Ceramic Tiles Care Cleaning & Protective Treatment

Ceramic Tiles Care Cleaning & Protective Treatment
Ceramic Tiles Care Cleaning & Protective Treatment

To guarantee the durability and aesthetic appeal of the finishes of a bathroom or kitchen. It is necessary to know how to clean the ceramic tile and protect it from external influences. Now in this article, we will discuss the ceramic tiles care cleaning & protective treatment, tiles Impact protection. Therefore, the finish will enhance you for many years.

Basic rules for the care of tiles

The tile is a fragile material that, during installation and subsequent operation, requires a series of mandatory measures. The basic principles that will allow you to preserve the original appearance of the finish include:

– maintenance of cleanliness (only with constant care of the surface, timely removal of grease stains, traces of moisture, soap, and other solutions, the appearance of the tile will be impeccable)

– application of protective and water repellent agents that protect the surface and seams from a chemical attack in environments with constant high humidity (in the kitchen or bathroom). This is especially true for enamel-free or embossed materials.

– shock and abrasion prevention (ceramic finish materials are highly fragile and have low wear resistance, therefore, heavy objects should be avoided or abrasive by abrasives).


The periodic maintenance of the tile carries out with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. A mop with a non-abrasive head, and a dry or damp soft cloth. In rooms with a high risk of contamination, regular weekly cleaning of the floor is necessary. If aggressive substances enter, the surface must be cleaned immediately to remove them.

Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the wall covering. Usually, this is wet cleaning with warm water. Before taking care of the ceramic tile in the kitchen. It is necessary to correctly determine the type of pollution (greasy, alkaline, dirt, dust). Choose the appropriate cleaning method. In some cases, a special detergent or glass cleaner may be required to maintain the shine. This procedure must be repeated at least once a month.

Mosaic and relief 300×600 mm wall tiles require special care, in which cavities can accumulate dust, grease, or limestone. In a humid environment, mold or fungus can develop in these areas, so this coating requires special treatment every six months.

Protective treatment

When taking care of a tile finish, you can use three types of protection:

– The protection of the surface is carried out with glass cleaners. ? Which creates a barrier between the enamel and the dirt. In that case, its removal will not be difficult. Processing frequency – several times a week

– The protection of seams against the appearance of mold or mildew in a humid environment is carried out by means of special waterproof impregnations (water repellents). Processing frequency – several times a year

– Protection against severe mechanical and chemical influences is achieved through a variety of carpets that are placed at the entrance and collect dust, dirt, sand, and other contaminants.

Impact protection

The main shock loads when operating tiles, porcelain stoneware. The other finishing materials fall on the floor covering. The fall of heavy objects in the bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool, bathroom, office, retail. And the other facilities can cause cracks or micro-chips, Which then develop into visible defects. In this case, it is necessary to replace the damaged tile. Which requires not only costs and professionalism but also the availability of the same spare element.

To avoid the occurrence of such defects on the floor, the following rules must be followed:

– adherence to the tile-laying technology and preventing the formation of voids in the tile adhesive (this is the weak point of the tile when exposed, cracking may occur even with low loads)

– prevent heavy objects from falling on the tile surface (applies to floor and wall coverings, as well as external cladding);

Placing protective mats and rugs in areas that are particularly prone to shock loads.

Detergent selection

The main tool for taking care of tiles is water. Which uses for wet cleaning in the absence of significant stubborn dirt. In some cases, it may be necessary to use a glass cleaner or slightly alkaline household liquids that have no aggressive chemical effect on the enamel, do not leave marks, and allow the removal of stains, traces of drops, efflorescences, etc.


Now you know how to properly wash ceramic tiles. How to protect them from negative factors, and which substances should not be used for maintenance. Only with complex care, the original appearance of the preserved finish. Do not forget that, under equal circumstances, it is necessary to use special detergents that do not harm the tiles, Glazed porcelain tiles stoneware, and the material of the seams. So now apply these ceramic tiles care cleaning & protective treatment.