How Long-Lasting is An Electric Shaver? Complete Guide

How Long-Lasting is An Electric Shaver?
How Long-Lasting is An Electric Shaver?

The electric shaver is a convenient shaver that can take over one person’s personality at a time. Although manual razors are still prominent, electric razors can complete the job in time. Electric shavers for men are slightly more complicated than manual shavers, which means that their service life is somewhat different. If taken care of, the electric shaver should last a long time without much maintenance. However, most people tend to ignore the care of electric shavers. We are here to help you!

Electric shavers can be used for many years, but this means that the user must do something independently.

Depending on the brand you buy, a high-quality electric shaver can last 5-10 years. If you are diligent and take care of it properly, it can even exceed 10 years. However, if you decide not to maintain it, it may even only last a few months. This means you should take care of it during and after each shave. Different hair, different lifespan, long hair can damage the razor blade, and it may even mean that you must buy an electric shaver earlier than people with short hair. Trimming the beard helps extend the razor’s life while shaving the beard on untrimmed long hair is the opposite. What to look for is like the old saying goes: You get what you want to pay, and so does buying an electric razor.

If you have the luxury of spending a penny on a razor, look for a razor with a higher price. Although the initial cost may be unpleasant, it usually lasts longer and can save you money in the long run. High-quality razors are generally more expensive. Inexpensive electric shavers can be manufactured cheaply and come with a warranty period, so it will take a few more years to buy if you can. Skull Shaver Pitbull gold, Braun, and Philips are some premium brands that deserve attention.

However, it is best to do your research before deciding on a brand. Tips to extend the life of electric razors

  • Clean the shaver after every use: This means tapping the razor lightly to get the hair or dead skin off, rinsing it with warm soapy water, and allowing it to dry completely before storing or using it again. The most significant problem people encounter when using an electric shaver is that they don’t spend time maintaining it. Just like mechanical equipment, it must be properly handled to run smoothly.
  • Use a brush to clean once a week: Use a small brush to clean narrow spaces. We recommend that you first wet the blade and brush with warm water to start using. Next, gently scrub the whole body with a brush to remove hair, dead skin, and even lubricant accumulation. Although lubricant must be used to keep the razor in top condition, it can accumulate and clog the blade or foil. The small brush can easily blow off any remaining crumbs, which may prevent the electric shaver from performing its best function.
  • Never immerse the electric shaver entirely in water: it is necessary. Not all shavers are waterproof. If you ignore this, your shaver will bite the dust sooner or later. Avoid bringing the shaver into the shower, bathtub, or steam room at all costs. Moisture is exceptionally harmful to electric shavers and is easy to avoid.
  • Regularly update the blade and metal foil: Please keep track of when the blade or foil was last updated so that it can be done simultaneously in 12 or 18 months. Dry blades or old foil do not work well, so it is necessary to rejuvenate them so that the electric shaver can shave as it did when it was first purchased.
  • Lubricate the parts after each use: Although this may be a cumbersome step, lubricating all parts of the electric shaver after each use is essential to prolong its service life. All you need is a small amount of lubricant to ensure that the parts are well oiled. By lubricating the parts, they can be encouraged to move smoothly and effectively during each shaving process.
  • Store the electric shaver in a safe place: The worst thing is to push the electric shaver into a messy drawer or place it in an area exposed to high temperature or cold conditions. Instead, it would help if you bought a box to store it. The box prevents the shaver from being hit or broken, as well as from extreme weather conditions. When exposed to heat or cold, the electrical components of the electric shaver may deteriorate. If you can’t find a suitcase or don’t want to buy a storage bag, try using some bubble wrap and elastic bands to store it in it.
  • Never use a brush to clean the metal foil of the razor: This may damage the foil! To clean the metal foil, you can rinse it or shake the hair or dead skin. The brush is too rough for the metal foil and may scratch and damage them. The life of an electric shaver is only the time you spend. If you cannot keep the electric shaver in good condition, such as lubricating it, drying it after each use, and then storing it in a safe, cool place, the service life will not be extended.

Electric shavers are designed for long service life, but they require the owner to keep them in good condition. An electric shaver is a special beauty tool that can shave smoothly every time, so please keep it in good condition for long-term use. There is nothing worse than not knowing how to care for the razor before you die. Next time you buy an electric shaver, remember these useful tips. Therefore, if you adopt all the recommendations described here, you should continue to avail long term performance from an electric shaver. With this approach, you should consider better maintaining your electric shaver so that you can continue to shave for a long duration.