How is Microsoft Excel 2019 helpful?

How is Microsoft Excel 2019 helpful?
How is Microsoft Excel 2019 helpful?

Along with the Office 2019 suite, comes the Excel application with the updated features. You might know that Excel is the most widely used application for maintaining your information in the form of spreadsheets or workbooks. Since the latest update in the application, Excel has become easier and faster. Not only can you use it for professional purposes but for personal purposes as well. You can enter the data in an Excel sheet, process it, and share it. Like the other Microsoft programs, Excel is also incredibly easy to use. The interface it possesses is very easy and guides you toward an effortless user experience.

Why should you use Excel?

We all are aware that Microsoft Excel is the most used spreadsheet program. But there can be numerous reasons to use this platform besides, it being the widely used spreadsheet program. You can use it for data management, finance, billing, business tasks, analysis, complex calculations, inventory, and so on. You can use Excel for the following purposes:

  • Easy data recovery
  • Managing expenses
  • Easy to access online
  • Storing and analyzing data
  • Developing future strategies
  • Adding sophistication to your data
  • Searching, sorting, and filtering data
  • Securing the document via password
  • Easy calculations using mathematical formulas
  • Keeping the data combined and at one location

What new features does the Microsoft Excel 2019 application offer?

Microsoft Excel is undoubtedly a famous platform for saving and processing your data. It is very helpful and saves a lot of your time. It has existed for many years and every now and then, Microsoft keeps on updating all its application software and hence, Excel as well. If you are switching from the older version of Excel to the new one, that is Microsoft Excel 2019, you will find some new features along with the existing ones, plus there would be a slight change in the look and feel of the application. Check out the following for getting to know about the new features:

  • Charts: With the updated Microsoft Excel version, there come a few new types of charts. These chart types will help you display your information in a better and effective way.
  • Functions: The latest version of Excel has some new functions such as CONCAT, IFS, MAXIFS, and so on.
  • Pivot Table: You can personalize the layout of your PivotTable. Using the PivotTable, you can now check the relationship between the tables and can analyze time groups and apply them automatically.
  • Power Pivot: It has been improvised in numerous ways. It allows you to save a relationship diagram as an image to import into Word, PowerPoint, or other applications that allow graphics. 
  • Visualization: You can now insert Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to your documents for better visualization. Not only this, you can even convert a drawing into a shape.
  • Ink Implementation: Whatever you draw or write using digital ink, it can be converted into a shape or a mathematical equation. You can perform these actions using the pen, pencil, or a highlighter that is provided on the ribbon.
  • Publish to Power BI: It facilitates you to publish your local files to Power BI.
  • Links to documents: The way of adding a link to your document has been made easier. The Link option on the ribbon provides a list of the recently browsed websites.
  • External Data Navigator: The Navigator dialog box enables you to preview the external data and its source.
  • Improved AutoComplete: A beneficial feature that doesn’t need you to write the complete formula, instead it suggests the exact function’s name.
  • Get & Transform (Power Query): It helps to improve the data transformation features.

What can you do using the updated Excel application?

This substantial amount of new features will help you perform various functions. While working with Excel, make sure to know about its functions for better functionality and experience. This application is developed to assist users in computing a variety of functions and formulas. It acquires loads of great characteristics and features for you to perform the required actions. Here are the actions that can be performed with these features:

  • Add new charts for hierarchy or map.
  • Insert SVGs, icons, and convert drawing into shapes.
  • Use CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, SWITCH, and many more.
  • You can save your relationship diagram view as a picture.
  • You can add recently browsed hyperlinks into your document.
  • The new Office themes have been introduced that you can apply.
  • Draw using the ink feature and convert your drawings into shapes.
  • You can also insert 3D models to have a 360-degree view of the image.
  • In case of lost changes, you can easily recover them via version history.
  • You can have a list of recently accessed folders for you to save your files.
  • The enhanced Edit Relationship dialog box will help you create faster and accurate relationships.
  • The improved accessibility feature helps to access the document and resolve the accessibility issues.
  • There’s no barrier in terms of language as the Microsoft Translator option will help you translate the document into your native language.

Not just these, but there are several other usages for Microsoft Excel. It can be used for creating grids of text, numbers, and formulas that specify different calculations. This can majorly be used for business purposes to document income and expenditures, plan a budget, chart your data, and concisely display financial results.

With the passing days, technology is updating and becoming much easier to use and understand. In the same way, Microsoft is also updating all its applications so that they can be more user-friendly. It also offers the certification exam to validate your skills on the platform. uCertify offers you the Microsoft Excel 2019 (MO-200) course to prepare yourself for the Microsoft Excel exam. The course is entirely based on the exam objective of the certification. It offers you to gain skills that are needed to pass the certification exam. The course explains topics like creating worksheets, charts, output, manipulating data, named ranges, tables, managing workbooks, and many more. If you are willing to learn more about Microsoft Excel 2019 or are opting for the certification exam, this course is for you. Be sure to check it!