4 Common Website Design Small Business Owners Should Avoid

4 Common Website Design Small Business Owners Should Avoid
4 Common Website Design Small Business Owners Should Avoid

Have you ever come across a terrible website? The information you wanted was hard to find, and when you finally thought you found what you were looking for, you were wrong. The difficulty of navigating poorly designed online sites is a shared experience. Don’t you want to close the browser and burn your laptop out of frustration? What if your users feel frustrated on your website? Do you want your website users ever to feel this way? No, right. That would directly affect your sales and brand image. This blog will help you identify four common website design mistakes you should avoid as a small business owner. We have also added a piece of actionable advice to help you undo your past website sins by hiring a competent website designing company.

What is website design, and why you should care about it?

A jargon-free way of understanding website design is the website version of dressing up and presenting yourself. Just the way you wear clothes and represent your identity through clothes; similarly, websites need to be aesthetically appealing to communicate their identity to the customers. Web design consists of content, graphics, colours, fonts, and a website layout.

Now that we have established what web design is, we can discuss the four web site design sins you should avoid.

Ditch the old ways (sometimes)

Technology changes in a snap. Therefore, you need to change your ways too. Gone are the days of using just flexbox and breakpoints to design a website. Stop overlooking CSS grids and guides to develop well-structured websites. However, one should make a measured decision and use both the old and more recent technologies cohesively. The CSS technologies offer a smooth UI where the segmentation of content is automatic. It is aligned in row and columns.

Security and website design clash

Security is vital for an online site. It protects the users’ critical data from maleficent hackers. Moreover, it builds trust for your brand too. When designing your website, you should keep design and security both in mind. If not, then you will be stuck in security loopholes. 

Imbalance in website design

A cluttered web site is an all-too-common occurrence. Businesses try to communicate everything at once and end up bombarding their user with information. It causes an overload of information and a cluttered design on your online site. Sometimes, businesses are unclear on what to communicate and therefore end up with too little information. Users are unable to understand and thus leave the online site. Both approaches are inadequate for your business. Analyze web sites and see if you can know what they do. If you can, then that is an example of a well-made web site design. The website’s job is to attract the right set of customers. Make sure your design does just that.

Unclear CTA

You managed to communicate your message well to the right customers but now what? What should they further? A call to action is key to increasing conversions. It takes several touchpoints of a customer to convert finally. And you have to make sure that they are in touch with you. Communicate with clarity what you expect from the user after going through your website. If it’s calling you, subscribing to a newsletter, follow you on social media, or buy a product from you. A clear CTA prompts action from your user, and that leads to more money for you.

Easy navigation

If a user has to hold their head in frustration while navigating your site, your website has something wrong. Your users are used to instant gratification, thanks to social media and the fast internet. If you cannot ease things out for your customers, they will leave your platform faster than a cheetah. Make the menu and search bar visible. The menu should communicate the content of the page.

How to undo your sins?

If you have made the mistakes mentioned above, it is time to correct them. If you have an IT team, you can assign them the work; however, most small businesses prefer to outsource it to a website designing company. Since it is not repetitive, one can hire experts at an excellent price for the website redesigning service.

We hope that the blog helped identify the problem and choose an appropriate website redesigning service. Your users’ first impression of your business is most often than not, your website. First impressions matter, so focus on making your website as user-friendly as possible.