Why Is It Essential to Make the Channel Logo?

Why Is It Essential to Make the Channel Logo?

You may already know that your channel needs to have a logo. But do you know how to design the logo to use on your channel?

Logos are essential elements in creating the visual identity of the channel. Visual identity is the design and colors that visually represent your product (in this case, the channel) and your ideas.

With it, you create a brand of your own. That is, it differs from the rest of YouTubers and still leaves the channel with a more professional face.

Right. But not everyone knows how to create logos in more complex programs, such as Photoshop or Illustrator. In addition, not every YouTuber has the money to hire a design professional. Or have a friend whose job is designing.

In searching for a solution, the influential team found online logo programs that make creation quick, simple, and intuitive. The best point is that there is no need to pay or download any program.

How to make the logo with online tools?

See below some design platforms:


There are four main tools in DesignEvo: Icon, text, shape, and background. The interface is very intuitive and concise, so you can control it to work for you effortlessly. By the way, you can design if for free and get no watermark logo works, though low-resolution.

Just make an account to access and when you finish, download your logo in PNG most suitable format for internet graphics, maintaining image quality.


DesignMantic is an online tool that is very easy to use and with which you can make your company logo totally free. It has many options in its categories and leaves you free to design what you want, from your logo to designs for your social networks. Payment is made at the time of download.


Logaster is a service that offers you to create your logo up to the corporate identity manual. You only need to enter your company name and add a business type. The service generates dozens of logo concepts that you can choose from. From there, you are free to edit and save the number of logos in your account (prior registration). The free download of the logo is in PNG, and the resolution is small. From JPG, PDF, SVG, among others, you must pay according to the package that fits your budget.


LogoInstant is a very interesting tool with which you can create free logos without looking in your pocket. Their service is to offer you a variety of logos they have designed. You like one and it fits your project. You can download it and edit it on your own. LogoInstant does not offer you the editing program. Of course, you will have to make a mention of the page to be able to use it.


Looka is a powerful graphic design assistant that gives you hundreds of logos to choose from. Its huge variety of icons and fonts help you create your logo according to your project’s essence. The program is easy and free to use. The good thing about the alternatives they give you is that you don’t need to edit it because the look is quite nice. Payment comes at the time of download, where you have to buy a package.