Why Azure Virtual Desktop is a game-changer in the DaaS market?

Why Azure Virtual Desktop is a game-changer in the DaaS market?
Why Azure Virtual Desktop is a game-changer in the DaaS market?

Due to the virtual desktop, users can access their desktop and applications from any place on devices such as laptops, smartphones, and desktops. Many companies are opting for virtual desktops. Since many employees are working remotely, it is rising in popularity immensely.

After all, many organizations are evolving swiftly and adapting to a lot of changes. Plus, thanks to the Azure Virtual Desktop, they are able to cut down the costs. This virtual desktop allows your entire team to access information or data in a secure manner on their devices.

Well, it will certainly increase the efficiency of the employee and boost their morale. Additionally, it will help you save time and resources. Read further to know the cost of this software and why it is a game-changer.

What is the cost of the Azure Virtual Desktop?

Experts say the cost entirely depends upon the software they require, the number of users, and their usage patterns. The costs cover a domain controller, session host, storage for user profile disks, and licensing. You can read further to know the components as mentioned above.

  1. A domain controller: With the help of the domain controller, you will be able to manage the Session Hosts and the user access. If your organization wants a simple domain service, utilizing Azure Active Directory Domain Services is an excellent option.
  1. Session hosts: In case you want to host the virtual desktops, you will require the session hosts. The server of the Azure Virtual Machine is the session host. You can have more than one server. You can allocate any number of users you want per session host on the same server.

    For instance, in case you have allocated eight users, then the eight users will have access to the same server with the Virtual Desktop sessions. According to the earlier mentioned example, you might need five-session hosts if you have 40 users. But you must remember that you pay solely for the session hosts.
  1. Storage for user profile disks: The desktop and the data will appear similar regardless of which session host you are assigned.
  1. Licensing: If you want to use the virtual desktop, you will require licensing for Windows 10, FSLogix, and MS Office with Shared Computer Activation. For a lower plan, you have to pay an extra amount and upgrade the license.

What makes the Azure Virtual Desktop a game-changer?

In the past, many companies found it difficult to manage and set up virtual desktops. Plus, they were expensive and complex too. Nowadays, it has become reasonably priced and accessible. Below listed are the reasons that make the Azure Virtual Desktop a game-changer.

  1. Efficiency and flexibility: Due to the virtual desktop technology, you can ensure that workplace flexibility will increase. You and your team can attain the access from any location or device due to the virtually hosted desktop. Your employees will achieve flexibility in working remotely. This flexibility leads to excellent company culture. Whether it is an emergency or disaster, you and your employees will easily access the files.
  2. Significant cost-savings: This virtual desktop can help you reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. You will sufficiently require software licenses and high-priced desktops, making the overhead costs lower.
  3. Enhanced security: The risk of hardware being stolen, lost, or damaged is removed due to their advanced security. You can manage and change the permissions and access. You can be assured that the compliance certifications by Azure can help you achieve the best security.