5 Ways Winter Weather Damages Your Home

5 Ways Winter Weather Damages Your Home
5 Ways Winter Weather Damages Your Home

The winter blues may be the most pleasant time of year in much of the United States, but in terms of home maintenance, it may be the worst. Cold and storms not only put a damper on outdoor activities, but they can also damage your home and belongings if you are not careful. Learn how winter weather can wreak havoc on your home, which repairs are sometimes tricky to spot, and how you can protect your home from potential damage.

Frozen or burst pipes

Having burst or frozen pipes in winter is a common cause of house damage and often occurs without your knowledge. When the temperature drops, frozen and burst pipes can wreak havoc in your home. Pipes in unheated areas such as garages, basements, and crawl spaces are most susceptible. Schedule early heater maintenance to make sure your plumbing pipes are kept warm throughout the winter season.

Damaged roof or gutters

Ice and snow weigh down the edges of roofs and gutters and can wear away at them over time, eventually leading to leaks that could destroy rooms. If your roof or gutters get damaged by ice or debris, it can cost a pretty penny to replace them. But if the damage is caught early enough, you may be able to prevent a hefty repair bill. Have a reliable contractor inspect your roof and gutters in preparation for the cold season.

Mold growth

Mold can cause water damage to your home, which compromises your home’s structure. Most mold growth happens in the winter because warm, damp air is easier for mold spores to germinate in. The use of a dehumidifier is one of the most effective ways to prevent mold growth and keep your home healthy and comfortable all winter long.

Basement flooding

Basement flooding happens most often during winter, making it one of the least prepared-for emergencies. A plumbing problem in your home’s foundation can cause groundwater to rise. When water enters your basement, it can damage property and threaten your family’s safety.

The most effective way to prevent water from collecting in your basement during the winter is to place a sump pump directly into the pit where the water enters your foundation. This is usually an access point below the first floor somewhere near the outside wall of your home.

Foundation cracks

Foundation crack repair needs to be completed before the winter season begins in earnest. The cracks will allow cold air into the house. Not only will this result in decreased comfort levels inside your home, but it can lead to even bigger problems down the road if water intrusion occurs.

Hire a professional furnace repair to stay warm and safe this winter Protect your family and home this winter season. Make sure your furnace is working well by scheduling an early furnace repair service. Late fall would be ideal to call your trusted HVAC technician to look into your heating system at home. Waste no time and book a service today!