Best 10 Rice Exporters In India 2024

Best 10 Rice Exporters In India

In India, rice is a staple food. It is a major export and, therefore, plays an important role in a nation’s economy. India’s rich agricultural heritage has allowed it to become a reliable rice exporter. India’s diverse climate and fertile land have helped it achieve this. Rice exports from India are a major economic factor influencing global trade and contributing to India’s GDP.

Global Rice Export Landscape

Rice comes in many varieties.

In a world hungry for healthy ingredients, rice is a common thread. The demand for rice is growing rapidly in India and around the world. Due to this increasing demand, India has become a major player in the international rice market.

The market leaders are those countries that are pioneers in the industry. Thailand, China, and Vietnam are among the major players in the global rice trade, alongside India.

India’s contribution goes far beyond the sheer volume of rice it exports. The variety of rice varieties and cost-effective production put India in an enviable position. The nation’s ability to meet market preferences regarding price and flavour separates it and ensures a constant rice supply worldwide.

List of top rice exporters in India

The top rice exporters from India are listed below:

1. Vi Exports

  • Vi Exports, located in New Delhi, India, is one of India’s most popular rice producers. The company’s main focus is cultivating, processing, and manufacturing basmati rice and other agricultural products. They have a solid reputation for serving brown, raw/steamed, white/Sella/parboiled, and golden Sella rice worldwide. As part of the company’s core policy, they adhere to strict and hygienic guidelines for the processing and packaging of rice. They know the increasing demand for quality rice and how to deliver it.

2. Shri Lal Mahal Group

  • Shri Lal Mahal Group is one of India’s largest rice exporters, founded in 1907. In 1907, it was a small company, but now, with an increasing annual turnover, it is the largest conglomerate in India. The company is now a global corporation with a reach that spans the globe.

3. Rohit Exports

  • Rohit Exports, a sole proprietorship company founded in 2018, is widely recognized as the top wholesaler trader and exporter. The company is based in Pune, Maharashtra and deals with premium quality basmati rice, long grain rice, and medium grain. The company has also successfully built a large clientele in the rice industry. The company exports a lot of rice to places like Malaysia, Dubai, and Singapore.

4. Mahavir Rice & Gen. Mills

  • Mahavir Rice Mills was founded in Assandh in the Karnal district of Haryana in India in 1985. The company is a leader in the rice industry and exports rice to many countries. MRM has been dubbed “TWO Star Export House of India” by the Indian Government, under ISO 22000, ISO 9001, and GMP & HACCP certification. It is now known for its steady growth and presence in the food grains industry. The company constantly tries to apply and adopt advanced management practices and technology in its processing and market stages.

5. P.K.Overseas P.LTD

  • P.K. Overseas Ltd. is growing from strength to strength. This company is well-known in the rice industry for its unmatched Agri products and expertise. They believe that customers are the primary rulers of the market and have the right to demand top-quality products. P.K.Overseas with this policy in mind, P.K.Overseas has been able to create and offer only the best products to its clients.

6. KRBL Limited

  • KRBL Limited, based in Uttar Pradesh (India), is the world’s largest rice miller and rice processor. India Gate basmati rice is a well-known brand throughout India. It has gained enough industry experience to be the leading player in the rice sector. They want to reach the global rice market by providing high-quality rice.

7. ASM Global INC

  • ASM Global INC Maharashtra, a leading Indian rice brand, is known for its perfection. Quality seeds, high-quality production, and unmatched processing technology are the keys to achieving flavour, taste, and aroma. They are committed to maintaining the identity of Indian Rice on the global market. This company strives to be the industry leader with its advanced infrastructure and team, advanced processing and tactics, and management. This company’s main focus is to adhere to storage, processing and packaging standards, as well as quality control.

8. Galore Impex

  • Galore Impex has been in business since 2018. It is a merchant, exporter, and supplier. The company has a reputation for delivering high-quality products on time with a professional attitude and effective communication. The company prioritizes product quality, making it a well-known and respected name in the export rice industry.

9. Bharat Cereals Pvt. Ltd.

  • Bharat Cereals Pvt. Ltd. is the leading hub for premium basmati rice. The company’s core value is to provide products that are as accessible as possible by using advanced milling and manufacturing resources. To increase demand, the company prepares their products according to the requirements of the global markets. They want to grow their wings by taking their product global and into the highly competitive export market.

10. HRL food

  • HRL Foods Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1990. Ltd. is a trusted company in the agri sector, manufacturing and supplying premium quality rice. The company deals with long grain, Parmal, Sharbati, and broken rice. Global clients love and respect them for their hygienic packaging, taste, and timely delivery. The company comprises talented professionals, farmers with high-level skills, and international stakeholders.

The conclusion of the article is:

India’s progress as a global exporter leader is based on constant innovation, collaboration and adaptability. These factors determine the direction India’s export rice industry takes, influencing its global influence. From the different ranges of rice cultivated on the land to the travels of exporters that bridge nations, each factor shows the relationship between India’s economic development and the rice industry.