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Website design ideas are key to helping you solve the problem of creating highlights and differences, making users feel more impressed and interested in your website. However, up until now, creating new, interesting, and feasible ideas is not a simple matter. As a result, ideation time is often stretched and sometimes your team goes to a dead end.

The following article will suggest some important preparation steps before planning a web design idea, along with a few interesting ideas and resources to help you complete the process. create ideas quickly, simply, and effectively.

The role of website design concept stage

Concept planning is always one of the first steps in the web design process. If you envision the stages in a website design project as a roadmap, then the idea stage is about choosing a destination and finding a specific direction for that roadmap.

Once you have identified a specific direction and goal, you can go to the next steps, such as identifying solutions, choosing the right technology, and finally implementing the actual work. During this process, the idea will also play a role in maintaining synchronization and consistency in all work, all tasks will lead to the realization of the original idea.

Conversely, if you skip the idea stage and immediately start designing, you will find it difficult in the simplest of tasks. Since you do not have a specific “portrait” of the web site’s design, at each step, you will have a lot of trouble in selecting, editing, and creating consistency and synchronization for the website.

Besides, the website also needs special elements to stand out and attract in the eyes of users. This factor is the ideas that have been evaluated, selected, and developed from the very first steps of website design. When the design project is completed, the original interesting ideas will be transformed into attractive details for the website.

Prepare before drafting website design ideas

– Define your target and target audience

There is no specific standard for website design. A website is rated highly often because it is especially suitable for the public groups the website targets. So, before brainstorming ideas, define the target audience and the audience the website is targeting.

Factors should be identified first:

  • Type and model of website operation: sales website, brand web, online learning web, service provider web, …
  • The goal of the website: provide information, attract interactions, promote behavior, …
  • Target public group: region, age, gender, occupation, interest, …

– Track outstanding website design trends

The trends in website design partly reflect the exact interests of the majority of users at a given time. In the process of observing and evaluating popular website trends, you will be able to refer to or draw yourself a few directions to develop your own design ideas.

However, you also need to be wary of some too new and different design trends. Sometimes such styles usually only create an attractive website for a short period of time, but to use for a long-term plan is not suitable, it is easy to waste time and effort on designing.

– User flow orientation

User flow simply understands the user’s access route, from the moment they click on the page and start reading and then moving on to other pages, other sections of the website. The goal of the website is to keep the user on the site for the longest time and to have as many activities and interactions as possible.

Before outlining your design concept, you should pre-shape some ideal routes that you desire. The ideas that have the ability to help you “retain” users, make visitors follow the right path you expect are design ideas that are highly feasible, can bring the best effect.

– Learn design layout

No matter how creative and interesting the idea is, your website needs to be designed based on basic, logical, and scientific layouts. Therefore, in order for the drafting process to take place smoothly and to achieve the desired effect, you should learn about the basics of layout in website design first.

Website design ideas (comprehensive)

– Interface design ideas

Design creates interaction

Instead of letting users surf on the page and passively absorb information, ideas that increase engagement will cause users to pay attention to the content and actively choose the information they care about. With the design concept that stimulates interaction, the structure of the page will be more limited in length, typical menus will be converted into menus with special designs such as switching to icons, …

Design using Animation

Design animation to create a “dynamic” element, making your website more flexible, attractive, and vibrant. You can use Animation on the content and positions that you want to highlight, increase the attractiveness. Note that animation elements should be distributed properly, avoiding distractions.

Interface design incorporating video

Most websites choose to use images for the home page interface. However, the use of video is also an ideal choice and has been on the rise in recent times. The video can be set up with full-screen mode, autorun, and display content when the user accesses it or the video will be used as background, some elements such as logo, headline, or main post will be highlights thanks to color effects.

Design using unique fonts

One of the simple ideas that make a difference is the font for the website. You can design the web with most of the details simplified. The unique font will be a special detail, creating an accent that is also a factor showing the “personality” of your website.

– Content design ideas

The design makes content attractive

Leaving aside the elements of appearance, website design ideas can come from content creations, including the topic of the article and how the content is presented. In which, the ways of expressing the content are fertile land for you to unleash your creativity. Some forms are quite familiar but still make an impression on users, including infographic design, schemas, tables, … Interface design and other elements will become auxiliary elements to help the content. of the page becomes more prominent and attractive.

Design the content to stimulate curiosity

This is an idea that has been applied by some websites quite successfully. Usually, you will want to put a lot of information on the homepage, especially in the interface when you have just visited the page. With the design of stimulating curiosity, all that appears will be just a few words, simple text plus a background image. This stimulates users to search and actively scroll down and open menus to find information.

– Feature design ideas

Virtual tour feature

Virtual sightseeing feature is a new feature developed and quite popular in recent times. When using this feature, your website will give users virtual spaces to visit, find, and read information instead of the usual form of surfing the web or reading information. This form is quite suitable for exhibition websites, museums, information providers, or travel websites.

Some special features are based on the type and category of the website

In each industry, industry, based on the characteristics and needs of the customer, you can completely think of new solutions to meet the needs of users. These solutions can be developed to become the fundamental ideas for website design. In the past, for example, clothing websites had to prepare many different photo templates for different colors despite the same design, the color change feature made this job done quickly and efficiently.

Notes during the design concept planning process

– Adhere to structural design

Being too attentive and following design ideas will most likely make you too focused on the details and forget the overall image. Meanwhile, users often look at your website as a whole before they notice and focus on a particular detail. Therefore, in the planning stage of design ideas, it is necessary to stick closely to the structure of the website, going from main ideas to specific ideas.

Attention to standard web design structure

The basic structure of the website includes typical elements such as logo, top table of contents (containing categories, main content titles in the website), footer (information about owner, information about the website, social networking icons, …), homepage system, content page, …

Even if you want to choose completely different and groundbreaking ideas, consider placement for the basic elements of a website. These factors help create a sense of familiarity and support very well for users when they visit your website.

– Simplify

When you have a simpler way to come up with an idea in the website design process, don’t go too complex methods. The designs that create “airiness”, which makes it easier for users to observe, easier to concentrate, often bring a completely outstanding effect compared to cumbersome and eye-catching designs. With unimportant details, you should consider eliminating and focus on only the dominant factors.

– Prioritize design on mobile interfaces

The trend of accessing the internet through mobile devices, especially smartphones, is on the rise. In addition, the design of mobile interfaces also often causes more difficulties for designers. So, the design concept can start with ideas for access from phones or interfaces for some other mobile devices.

Some sources to refer to website design ideas

1) posts and shares many website designs of developers, designers, and web design companies around the globe. Every month, the website organizes votes for beautiful and unique designs. Based on these templates and polls, you can capture trends and generate new ideas for web design.


Webdesign-Inspiration is a library containing a series of website design projects that have been completed in practice. You can search based on different criteria such as field, color, style… Surely this website will bring you inspiration for new ideas.


SiteInsprire shares both website design and interactive design with its users. The site’s search features are also extensive similar to the two websites mentioned earlier.

With a unique, creative, feasible idea, the website design process will become a simple, convenient, fast, and bring results beyond expectation.

Hopefully, with the sharing from Mona Media, you have had the unique mindset, website design ideas for your website in order to bring high efficiency when applying technology, a website to your business, reaching customers.