Foodpanda Clone App: The Best App Choice For An Online Food Delivery Business

Foodpanda Clone App: The Best App Choice For An Online Food Delivery Business
Foodpanda Clone App: The Best App Choice For An Online Food Delivery Business

On-demand apps have got higher popularity and have become a trend these days. There are many apps that are arriving to the race, but only some apps have a solid ground in this. Food panda is one such app. It has gained massive popularity and everyone is wondering about the secret behind it.

The secret is that the app delivers products to the customers’ doorstep. By meeting the customer’s demand, it is always easier to become successful. So, why can’t you do the same? In case you are hesitant to start an online business by launching an application, then fear not, because the Foodpanda Clone is here for you.

When you have an idea about the insights of the Foodpanda app, you will feel hopeful. So without further adieu, let’s get into our subject at hand.

Foodpanda is an online application that delivers the customers the products from the restaurant that they have ordered from at the best price. It acts as a link between the food joints and users basically. By just some clicks, food lovers can have their feast just from the comfort of their places.

How does the app work?

Foodpanda is a platform that is impressive to most of the food lovers. By bringing all the customers’ favorite dishes from the favorite restaurants, it offers an excellent service.

The workflow of the application goes like:

Step- 1: The customers will go through the list of restaurants and their favorite dishes from a restaurant.

Step- 2: The restaurants will receive the request of the dish and will prepare the same.

Step- 3: The prepared dish will be handed over to the delivery workers.

Step- 4: The delivery workers would take it to the customer’s location.

Step- 5: The customer would make payment and would give feedback on the app if they decide to.

The biggest doubt would be about the generation of the profit of the app. Isn’t it? Here are the major ways in which the app is profitable by decreasing its operational cost.

  1. Discounts on bulk purchases
  2. Higher network for on-time delivery
  3. Cash before delivery
  4. Promotion fees such as for advertisement
  5. Different types of delivery apart from just-food delivery.


Most of the revenue of the Foodpanda application comes from the commission it gets from its partner platforms. It collects 40% of the revenue from delivery business and 10% is from promotion such as ads. Let’s take a deeper look at the revenue stream of the application.

Registration fees:

For any on-demand applications, this is the main step before using it. The food delivery app is not an exception because of the increase of food lovers with the digitalization. Since the door delivery facility can be customized, the Foodpanda charges around $100 to $150 per registration.


For any business, promotion is the crucial step as it reaches closer to the customers. As a smarter way, the app charges from the brands that wish to post ads on the Food delivery app.


Foodpanda application takes the commission of 20% for every transaction done through its app.

Delivery charge:

For every delivery done, the app charges. The delivery cost may depend on the location of the order.


The app charges from the banks and companies for suggestions to customers. These suggestions can be seen when the users open the app or when the payment is processed. These suggestions can be of bans, credit, or debit card payment modes.

Development of the application:

The development of applications can be basically done by two methods. Creating the server from scratch and other is the Foodpanda clone script. Let’s see the valid points about each method.

Creating server from scratch:

  1. Creating code
  2. Backend and Frontend development
  3. UI/ UX Designing
  4. QA

All the above tasks cannot be done by yourself as it may seem more complex. You need to hire a team of these experts. Every step of the process is important as they play a vital role in the smoother running of the app.

Foodpanda Clone application script:

The Foodpanda clone scripts are a solution to make the development process seem easier to you. These are readily available. There is no need for you to spend an ample amount of time coding, developing, or designing, as these would be done by the experts themselves.

Rather, they are readily integrable and customizable. You just have to select the theme and features that you would like to have in your application to make it special. There are developers like Appdupe who could provide you an application with utmost uniqueness at an affordable price.


On a concluding thought, more businesses are considering to start an on-demand business like Foodpanda. So hurry up and turn tides with success in your mind and some new ideas in your application. Go show the world your skills!