10 PHP Development Tricks To Speed Up The Development Process

10 PHP Development Tricks To Speed Up The Development Process
10 PHP Development Tricks To Speed Up The Development Process

PHP is the best-known web development language at present and according to statistics, almost 20 million domains use PHP. Major companies like Facebook, Wikipedia, and Mailchimp use PHP as their server-side scripting language since it coordinates well with a wide range of languages such as HTML, Javascript, Python, etc. The best thing about PHP is that its script is executed on the server before reaching the user’s browsers and that is why most developers use PHP as a scripting language for developing dynamic and responsive websites.

In this blog, we will discuss the 10 best tips that will help developers to create innovative and dynamic websites using PHP

1) Learn about object-oriented programming 

Most people when they start doing PHP programming show interest in learning how to write procedural code without any kind of proper organization or structure. Though there is nothing wrong with learning about procedural coding but for creating a website it is more vital to learn about ways for dividing and organizing your codes. Here object-oriented programming comes in and plays a major role by helping developers to break down codes into various object calls and classes. So it is very important to go through object-oriented programming properly before working on a project with PHP. 

2) Always turn on the error reporting feature 

Turning the error reporting feature on is the first and foremost thing that one should do before he starts working on a new project. This will be really helpful as whenever there will be any kind of error during the production mode, an error message will pop up instead of a blank screen. Such messages help the developer to deal with the error in a better way, thus making the procedure more efficient.

3) Self-documented code 

Self-documenting is the best tip for developers for using PHP or any other programming language for server scripting. Sometimes programmers forget variables, names, class names, and even the entire section code. So to avoid such a scenario, it is recommended to write self-scripting code with well-defined variables, functions, class names that can be remembered easily. A developer should also separate different sections of code by adding comments. 

4) Use the _Once() function with caution

Most PHP developers use include() or function require() for calling libraries or classes and other files. But the best PHP tricks for web developers will be to include_eleven() and require_eleven(). Both of these have the same functionality but the advantage of using the latter is that it prevents files, libraries, and directories from loading again thus preventing duplication and undesired states in the codes.

5) Use a PHP framework 

Using a proper PHP framework is one of the most effective tips for developers. Frameworks are basically pre-written code that makes the work of developers much easier and the development process more efficient. There is a wide range of PHP frameworks available that are used by the development community. So before working on your project with PHP you should select the framework as per your choice. 

6) Wide your vocabulary 

Functions, classes, constants, and interfaces are the main things that make up the PHP vocabulary, and these are the keys to enhancing the look and expanding the functionality of web pages, websites, and applications. Learning these properly in detail will help to make your program awesome. PHP.net has an extensive manual and you can easily develop your better understanding of the language with the help of it.  It basically covers everything from basic syntax to supporter protocols.

7) Create a master file

One of the best things for simplifying the coding process is to accommodate all essential settings into a single file. You can then easily attach the file with various PHP scripts and thus avoid disseminated data connections. This will automatically make the entire process simple, as now you will only have to make changes in a single file, not in multiple files. 

8) Intrinsic functions of PHP are usable

PHP language is user-friendly, easy to learn, and extremely adjustable for developers to develop perfect websites. You can get concealed benefits which will be extremely valuable throughout the coding procedure by using the in-built advanced PHP techniques. The best thing is that PHP offers a wide range of built-in functions that are extremely beneficial for making the coding procedure easier and faster. 

9) Always keep the database secure

It is very essential to develop and design all websites and applications using the best security practices. The first thing to keep in mind before starting any PHP project is that you must use mysl_real__escape_string() for all databases. This will keep all your strings safe from any kind of threats that can have malicious code. It will also be the initial step for protecting your database. Another important thing to consider is that never use $_REQUEST. Instead, you can select Post or Get to submit data into the database. 

10) Make a copy before going for code

It is recommended that you make a coarse draught of the entire coding before exploring the real platform. This will provide a better understanding and will clarify your opinions for developing the website. You may also discover glitches that you may face in the future of the coding journey. This will be really beneficial.


There is no doubt about the fact that PHP is the best programming language for developing websites. It is open-source, easy to use, and is preferred by most developers. But you will have to invest a good amount of time in learning all the advanced PHP tips and tricks for extraordinary website development in PHP.

Hope these above-mentioned tips and tricks will help you in your development process, but you can also reach out to a reputed PHP development company in India providing top-quality PHP development services to get a perfect PHP website for business.