7 Best Techniques to Become More Efficient in Business

7 Best Techniques to Become More Efficient in Business

Whether you are a business person or a professional, your success mostly depends upon how productive and efficient you are. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t have a skill or talent or experience to succeed in business. Here I am going to share the best technique to become efficient in business

Since the entrepreneurs have to handle multiple tasks simultaneously along with innovative ideas, hence they must be multitasking, productive as well as efficient during their work. Let’s suppose you’re working 8 hours a day, if you don’t be efficient, indeed you are working only 6 hrs a day.

The entire world is transforming and the competition is drastically increasing as well. Hence, everyone needs to be more productive and efficient to beat the cut-throat competition in the market. Every day new modern technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic technology are emerging, consequently, people are losing their jobs especially after COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, companies are unable to make profits, plenty of manufacturing, small and medium enterprises shut down. That’s why the efficiency of staff or entrepreneurs is considered as a major prospect, therefore, in this article, I’ll explain a few significant tips which would help you to be more productive and efficient without any hard effort.

1) Do your most significant task early in the morning:

According to the renowned entrepreneur and futuristic man Mr Elon Musk, one should accomplish every significant task such as checking and responding mail, checkout other social engagements etc in the morning or even at the time of bed tea. 

One should also plan entire daily routine and the most important affairs such as clients meetings, product design, business analysis, clients satisfaction early in the morning because once you wake up, your subconscious mind remains settled and if you’ll plan your most important tasks at that time. It would register in your subconscious mind and you’ll be able to do all your vital affairs of them effectively and efficiently.

2) Patch up two different tasks:

You can save your time by patching two different tasks which don’t require more attention such as replying to social platforms, lunch or breakfast or checking the important news or business articles. Such tasks can be patched up with other personal work like jogging, feedback or simple meet-up.

This is because if you respond to mobile messages, or emails or unnecessary phone calls, you will distract from your task which can take more 7 to 23 minutes to refocus on the task as per research.

You can save more time to focus on other vital affairs and prospects of the business. Don’t waste much time over unproductive works, you require to focus more than other productive tasks which are more valuable to the company and can enhance sales and profitability.

The main prospects of the business are to focus on how to achieve sales targets, therefore, marketing, advertising, customer satisfaction, product design, and development are the most valuable factors.

3) Bifurcate your entire task in small time-blocks:

It is proven that when anyone is given to complete a task within a stipulated time period, the efficiency and attention of that person automatically enhance. Hence, you should bifurcate the entire day into small- small tasks and assign a deadline to each task which would surely facilitate you to enhance your efficiency and productivity.

Most people work harder, however, some people work smarter even within a few hours. They are more efficient than others who work more than 8 hrs still they are less productive. Therefore, efficiency is the most crucial merit of an entrepreneur.

4) Practice makes the man perfect:

Instead of focusing on multiple skills, you should try to become proficient in one or two skills. Don’t do everything on your own, hire a freelancer or employee for other tasks wherein you are not expert otherwise you are going to waste your energy as well as time and your task won’t be done accurately as well. 

If you can’t afford a full-time employee, you should hire a highly professional freelancer in your budget. You should practice more over the skill you have rather than others which don’t and by doing so you will be able to perform such stuff effectively and efficiently.

5) Enhance Your Learning:

You would be thinking of how enhanced learning can be beneficial in productivity. You must have heard that “Knowledge is the power” hence through enhancing your learning, you could find multiple ways of accomplishing a single task and you would have options to select the shortest route of doing any specific stuff. If you have deep learning in any subject, you can either do it yourself or hire staff and you will have a clear understanding regarding the authenticity of tasks as well.

6) Planning:

Effective planning not only can save your lot of time and energy but also it enhances your productivity and accuracy. If you are an entrepreneur, you must know that planning is the foundation of any business.

Even according to the 4 principles of management, planning is the first step of management. Proper planning facilitates decision making, proper coordination among employees provides the right direction and reduces business risks as well.

Thus, if you plan the entire day properly, you can avoid misleading stuff and penetrate the right direction, hence saves lots of time which makes you more productive and efficient.

7) Productive Rest:

Most people ignore productive rest, however, it shouldn’t be ignored because ultimately we are a human being and we all need rest. You should spend your spare time with your family and friends to refresh your mental and physical states. One should meditate regularly to strengthen your brain and body. There are various apps through which you can rehabilitate your mind by listening to binaural beats.

Wrapping Up:

All in all, the working efficiency of a businessman or working professionals is one of the most vital aspects of any organisation. There are several other tactics which might be helpful depending upon person to person. Hope the above technique would help you to become more productive to contribute to the organisation as well as society.

Author Bio:

Raj Vardhan is an entrepreneur, sales and marketing expert. He did a BSc. from the University of Allahabad and MBA (International Business) in 2008. He worked with the most renowned MNCs as a Marketing Manager and has more than 10 years experience in sales, marketing and entrepreneurship.

He loves to share his learnings and experiences through his blog. He is also running an institute delivering valuable knowledge regarding banking, finance, entrepreneurship, and job oriented and skill development programs for small scale businesses.