LoveLocal – Winning Hearts, Transforming Lives!

LoveLocal - Winning Hearts, Transforming Lives!
LoveLocal - Winning Hearts, Transforming Lives!

In a busy city like Pune, in a quaint corner of Prabhat Road, was Mrs. Sunanda Joshi’s home kitchen, which she had been running successfully for the last two decades. Her husband had fallen in love with her cooking even before they had got married. After their marriage, he had encouraged her to start something of her own. Her mini business had started with lunch boxes for people in the chawl where they lived, and had gradually grown over the years through word-of-mouth publicity. Today, she ran a successful venture of Joshi’s Kitchen, which fed 30 professional working individuals as well as students. What had started once from the chawls, was today being run from the second floor of their apartment. Dabbawallas came around 11 am to pick up lunch dabbas and hand it over to people all over Pune. Joshi aunty had created a name for herself in Pune. In fact, Joshi’s kitchen had become almost a landmark on Prabhat Road and many people gave that as a reference point while giving directions.

Joshi aunty started her day very early in the morning, with preparations for the meals. She used to plan the entire week’s menu before-hand and stock up on all the vegetables and other groceries that would be required for these dabbas. She used to go to the nearby market and buy fresh vegetables in bulk. But time had gone by and now Joshi aunty had become old. Age had caught up with her and she was finding it difficult to go all the way to the market and carry heavy bags of vegetables and spices back home. Add to that, the additional efforts of lugging it all to the 2nd floor where her kitchen operated from, and it had clearly become extremely difficult for her to manage. But she didn’t want to shut shop. She wanted to run her mini-kitchen till her last breath as it reminded her of her late husband who had encouraged her to set it up in the first place. After his death, this was all that kept her going. The Joshis had no children of their own but every student who had eaten Joshi aunty’s food had developed a special bond with her cooking.

Today was no different. Just as Joshi aunty finished the last of the evening lot of dabbas and sat on her chair, tired and exhausted, her cell phone rang. It was her niece Avani who was like her daughter. Avani was frantic. She had called 4 of her friends home for dinner and wanted them to taste authentic Maharashtrian cuisine. She had forgotten that it was today, and when her friends had called to confirm, she suddenly remembered, and was calling up her aunt in despair. But Joshi aunty didn’t have any extra food left. Neither did she have any vegetables in stock. The next day was their weekly off and she was planning to stock up on vegetables then.

online vegetables
Online vegetables

When Joshi aunty told Avani about her dilemma, Avani had the instant solution – LoveLocal. She took her aunt through LoveLocal and helped her order vegetables online as per her requirement. On looking for online vegetables in Pune, LoveLocal offered huge savings on daily essentials with shop funded offers and flash sales which would definitely benefit Joshi aunty a lot. Especially since she ordered groceries and vegetables in bulk. Joshi aunty was thrilled at the idea of getting everything delivered at home free of cost. She was cooking in the kitchen with a smile on her face. Her happiness reflected in the yummy delicious Maharashtrian spread she made for Avani and her friends. The special sweet touch she added was the mouth-watering Gulab jamun, which she added complimentary for her niece. She had loved the ease with which LoveLocal had helped her order vegetables and groceries online and she knew this new discovery was going to make life very easy for her.