Be Bold! Be Beautiful! Be You! With Pearl Collections

Be Bold! Be Beautiful! Be You! With Pearl Collections.
Be Bold! Be Beautiful! Be You! With Pearl Collections
Be Bold! Be Beautiful! Be You! With Pearl Collections

People are obsessed with Pearl Collection India for being the most precious gem around the globe. The thing about jewellery is that you need to match it perfectly to make a fashion statement. Pearls have been reserved for classic looks due to their sophistication and versatility. 

PEARLS are precious, so are YOU!

We will be sharing some best insiders about The Pearl Collection. This will help you to carry your jewel in style and embrace your beauty. 

Why are people wearing pearl necklaces and earrings?

  1. They are part of the tradition 

The existence of the Pearl collection dates back centuries. They were the symbol of wealth and royalty. It became the best gifting item for women on special occasions. You might have seen women wearing pearls in historical paintings. Even Indian men carried the strings of pearl necklaces as royalty. 

  1. The Versatility

People love to wear jewels that suit any occasion. You can carry the pearl necklace and earrings with any outfit and occasion gracefully. When you look for Pearl Collection Online, you might see a variety of shapes, patterns, designs, and sizes. There are long strands, chokers, or single strands of pearl necklaces. 

  1. Elegance 

This might be derived from the earlier time when it was worn as a symbol of royalty. Pearls can outshine even with something simple and also with something heavy. 

  1. They are unique

The uniqueness of pearls has no limits. It has kept many people addicted to this precious stone for ages. Like the gems mined underground, pearls come from the sea, making them more precious. You will see pearls of various shapes, colors, and sizes. 

  1. Symbol of Affection 

It is a symbol of unconditional love and special bonds you share with your close ones. We have seen people gifting pearl necklaces and earrings as a way of expressing their affection. 

  1. Highly Symbolic 

The white pearls are a symbol of perfection and purity. The gold and black pearls define prosperity and wealth. In contrast, the pink pearl collection represents success. 

  1. Tougher and Durable

This refers to how easily a gem can break down or be torn out. Pearls are not easier to crush as there are layers and layers of interlocking crystals. So, you do not have to worry when you drop or damage your pearl. It might be scratched but won’t break. 

What are the different lengths of the Pearl pendant necklace?

  • Choker: This can be about 14 to 16 inches long and should fit below the neck perfectly. 
  • Matinee: This pearl pendant necklace is around 22 to 24 inches long and is ideal for formal wear. 
  • Princess: This should not be farther than the collarbone. It must be 17 to 19 inches long, and most have single strand pearls. 
  • Rope: This pearl pendant is longer than 35 inches. They can be worn in multiple ways, like doubled over or knotted. 
  • Opera: They are a maximum of 30 inches which can be worn on formal occasions. 

What are the guidelines to keep your pearls outstanding? 

  • Remember to keep them on the simpler side as this looks relaxed and class on the daily wear. 
  • Try to match the pearl necklace and earring set with the neckline of your top or dress. There are no strict rules. Just go with something that looks good. 
  • For strapless or off-shoulder tops, you should spill them to make them stylish and balanced with the look. 
  • With a boat, crew, or scoop cut neckline, try choker pearl necklaces that look stunning. 
  •  If you are wearing a light top, then go for dark shades of pearl strand, which gives a nice contrast. Similarly, if you wear a dark-colored top, then pair the light color strand of pearls that matches beautifully. 
  • People mostly prefer pairing the pearl earrings and necklaces with solid colored tops rather than busy prints. 
  • If you feel it is too much, prefer wearing dangling pearl earrings or studs, which gives you a sophisticated look.

When to wear pearl jewellery?

There might be certain methods to carry your pearl collection with grace:

  • Daytime: If you are going to the office, they have a certain dress code, so you need to match it accordingly. Wear something casual, like a single strand that falls on the collarbone or small pearl earrings. This will give you an overpowering look. 
  • Casual: Many people do not see pearl jewellery as casual or formal occasions. Pearl pendants, chokers, and other common pieces are best suited for everyday wear.
  • Formal wear: With this, you require the finest jewel that showcases your personality. You can carry multi-strand necklaces, earrings, and design stuff with the attire. Just ensure it coordinates with your visual elements. 
  • Other Jewellery: Pearls are the neutral foundation which means you can pair them with other jewellery items. 

What are things you must try with your pearl chain necklace and earrings?

  • Too much is a bad idea. It is important to know when to stop as it may lead to over accessorizing. When you carry a statement piece like bold necklaces or layer pendants, you must avoid bold earrings or bangles. Keep it simple. 
  • Adding different layers draws more attention to your face. Carrying different colors, metals, or textures makes you look bolder. 
  • Once you choose a piece, build your outfit and makeup around it. This helps to bring the best out of you. 
  • It is no sin to be experimental and creative with your jewellery. You should mix and match the pearls with gold, platinum, and silver as you feel like. 
  • Either decide the outfit and then choose the jewellery, or you can go backwards. Both ways, listen to what your heart says. 

Slay with the Pearls!

Always leave room for the experiment when it comes to buying Pearl Collection India. You never know which delicate piece would intricate your soul.