How to Transfer Zimbra to Office 365 Account with Softaken Software?

How to Transfer Zimbra to Office 365 Account with Softaken Software
How to Transfer Zimbra to Office 365 Account with Softaken Software

Zimbra to office 365 converter tool is a comprehensive software that is helpful in migrating Zimbra file data to the office 365 environment directly. The software is able is to do a complete conversion of data without any change in formatting and layout. Either the user want to migrate email data to the office 365 environment, migrate folders, address book, or any other database present in the .tgz file, the Zimbra to office 365 converter let the user do everything flawlessly.

Zimbra is an open-source emailing platform and it is free to install. Therefore, Zebra has a large number of users worldwide. However, at the professional front, Zimbra application is way behind its counterpart like Outlook, Lotus, Gmail, Office 365. Sometimes it becomes difficult for Zimbra users to share the email database with clients using different email clients. People who switch organizations also face difficulty in accessing the Zimbra email database in the new environment. Therefore, converting the Zimbra file to a new file format that remains accessible to all and every time becomes the need. Zimbra to office 365 converter is an appropriate software that allows users to do the same. When data is migrated to office 365, it gets wider accessibility. Let’s have a look at the key features of the Zimbra Converter tool.

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Advanced Key Features to Convert Zimbra Mailbox

Ensure Complete Conversion Of Data – The .tgz to office 365 converter allows the user to convert every piece of information present in the TGZ file to office 365 file format without any hiccups. It converts all types of data present in Zimbra file, including attachments, folders, metadata, images, text, journals, briefcase, everything to Office 365 file format. The software takes care of attachment and other information, formatting during the migration process.

Perform Batch Data Migration – The software is loaded with features that help users in quick conversion of data from Zimbra file format to office 365 format. It allows users to migrate multiple files in a single go. If a user has multiple TGZ files that need to be migrated to office 365, then he can upload the folder in software in a single go and the software will move the data to Office 365 environment without any data loss.

Preserve Email Component And Folder Hierarchy – Every component of email is important along with the folder hierarchy. Zimbra to office 365 converter tool has been developed keeping this crucial point in mind. This software does not disturb any formatting in the email. It also keeps the folder hierarchy intact while transferring data to the new file format. No changes are done in meta details like to, cc, Bcc, From, date, time, email, etc.

Provide Preview Of Data – When software converts the TGZ file to office 365 file format, it converts the complete data. There remains no data loss for change in formatting during the process. The software has a preview option that can be enabled by the user to get a preview of the migrated file before it is saved in the new location. The preview options give a clear picture of the file that has been converted into different layouts. This is beneficial for users who want to check every piece of detail and also for the last minute changes. The preview option shows complete information, including attachment, image, emails, text file that how it has been converted.

Allow Selective Conversion – The software gives the option to users to upload files or folder in it for conversion. If a user is in need of migrating only a selected file or folder, then the user can use check-in options to select a folder or files for migrating the file. If a user wants to migrate only address book, briefcase folder, email data to Office 365, then the selective conversion option is useful. Here, the user also gets the option to upload a folder that carries multiple TGZ files in the software as well as to upload only one TGZ file comprise of email data.

Support All TGZ Zimbra Versions – The software supports the TGZ file created with different versions of Zimbra. The software works flawlessly with any Zimbra file and executes data migration without error. To migrate Zimbra data to office 365 user does not need to have Zimbra suite installed on the desktop. Zimbra to office 365 converter tool works independently. Users just have to save the TGZ file on a desktop at the desired location. For migrating data, the file has to be uploaded into the software using the browse option. 

Compatible With All Windows OS – The software work flawlessly on Windows operating system and it has been developed for the same OS only.  It is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, from XP to the latest edition. 

Simple And Self Explain Software – Migrating Zimbra files date to the office 365 environment with the help of the Zimbra Office 365 converted tool is not a difficult task to execute. The software has an easy and simple interface. Even a non-technical person can work with it conveniently. Every step has clear instruction written in simple language that makes it a friendly tool.

Download the demo version of software to check its complete functionality. The demo version converts Zimbra file data to different file format but will not allow to save the complete file on Office 365, for that purchasing its license is important.

 Try the demo version of Zimbra to Office 365 converter software for hassle-free migration of Zimbra data to the Office 365 environment.