Design a cool logo for your brand with these steps

Design a cool logo for your brand with these steps
Design a cool logo for your brand with these steps

The logo is the face of your brand. Have you seen any brand or company without a logo? No, right? Logos can create a huge impact on the audience, but often businesses get confused with what and how to create something to stand out. What makes a logo cool? How will your audience consider your brand cool through your logo? We have answers for you. Follow this section to know more about what and how you can create a logo that’s cool enough for your brand.

What does a cool logo mean?

First things first, we must have used the word ” Cool ” to hang out with friends or some brand or something. Similarly, Cool has meaning in business too. When it comes to logos we talk about, Cool means how it looks, how it feels, how interesting it’s looking, how it breaks stereotypes, etc. Basically, how good a logo is in all aspects. But what are those aspects that make a logo cool? What is it that makes you say it’s a logo? To answer the question, below are some of the reasons that might make a logo “Cool” :

Minimalist: They say less is more, and using the minimalist technique for the logo is a new way of Cool.

Unique: What’s better than to stand out from the crowd? When your brand expresses itself in a unique and creative way, it’s definitely a cool way to showcase your brand identity.

Out of the box: When brands break out from their stereotype, they raise their cool quotient. For instance, if a software company goes out of their way from their traditional industry logo to something unexpected. They can differentiate themselves, and being different is cool.

Daring: Coming out of your comfort zone can be complicated and stressful, but the results will make it worthwhile. Designing a logo out of your comfort zone or something that’s daring will definitely raise your cool factor.

So, there’s no exact definition of cool, something that’s cool for might not be cool for the other. Overall, a logo that makes your brand stand out and keeps your brand in talks is cool. As long as you keep your logo creative and not play safe, you can create a cool logo.

How to design a cool logo?

Here is the list of steps you need to follow to make a cool logo:

Define your brand identity: First and foremost thing before you design a logo is to know what you want to show your customer’s, what you want them to perceive, what is vision and goals of your brand, what are the expectations from the logo that is do you want to create brand awareness or show what your brand looks like etc. These factors need to be answered before designing to make it clear what you’re expecting from the design. Defining brand identity will help walk in one direction rather than aimlessly following designs and creating a creative concept to showcase your cool factor.

Logotype: Now, when you have an idea about the logo, choose the type of logo you want to create; Wipeout a traditional logo from your niche. Several types of logos are available, and all of them can be cool in one way, but the type you will choose is going to have a direct impact on your brand identity. That’s why it’s important to coordinate everything with the type of logo. Some types of logos include Pictorial marks, e.g., Apple, letter marks like IBM, brand names like Google, minimalist logos like AirBnB, Pepsi, emblems like Starbucks, etc. Think about what type of design elements you want to blend into your company logo and how they will complement your brand identity. Then choose a logotype that gives style, feels, etc., you want your brand to showcase.

Colour Scheme: Colours play with the Psychology of customers. Some colors have a soothing impact, while some depict darkness or give a formal impression. You can choose a bright, colorful logo for some formal brand. We know you need to think out of the box to create a logo with a cool factor but don’t go overboard. Consider various color schemes such as Monochromatic, Analogous, complementary, Tones, hue, etc., and understand the Physiological meaning they will give to your logo. Here is the list of a few colors and the meaning or feeling they convey:

Red: Colour showcases passion and anger.

  • Black: Typical formal color that can be intimidating and dominating.
  • Yellow: if you want to make your brand look accessible, yellow is useful. It showcases cheerfulness, youthfulness, and affordability.
  • Purple: Represents luxury, mysteriousness, and femininity.
  • Brown: You might have seen very few logos with this color. It is often considered a strange choice, but it showcases masculinity, rugged or Vintage feel. That makes your logo look cool.

Decide on what impression you want to create on your audience and create a logo keeping in mind these meanings.

Shapes: Just like colors, shapes also send a subconscious message to your audience. Incorporating different shapes can give a different feel. For instance, Hard angular shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles, etc., give away a strong and confident message while Shapes like ovals, circles give a soft and friendly impression. Therefore, if you decide to add shapes to your logo, make sure they complement your brand identity and send across the right message to your audience.

Fonts or Typography: If you include letters in your logo, considering the right font is essential. Whether you want to go for the traditional font in your niche or something different, make sure you consider what impact they make on your logo. They should be in alignment either too low for customers to focus or too bold to ignore other logo elements. Create a balance to visualize these fonts perfectly.

Graphics or Pictures: If your type of logo includes pictures, decide on whether you want to add illustrations or use realistic pictures. Both have different impacts. Minimalist logos don’t require many graphics; they convey your brand identity in the simplest of graphics. However, if you want to convey more, you can opt for pictures that complement your other design elements. In some cases, you don’t need much to say a simple graphic or picture can do your work, in that case, don’t go overboard with other elements and limit your logo to a picture or illustration.

Final Thoughts:

Now that you know what a cool logo means and how to create a cool logo with some design elements, make sure you consider these elements and coordinate between them effectively. Don’t go overboard; just make your concept something out of the box to raise your cool factor. Otherwise, everything else can be balanced with some thought process.