Why Prysm LPD Video Wall Display Is Different?

Why Prysm LPD Video Wall Display Is Different?
Why Prysm LPD Video Wall Display Is Different?

The interactive video wall is the in-thing!

A video wall display made heads turn not long back. You found them in some specific places, such as big hotels, airports, stadiums, museums, and airports. And these attracted and inspired you no end. A lot of water has flown down the Ganges or for that matter the Thames since then.

Today, you will find them even inside company lobbies, university student centers, executive board rooms, and other such places that attract plenty of footfalls.

Much interestingly, with the evolving of the acceptance of video walls, the users’ expectations have also undergone a sea change. They are much more demanding now. At the present, you can’t hope to leave an effect by just hanging a video wall.

You will need much more to hook and leave an impact. You will require giving your audiences and target groups what’s called an interactive experience. If your video wall isn’t engaging, the tech-savvy customers these days won’t get hooked even as for them your video wall will be nothing more than only a shiny wall.

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Multi-panel Video Walls

Now the part of the video wall evolution includes the move toward more of a single-panel solution for large-scale displays. The good news: contrary to the prevalent view, these aren’t burdensome, complicated, and difficult to service.

This takes us to the pioneers in the field of interactive video walls that also offer the best interactive video wall displays–Prysm Systems! Their LPD 6K series provides single panel displays in 135 or 190-inch sizes, and hence they give the impact of a multi-panel video wall, minus the seams of course! If we talk about the all-crucial collective of the equation, the laser phosphor display line from Prysm—together with the company’s Application Suite software—helps you to give an engaging experience to your customers and employees.

When you invest in these products, you can rest certain that you aren’t only investing in improving employee engagement but also adding many dimensions to their end-user experience.

Top 3 Most important Benefits of Interactive Video Wall Display

Moving on to the top 3 benefits of an Interactive video wall display (from Prysm), these are the ones:

  1. High-Stakes Training Displays
    Nowadays, workers’ training is much more vital to success. And, so when you invest in engaging technology, you end up making the best use of the impact of training and the resulting dividends. Many global organizations have already made an investment in large-format displays and visual collaboration software, to produce an immersive experience in their training centers, and have they gained? Of course, they have!
  1. Make Storytelling More Effective
    You can strike deep roots in the minds of your customers and prospects using these technological wonders. Using these displays, you can create beautiful and inspiring stories for your brands so that your target groups identify with what you have to offer. The immersive experience will help you expand your business footprints and create zealous brand ambassadors and spokespersons.

3. Much More Well-organized Meetings
These displays can take your business meetings to great heights and you will reap a rich harvest. You can interact with your remote workers much more efficiently and fruitfully now. How helpful could be such meetings–after an investment made in immersive video collaboration technology–could be gauged from a research report that says while with a usual 60-minute meeting only 35 minutes are really productive, with Interactive video wall Displays and immersive video collaboration technologies, the productive time period jumps to 45 minutes.