What is 3 Tesla MRI: Procedure, Benefits and Price

What is 3 Tesla MRI: Procedure, Benefits and Price
What is 3 Tesla MRI: Procedure, Benefits and Price

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, also known as MRI, is a non-invasive and safe imaging procedure that gives a clear and precise view of your internal anatomy. It is an effective diagnostic technology that renders accurate computerised images of internal body organs and tissues that can help identify anomalies if any.

Typically, MRI scanners work by generating a magnetic field of 1.5T, or Teslas. It is a unit of measurement that quantifies the strength of the magnetic field. A 3 Tesla MRI, on the other hand, is twice as strong as a normal 1.5T MRI and 15x stronger than any open MRI scanner. Some medical fields, such as oncology, neurology, urology and orthopaedics, require excellent and accurate image quality. In those cases, a high-precision 3T MR scan is recommended.

3T MRI is considered the gold standard for medical diagnosis, especially for some specialities like prostate imaging or orthopaedics. It is the fastest diagnostic MRI technology available – up to 100 times faster and more efficient than standard MRI exams. Stronger magnetic fields, up to 3 Teslas, enable generating high-quality images of internal organs and soft tissues than any standard MRI scanner.

3 Tesla MRI – Understanding the Procedure

A 3T MRI scanner features a large cylinder that has openings at both ends. When you visit the imaging centre for the scan, you will be asked to remove all metallic objects, including jewellery, dentures, credit cards, eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc. The presence of metallic objects may cause you harm when exposed to the magnetic field or affect the quality of the images. 

For the scan, you will be lied down on a motorised table and moved inside the MRI scanner. Depending on the part of the body being scanned, your head or feet will be entered first. An experienced radiographer will use a computer system to operate the scanner while communicating with you through an intercom. If you experience discomfort at any point in time, tell him immediately.

To ensure the radiograph images do not get blurred, it is important to stay still throughout the scan until the radiologist asks you to relax. A 3 Tesla MRI scan can take around 3-4 minutes, though the time may vary depending on the area of the body being scanned. You may be asked to hold your breath during the scan.

Throughout the procedure, the 3T MRI scanner will make loud thumping sounds. This is caused because the electric current in the scanner coil gets switched on and off regularly. If you feel discomfort, you may be given headphones or earplugs to wear. Once the procedure is complete, the radiographer will help you to move out of the scanner.

In rare cases, if you feel claustrophobic or uncomfortable inside the scanner, you might be given a sedative. In that case, you will be instructed to stay in the clinic until the effects of the sedative have worn off completely.

Benefits of 3T MRI

There are several reasons why doctors suggest getting a 3T MRI scan done:

  • A 3T MRI generates stronger magnetic fields that produce exceptional-quality images of internal organs and soft tissues. This results in more complete and clearer images.
  • It is the fastest MRI technology available today, producing prompt images that can be sent off to your doctor for immediate analysis.
  • It offers a more comfortable scanning experience to the patient. Unlike standard MRI scanners where the person may feel claustrophobic or anxious, a 3 Tesla scanner has a more spacious and bigger tube. Additionally, the patient’s head can be kept outside the tube for MRI scans that do not involve the head, neck or spinal cord.
  • Stronger magnetic fields enable scanning of the soft tissues and organs in tiny slices as small as 1mm. This aids in effective diagnosing even in complex health conditions. It also provides more detailed images in less time.
  • 3T MRI scan is suitable for diagnosing abnormalities or identifying progress for conditions like cancer, brain, musculoskeletal system. spine, etc. The high-quality scan allows detecting even smaller abnormalities with more precision and efficiency.
  • It is most effective in diagnosing bone infections or other conditions that can result in tissue changes.
  • The MRI technology comes with a reduced risk of distorted images which lowers the need for repeated scans.

All these factors help doctors to have a more accurate diagnosis, resulting in a better understanding of which areas of the body have been affected. This leads to early treatment.

Cost of 3T MRI Scan

Since it involves more sophisticated technology, faster imaging and excellent-quality results, MRI 3T price is comparatively higher than any standard MRI scan. Depending on the area of the body being scanned, the cost may vary between INR 7000 and INR 9500 in India.

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