DesignEvo: Customize Your Exclusive Logo at Will

DesignEvo: Customize Your Exclusive Logo at Will
DesignEvo: Customize Your Exclusive Logo at Will

The logo is a creative industry that is yearning and enviable. Perhaps the average will ask specialized designers to customize the logo of a company, individual, or team. There is a dazzling array of online graphic tools for use. What this post wants to share today is an online logo generator from DesignEvo, so that you no longer worry about creating a logo. And easily have your own particularity and unique logo. You can quickly complete the exclusive logo of your company or website in just a few seconds.

Are you still want a studio or designer to design your own logo? You can stop for a while and take a look at DesignEvo’s free online logo generator. With just simple steps, you can make your unique logo. If you are satisfied, you can save the cost of hiring a designer.

How to use DesignEvo to do your logo projects?

1. You should access its homepage

When you go to DesignEvo and see what the official website describes, you can easily create a special logo in just a few minutes. Please click Make a Logo for Free to enter the template choosing screen.

2. Customize your logo as you wish

After entering the editing screen, all functions are operated on the web page. There are four options of icon, text, shape and background on the left. You can generate your own logo by completing these three. First, find the relevant picture you want in the icon tab. The source of the image is mainly from the search; that is, the logo is made after the icon provided by the search website.

For example, if you want to find a tech-related icon for your logo, then you could enter the keywords to pick from the matched results.

Next is the text input part. There are two classifications of classic and artistic. You can accord to your need to select the font. After choosing the font, you can adjust the text effects, like the size, color, curve, etc.

If the font is too monotonous, you can switch to the Art tab to select different artistic font changes.

There are various frames in the Shape, and there are so many that may make you lost. You can distinguish and find suitable outer frames from the classification. Pick a relatively monotonous tangible frame with a black icon, and also, by the way, the size and angle of the frame.

Finally, you can change the background color if you wish. The background is many changed from color. You can reset the background to a solid color or gradient color.

3. preview and download your project

Simply set the three or four functions and you can generate a logo designed by yourself. Click  Preview on the upper left to have a look. DesignEvo will preview the virtual images on business cards, documents, notebooks, websites, clothes, and company front desk.

After watching the preview, you can go back and modify it until you are satisfied. After all thing are prepared ready, click “Download” on the upper right to use it for free, but you must first share “DesignEvo” on your own community or website. This will not cause Troubled.

After downloading and decompressing, you can see 2 graphic files and a text description file. The graphic files are available in JPG and PNG formats.