Why Have A Domestic Mist Fire Suppression System?

Why Have A Domestic Mist Fire Suppression System?
Why Have A Domestic Mist Fire Suppression System?

Fire is no stranger to us. Last year in the UK, over 150,000 fires on record resulted in 221 fire-related deaths (according to the UK Government website). Though it is impossible to remove all possibilities of fires, it is still possible to detect fires quickly enough to extinguish them before any harm is done to life or property.

In addition to being cautious about fires, you must also have a proper fire protection system in place. The old sprinkler systems are outdated now and have been replaced by water mist systems for fire suppression.

There are many reasons you should install a domestic mist fire suppression system, some of which are shared below:

  • Cause Of Fire

The majority of house fires are not caused by cooking or chimneys but by malfunctioning electrical equipment. Water sprinklers were designed to put out a fire caught by wood furniture or clothing etc. Sprinklers are not effective for putting out grease fires or fires caused by short circuits; they might make matters worse in these cases.

Water mist fire suppression works differently by creating a mist of fine water droplets that can fight fire classes A, B, C, D, and F. Since the water mist system uses heat sensors instead of smoke sensors to fight fires; therefore it is more effective for all types of fires.

  • Safety Of Life

Water mist systems are quicker to respond to fires than sprinkler systems. When there is a matter of life and death, mere seconds can prove crucial. Water mist systems have been tested to react to fires up to two minutes before sprinkler systems.

About 30% of all fire-related deaths in the UK are caused due to inhalation of smoke and gas. While providing ample time for people to evacuate premises where a fire is detected, water mist systems also weigh down the smoke from the fire to the ground. The tiny droplets have a larger surface area, so they can absorb the smoke and cool the environment quickly.

  • Damage To Property

Even when the sprinkler systems are triggered quick enough to put out the fire, they are very likely to cause damage to your assets. For example, furniture made of wood, electrical equipment, and electronic gadgets, products in a warehouse, etc., would be spoiled or badly affected by sprinkling water. It also takes a lot of time to clean up after the sprinklers have stopped and the fire is out.

With water mist systems, there is rarely any damage possible because the mist is supposed to clean and clear the air and only wet the surface area of the objects to cool them down. Moreover, cleaning the things after the mist has done its job is a minutes task.

In the UK, several thousand incidents of false alarms of fire are recorded every year. Many of them are triggered because of smoke coming from cooking food or smoking cigarettes. If you have a water mist system in place, it will only trigger an actual fire and not spoil the things in your house without reason. Also, the precious time of firefighters will be saved, which can be used to fight actual fires elsewhere.

  • Cost Savings

Water mist fire suppression is not just better but less expensive than traditional sprinkler systems as they save you a lot on possible damages to property.

The exact cost of a water mist system will vary according to your requirement. You should investigate your house, building, or warehouse conditions to choose the best water mist system for yourself. It is sure to be wallet-friendlier than other solutions.

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  • Mandatory Fire Suppression

According to new Building Regulations in Approved Document B, applicable from November 2020, every building standing 11 m or more above the ground must have a fire protection system. The recommended protection is a water mist system because it is safe and effective while being cost-effective.

Water mist systems are in demand and will soon replace the old technology products. It is wise to switch to water mist systems today and be free of worries in the future.