to do is make a good presentation.

Bonus Tip on how to become a travel blogger

If you want to become a successful travel blogger, then always keep in mind that consistent posting of articles is vital. You always have to answer the questions of the audience. It is crucial to see what the need of your audience is. For example, your audience needs Best Places to Visit in Italy, and you are putting Best Places to Visit in Japan. This is of no use to the readers. Always understand the need.


The above tips and information can help you become the perfect travel blogger. However, the most important thing is your thirst for exploring the world. You may not be able to travel the whole planet. After all, we have local travel blogs that are extremely popular. It is because before people travel the world, they want to know about their own country.